Reason for Being

There is a space that must be filled.

It hangs in the distance between what is taken for granted,
or believed by convention,
and what may be imagined or feared.

It is a gap to fill by finding facts and bringing them into true perspective.

In American and world politics, this endeavor often challenges conventional worldviews and many shut their minds,
unwilling to venture beyond the safe boundaries of the known.

The brave, who dare to look, will catch glimpses of disturbing images
lurking in dark corners. Those who seek to fill the gap become dangerous
to those whose true agenda would otherwise remain comfortably obscured,
as they seek and gain power.

But freedom of speech exists for a reason.

Gulag Bound follows the lead of those who have won and protected
our Sovereignty and our liberty by finding and telling the truth,
then devoting ourselves to it.

We respect you by letting you know what we find, examine, and discuss,
even if discomforting or provocative.

You can assess for yourself and assess us too,
our intention, to present fact as fact
and at times, theory, conjecture, and speculation,

as just what they are, too.

Controversy and uncertainty are hardly excuses
for failing to investigate and communicate.

But beyond this, knowledge requires action.

Examining the crises, our ultimate objective is to present solutions.
History teaches there are solutions, tried and true.

But in order to apply solutions decisively,
we must see and target the problems accurately.

We demonstrate the facts that neo-Marxist, neo-fascist, neo-technocratic,
and globalist ambitions,
of the 1%,
of 1%,
of 1%,

are a clear and very present threat to our authentic America
and to the world.

You have tracked us down.
Now run with the bound.



Live sovereign and free, as God intended…
Arlen Williams
with the dissidents and resistance agents, the American authentists of Gulag Bound