Obama Exposes Seal Team 6 for Movie: Impeachment Worthy Documentation (Update)

Addendum posted below Gulag Bound Resistors' Log entry, Memorial Day, May 28, 2012, 7:07am CT We present this nauseating drama in three acts, going backward in time, Dramamine not provided. Whether or not that really was Bin Laden that was killed and his body whisked stealthily away, wrapped up like a fish, and dumped in the ocean in purported Muslim (not-Muslim) fashion, it is Seal Team 6 that gets … [Read more...]

Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists

Accuracy in Media   Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka, a member of the faculty of the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University, said on Tuesday that the Obama Administration is rapidly revising federal counter-terrorism training materials in order to eliminate references to Jihad and Islam. Government bureaucracies usually take a long time in changing a policy. In this case, he … [Read more...]

America and Western Civilization at a Crossroad

Accuracy in Media In what may be the mostly timely and important book of the year, Michael Widlanski lays out the current predicament that confronts America—and the West—and the potential consequences if we don’t recognize, acknowledge and combat it. The book is titled The Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat. At a time that we find the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) welcomed into the White … [Read more...]

Iranian-Born American Writer Amil Imani Speaks Out Against Satanic Islam

For many years, Amil Imani has stood against the brutal and patently evil onslaught of Islam which continues to attack the population of his former country Iran--and now the world.  Early on, Amil realized the inherent dangers associated with Islam.  He and his family were able to flee the country after the Islamic revolution that was foisted upon Iran and in a recent phone conversation, Amil advised me that Iran … [Read more...]

Bare Naked Islam Website Removed by WordPress – Cause: CAIR

Maggie's Notebook Bare Naked Islam Down – CAIR Casualty There are few details at this time but the hard-hitting and informative Bare Naked Islam has been removed from its prior website by WordPress.com according to the following (as you read, remember that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the fraudulent Holyland Foundation case): To: NATIONAL AND RELIGION EDITORS Blog contained threats of violence … [Read more...]

Victoria Jackson: ‘Muslim Brotherhood has Infiltrated our Highest Government Positions’

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King The Radio Patriot This is NOT the first time we’ve heard this. I’ve posted about it several times and talked about it on my radio show — many times. From Steven Emerson to Frank Gaffney to Jayna Davis to Pamela Geller to Tom Trento to Robert Spencer and others, I’ve interviewed them about this very thing. If you don’t think the enemy is among us, hiding in plain sight and … [Read more...]

Book Burning – It’s All The Rage

NoisyRoom The Great Hall of the ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt. A reconstruction based on scholarly evidence. Taken from COSMOS by Carl Sagan. As echoes of: 'This is what Democracy looks like! reverberate across the Middle East, Egypt has fallen to the Muslim Brotherhood as a direct result of the Arab Spring. Now, the Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt, one of the greatest libraries of the ancient … [Read more...]

Is Congress Refusing to Stop the Obama Syndicate Crimes?

With all of its pretense of sending open letters to Obama pleading with him to stop his illegal and Congressional bypassing behaviors, Congress patently refuses to stop Dictator-in-Chief Obama from destroying the United States of America and enslaving its people.  The latest “plea” that prompted this column is the 26 September 2011 Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) begging letter to the US “dear leader.”  In it, Grassley … [Read more...]

How Many Times Can Congressional Members Fold Like Cheap Suits?

Derivation:  Cheap suits are normally made of thinner and poorer-quality fabric that expensive ones and they are easier to fold. "Fold" meaning "collapse or give way under pressure" has been in use since the 16th century. Perhaps the commonest use nowadays is in card-playing; in poker, a player who "folds" gives up and withdraws from the game. It’s amazing how little effect the 2010 midterm elections had on the … [Read more...]

Third Muslim Brotherhood Figure in Obama White House Identified, Plus in U.S. Navy

Did Obama’s Actions Put SEAL Team Six in Danger? Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House NoisyRoom By: AJ of NoisyRoom.net & Arlen Williams Contributor: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Aug 28, 2011, 6:43pm CT Graphic from the Illinois Conservative Examiner New details and names have emerged regarding appointees that Obama brought into our White House who allegedly have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. This … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murders of SEAL Team Six

a call to action NoisyRoom by: AJ of NoisyRoom.net & Arlen Williams contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton & Ann Barnhardt Follow-up to "Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House – Vetting Obama" An investigation of President Obama and his administration must commence immediately. Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, author and self-described Liberal Democrat Marxist Muslim who … [Read more...]

Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?

The facts are now so obvious and blatant that even dyed in the wool Obama sycophants should be able to see and hear the truth.  What took the people of this country generations of their blood, toil and sweat to accomplish and build has been destroyed in less than 4 years. The United States of America has been gutted of its financial resources, its people have had their rights to makes their own decisions about … [Read more...]

NY Post & Atlas Shrugs Finger Criminal Terrorist Supporter Behind Ground Zero Mosque

And of course, it is related to Muslim Brotherhood, members thereof, intrinsically involved within the Obama administration.  See "Muslim Brotherhood Deeply Involved in Our White House." We let Pamela Geller relate further: INSURER: GROUND ZERO MOSQUE MONEY MAN ROBBED US BLIND The NY Post is reporting the money man behind the Ground Zerro mosque grifter, Sharif El-Gamal, Hisham Elzanaty. Atlas readers … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood to Egyptian Military: Don’t Interfere with Constitution – Obama Sells Egypt Tanks – Al Queda Reportedly Attacks

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has told the Egyptian military not to interfere with writing the new Egyptian constitution. In May, Egypt opened a gate between the Sinai and the Gaza Strip. This week Israel suffered a devastating attack from Palestinians with al-Qaeda connections entering Israel from Egypt’s Sinai. In the meantime, in a letter to Congress, Barack Obama announced the sale of 125 M-1A1 Abrams Tanks … [Read more...]

