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California Socialist Wants to Take Your Guns, Land & Liberty; All Part of Agenda 21?

New Zeal Yes America, your socialists do want to take your guns and your land, and herd you into little beehive-like urban communities, so they can make you happy forever more. All over America... communists, socialists and Marxists have been leading the charge for "gun control." A case in point occurred in Harlem on March 21st, where "more than 2,000 predominantly Black and Latino working people gathered on … [Read more...]

The Idolatry of the Modern Progressive

American Thinker, originally:  "The Easter Mythology of Modern Progressivism" Modern progressivism, belief in human progress, various brands of socialism, and even communism itself are all steeped in a modern philosophy of history that is rooted in the Judeo-Christian apocalyptic tradition.  Unlike the Greco-Roman world, which believed that history was either strictly secular or inextricably bound up with pagan … [Read more...]

Google Honors Cesar Chavez on Easter

NoisyRoom Feeling lucky comrade? It's exactly what you would expect from Google, whose motto is "Don't be evil." If they ever meant that, they failed miserably as proven by today's home page which honors Socialist Cesar Chavez on Easter Sunday. It is a slap in the face to every Christian on the planet and is just downright evilly blasphemous. Google has been known for dissing the Founder's birthdays and American … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Kurt Alan Stand

KeyWiki Kurt Alan Stand, then 42, a regional labor union representative along with his wife, Theresa Squillacote (39), a former senior staff lawyer in the office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, and friend James Clark (49), a private investigator, were arrested October 4, 1997, on charges of spying for East Germany and the Soviet Union. All three were convicted and jailed. Stand was due for release from … [Read more...]

Trevor Loudon to Tour US, 2nd Half of 2013, 2014 – Early Bookings, Assistance Requested

New Zeal New Zealand based author Trevor Loudon will be touring the United States in the second half of 2013 and again in 2014, to promote his upcoming book, "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the US Congress." Loudon's book will show how the radical left has been able to advance its Marxist agenda in the U.S. House and Senate by utilizing a large network of sympathetic and … [Read more...]

The Unaffordable ‘Affordable Care Act’

Accuracy in Media   The apparent costs of Obamacare are going up. And up, and up. How much additional cost will the average private payer see in the coming year? The Society of Actuaries, according to The Wall Street Journal, has issued a new report “warning that the cost of medical claims in the new individual-insurance market could rise by an average of 32% per person over the first few years the law is in … [Read more...]

Larry Grathwohl: An Extraordinary Life from the Weather Underground to the FBI and Beyond

Larry Grathwohl is one of those increasingly rare individuals who has led a truly extraordinary life.  However, after speaking with him I found that he is an unassuming and truly humble man who has a strong belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Larry Grathwohl BIO I joined the US Army in October of 1964 and after basic training I went through jump school and became a paratrooper assigned to the 101st … [Read more...]

Larry Grathwohl’s Classic ‘Bringing Down America’ Re-Released!

New Zeal My friend Larry Grathwohl’s story is now more important than ever. He exposes the network of American radicals, international terrorists, clergymen, journalists and college professors who helped the Weathermen elude capture and continue to help in the cover-up of their crimes. On one occasion, his quick action averted the bombing of a Detroit police station – just one story you will find in this book … [Read more...]

CNN Exposes Obama’s High-Speed Rail Boondoggle

Accuracy in Media The Obama Administration has put high-speed rail at the forefront of its infrastructure policies, but in reality it’s a slow-moving target for criticism. “Ask any CEO where they’d rather locate and hire: a country with deteriorating roads and bridges, or one with high-speed rail and Internet; high-tech schools and self-healing power grids,” said the President in his February State of the … [Read more...]

Help KeyWiki Expose Georgia’s Socialist Reps!

New Zeal Even a Southern Red State like Georgia has its socialist politicians. Atlanta hosts a vocal local of Democratic Socialists of America, the US' largest Marxist organization. They have infiltrated the local Democrat Party and now have several Georgia politicians on their side. Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America's key friend in Congress is veteran Rep. John Lewis, a committed ally of … [Read more...]

