CRITICAL UPDATE: False-Flag Terrorism Planned, Border and Afghani, per Diana Larkin, Robin D. Bullock, Amanda Grace, Veronika West

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UPDATED 8/27: See my entries in “Comments” below this article for further items by Diana Larkin, Robin D. Bullock, and Veronika West, which both confirm and expand upon the urgency of this prophetic intervention. It is a call for intercession — and for raising attention, especially among those in the need to know. This includes key public servants susceptible to personal violence. The threats from apparently the Mexican border and from Afghanistan may or may not be directly related to each other, but they are each being planned by both spiritual and human agencies. More to follow.

Original entry published August 1, 2021, 7:37 am 

The graphic is self explanatory. Click to enlarge. Please read and please pray. Also, if this gets passed around, perhaps there are more who have gained similar knowledge and could relate that in the comments, below. Please consider circulating and be invited to comment.

Mrs. Larkin and I agreed it wise to produce a short video to accompany this emergency briefing. She read it and we discussed God’s key instructions, plus related words from the Lord to Diana and to others. We also sought to convey the context of this warfare of subterfuge against America by the globalist “Great Reset” cabal and the demonic realm behind that. We each spoke of taking authority in Jesus’ name, and we eagerly prayed and declared God’s victorious effects according to these instructions.

I humbly trust listening-in may assist your own intercession.

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We were reminded by fellow spiritual warriors online of Robin D. Bullock’s word from the Lord of this past Tuesday concerning the border presumably Mexican. The immediate context and that word begins here (28m:24s) and this portion lasts just a few minutes. Its key statement may be heard at 32:21.

“Ten will be so loud, ten will involve the border; for it will be a cry so great, the Bi-don will check out, and men will be afraid of what to do, for the Lord said, ‘I am stirring up the stew.’ The stew, you say! Yes, the melting pot. I’m stirring it up, for they’re rising up screaming freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. And they are tired of your vaccine mandates. And they are tired and weary of being masked and sick. They are tired of it, says the Lord. In their spirits, they are calling for Moses to hold up his stick. They’re calling for an end to foolishness and to this unlabeled crime of a vaccine mandate trying to be injected in this prophetic time.”

As Diana mentioned, Amanda Grace has also been alerted to the area around the Mexican border. This is from July 7, at her Web site.

And the spirit of the Lord says this day, the temperature is rising in your nation, my children the temperature is rising in your nation not only in the natural but in the realm of the spirit for in this time – in this hour – there is going to be a boiling point set says the Lord there is a boiling point that has been set says the Lord thy God this day there is a temperature that has been set there is a time that has been set and the components are reaching their boiling point and this is the time and this is the hour says the Lord thy God this day where you will see different parts of your nation – different components of your nation reach their crescendo says the Lord reach their boiling point – reach a point says the Lord thy God this day where things will spill over – will spill over and will spill out clashes says the Lord thy God this day shall spill over and spill out says the Lord – what has been hidden behind agendas of immigration says the Lord shall bubble over and spill over and come to a clash at the border and spill out says the Lord thy God this day watch Texas in this hour says the Lord. Watch Texas says the Lord for there is pressure building in Texas and there shall be events that occur in Texas against the leadership attempting to thwart them and attempting to harm them in order to move them out of the way strategically says the Lord thy God this day for Texas is one of those standing strong right now Texas is one of those leading the charge Texas says the Lord thy God this day is a purse prize -is a purse prize because of upcoming votes elections and audits says the Lord thy God this day. Watch the rumblings out of Texas says the Lord. Watch the border in that area says the Lord thy God this day. Watch the senate leaders in Texas right now and the congressman says the Lord thy God this day for some of them there will be attempts – they have been targeted they have been targeted for the stance they are taking those says the Lord – the minority that are speaking as voices of truth right now that are speaking as voices of truth from their state that are speaking as voices of truth from the senate floor in Washington DC – watch says the Lord thy God this day as an attempted hostile takeover attempts to remove some of them from their positions, however, says the Lord I see all things I am the Alpha and Omega I’m the beginning and the ending and I the Lord thy God shall expose those plans I shall expose them to the people I shall expose them and thwart them in such a way that even you will see the media sing and carry such headlines says the Lord for there will be secrets revealed through that says the Lord thy God this day that will come out in this hour and says the spirit of the Lord this day hold fast my children to your faith faith is a weapon – praise is a weapon -the weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down and destruction of strongholds…

You may find this highly pertinent as well.

I hope this helps and you do, too.


  1. God has spoken through Robin D. Bullock to say that as of early August we’ve been in the “8th plague” (hearkening to the plagues of Egypt while the Children of Israel were held captive by Pharaoh) and that 10th and final plague will come at the border. Then, the change will come.

  2. Key prophetic word begins as set below and lasts for four minutes.

  3. And more.

  4. Key, expanded prophetic messages vie Robin Bullock on Sunday, August 29

  5. For a further update, see:

  6. Update here. Planned attacks thwarted on 9-11, but the border is still the warfare it is, as you see in the (appropriate) news.

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