Welcome to the Gulag

Happy Independence Day.

Well, Gulag Bound began on  July 4th, 2010, but every day in America must be Independence Day.

That means every day must be Sovereignty Day, or the freedom for which those who came before us bled and died will come to naught.

We are Gulag Bound and we are on the run — running to the battle lines in the war for the American mind. There is no time to lose.  Our pivotally important nation is in crisis and there is critical information to share with you, lest we see an end to authentic America and we once again become a colony of global empire, Gulag America.



There is much we have learned about the global Marxofascist insurrection — from the likes of George Soros, Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller, and from Ban Ki-moon’s U.N., down to the creeping control of our neighborhoods and lives by their insidious “sustainable development initiatives,” and so many other subversions.

What you see here is meant to serve you in ways that not only tell you about our crises, but are a part of the solution.  Please spread the word like Paul Revere, to your neighbors.

We hope it is just in time.

Mark us — and be sure to keep coming back while we are still allowed visitation periods.

Your serfs,
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, editor still at large
Tallulah Starr, designer of escape routes
and all the agents and agitators of the bound
by Arlen Williams, instigator of resistance and dissent (founder, editor in chief, coordinating publisher)

Our “Reason for Being”

PS: If this is very foreign to your understanding, you may wish travel to September 29, 2008 in American Thinker and read “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis,” then come back for much more.