Listen to Steven Andrews! (& me) with Rick Wiles of TruNews.com

Update - Christians and Seeker alike,  be sure to listen to the second half-hour.  Rick's conversation with Steven Andrews is of utmost importance to the United States, our freedom and livelihoods.  It is archived for you, but it is certainly up-to-the-moment. -  G u l a g  -  B o u n d  - (8/15 6:27pm CT)  Rick Wiles does a top flight job of putting out the truth in World and American affairs, over the World … [Read more...]

Obama’s White House Iftar, Hamas, and Muslim Brotherhood

More on the unholy alliance in the Obama White House from Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs: Sunday, August 14, 2011 OBAMA'S RAMADAN DINNER GUEST LIST HIDES ATTENDANCE OF STEALTH JIHADISTS TIED TO HAMAS AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Obama's seditious Ramadan dinner is the consummate achievement of the stealth jihad. Allahu FUBAR! First, I blogged that Obama honored the sacrifices that Muslim Americans made on … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House – Vetting Obama

Gulag Bulletin - For a critical follow-up to this report, see, "Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murders of SEAL Team Six," 8/24. NoisyRoom Stated by a Muslim Liberal Democrat Marxist who worked and campaigned for Barack Obama: I want you to focus and I hope you can talk to your families and your friends and your neighbors that when someone says that there is a penetration of Jihadi Islamists … [Read more...]

“We Are Here to Stay” Says Prime Minister Netanyahu

NoisyRoom By: Fern Sidman Introduced by Pastor John Hagee, the founder and chairman of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a gathering of thousands of ardent Christian Zionists via satellite from Jerusalem on Tuesday afternoon, July 19th at a special "Middle East Briefing" session at the sixth annual CUFI national summit in Washington. Greeted with over … [Read more...]

Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists”

NoisyRoom By: AJ Counter MSM News “Palling around with terrorists,” a phrase made famous by Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, has just risen to new heights in its accuracy with regard to Obama. Palin Criticizes Obama's 'Terrorist' Connection Obama and Hillary Clinton are reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic fundamentalist group committed to the … [Read more...]

Is the FBI Investigating Obama?

In a front page story about a major FBI terrorism investigation, The Washington Post has reported that the targets include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.” The implication is that the trail could lead to the White House. This is an unusual investigation that does not primarily involve … [Read more...]

David Horowitz: Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood & ‘Rules for Revolution’

New Zeal David Horowitz discusses communism, Alinskyism and the Muslim Brotherhood with Frank Gaffney. … [Read more...]

“This is What Democracy Looks Like” Yemeni Style

New Zeal Do you think this crowd has a Jeffersonian constitutional republic in mind? Mob power, egged on by Marxists, Iranian agents and the Muslim Brotherhood, is not a recipe for any sort of stable Western style government. Dictatorship is inevitable. its just a matter of what flavor. From Socialist Aotearoa (New Zealand): Huge crowds celebrated on the streets of Yemen on Sunday after president … [Read more...]

Al-Jazeera’s Agenda in Libya and its American Apologists

Cliff Kincaid continues to expose Al-Jazeera at Accuracy in Media; this, his latest. Having encouraged a revolution in Libya, Al-Jazeera is now critical of President Obama’s U.N.-backed effort to protect the people being slaughtered by dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The channel is running a piece by Phyllis Bennis of the far-left Institute for Policy Studies arguing that the Western air and naval strikes on the … [Read more...]

NPR Executive Caught on Video Lionizing Muslim Brotherhood and Trashing GOP

As reported at Daily Caller today, senior NPR executive Ron Schiller has been caught in a sting video orchestrated by investigative journalist James O’Keefe. O’keefe’s organization set up a fake Muslim Brotherhood group named the Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust, and approached NPR about donating $5 million to counter what they described as pro-Zionist coverage in the media. continues … [Read more...]

Useful Idiot’s Guide to Global Marxofascism at the Egyptian Uprising’s Core

Note: we hope to add links to some of Cliff Kincaid's articles here, somehow, soon.  In the mean time, you have his information and links to American Survival and Accuracy in Media, in the Gulag.  We may update this further, but probably not for long.  For more, please continue to visit the appropriate sites.  And please spread the word in this war of knowledge. -- AW Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, James … [Read more...]

Caliphate, ‘New World Order’ & Overriding, Inescapable, Eternal Truth

You might want to start reviewing your Ezekiel 38. From Big Peace and Ben Barrack The New (Islamic) World Order Feb 8th 2011 at 1:11 pm . Barack Obama’s stance on Egypt indicates that he would accept the replacement of that country’s secular government with an Islamic one. Such a premise may be disturbing but it is nonetheless trumped by the administration’s actions in the days since, which include … [Read more...]

Egyptian Revolution: Muslim Face, Marxist Brain

Many Westerners struggle to understand that radical Islam, is in many ways a tool of the Marxist - Leninist left. While the two philosophies appear completely at odds, they do share a mutual hatred of "capitalism" and the Western values of individual responsibility and limited,  constitutional government. While many would argue the point, I would go so far as to say, that without a Marxist left to enable and … [Read more...]

Muslim Buddyhood: Mahmoud, Malik, Louis, & Barack, BFFs?

Last week New York was host to The Annual "America is an  Imperialistic, Evil, Racist, Rich, Warmongering Nation that Uses Up all the Resources of the Earth, Causing World-Wide Pollution and Poverty... and we All HATE America!!" Convention, at the UN. Apparently, even some who thrive in uninhibited, home-grown freedom are jumping on the bandwagon and colluding with or enemies.  Take a look at this article from The … [Read more...]