Wake Up America – Or There Won’t Be An America

New Zeal Frank Gaffney is one of the few commentators in America today who actually understands the stakes we're all playing for. Obamamunism isn't primarily about economic disaster or centralized government tyranny. Those things, bad as they are, are just means to an end. The real goal is the destruction of the US military, to the advantage of the combined forces of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – John Burton

KeyWiki John Burton was a Democratic Party Congressman and state politician from California. In recent years he has served as chair of the California Democratic Party. He is the brother of the late Philip Burton, another very radical California Congressman. Burton has a long history of affiliation to Soviet and communist causes. According to radical former San Francisco District Attorney Terence Hallinan, an … [Read more...]

Islamic Dogs of War – The Use Of Gang-Rape to Subjugate Infidels and Those that Resist

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Aeneas Lavinium/ICLA *Warning: This post is very graphic. It contains violent and unsettling content. Bare Naked Islam: A 28-year-old beautiful beautician traineee was arrested at a major demonstration in Tehran, imprisoned for a couple of weeks, of course raped repeatedly. Her body was found outside of Tehran in a shallow grave, partialy burnt. Police advised parents to keep quiet. The … [Read more...]

God Didn’t Build That

Against All Enemies With the Big Bang Theory, we have given ourselves the ability to look up at the sun and moon and stars and tell God "You didn't build that!", and then go on our merry way believing that the celestial bodies are the result of random processes and not the work of the Creator's hands. With the Theory of Evolution, we see every sort of seed-bearing plant, the trees that grow seed-bearing … [Read more...]

Speech Video: Michelle Bachmann’s Love & Obamunist Media’s Spite, CPAC 2013

There were a number of relatively excellent, high-impact speeches at last week's CPAC event. Gulag Bound has re-published those of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. Before them, the crowd was right to be fixated at others messages, including those of Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Personally though, of all the speeches, this is the one I most wanted to hear a second time. and as Accuracy in Media's Roger Aronoff examines it, … [Read more...]

Media Expose Their Own Standards While Targeting Bachmann

Accuracy in Media In a clear case of the media’s double standard, CNN has been chasing around Congresswoman Michele Bachmann regarding her CPAC comments on the President’s lavish lifestyle. This, when the majority of her speech focused elsewhere: on Benghazi, the federal debt, medical innovations, and cyber attacks. And while CNN insists on piling it on, they bring ridicule on themselves by being guilty of what … [Read more...]

Help KeyWiki Expose Connecticut’s Pro–Communist Legislators

New Zeal Connecticut is a Democrat controlled state, with some communist hotspots, particularly around the New Haven/Yale area. The Connecticut Communist Party USA is very influential in New Haven and has used its base at the New Haven People's Center to infiltrate Congress and the state legislature with pro-communist Democrats. The local Party leader is Joelle Fishman, a Commissioner on the City of New … [Read more...]

“Agenda” Showing In Sydney Australia – Don’t Miss It!!!

New Zeal For my Aussie mates. The Sydney Traditionalist Forum is showing "Agenda: Grinding America Down" at Sydney University on April 8th. "Agenda," made by first time film maker Curtis Bowers, is a classic of its kind. It's a must see for anyone trying to understand the deliberate cultural degradation of the West. Yours truly features in the DVD on several occasions by the way! … [Read more...]

Former Attorney General Urges Probe of Al Jazeera

Accuracy in Media Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s call for a congressional “inquiry” into Al Jazeera’s purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV gives hope that the controversial transaction benefiting the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood can still be derailed. At a Breitbart News-sponsored forum during last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Mukasey said, in response to a question from … [Read more...]

Benghazi-gate Cover-up: Fox News’ Catherine Herridge Receives AIM’s Reed Irvine Award

By: Wes Vernon Accuracy in Media Six months after a terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, survivors of the savagery that left four Americans dead the night of Sept. 11, 2012, still have not been permitted to tell their story in a public forum. So now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are threatening to subpoena them. Catherine Herridge, longtime reporter for Fox News, received Accuracy in … [Read more...]

Breaking News Journal: New Site for Truth, Accuracy. & Much More

There’s a new news site on the Internet.  But, it’s not typical of any other site and its not just about news.  Ruth Bryant White is an entrepreneur who challenges herself, stereotypes and falsehoods in journalism and other areas on a daily basis.  She crosses political lines, which she does not believe should be barriers to human dialogue.  Her biography includes, but is not limited to, the following: 2010 … [Read more...]

Red Arizona! Help KeyWiki Expose the Grand Canyon State’s Pro–Communist Politicians

New Zeal Few people would suspect that the Communist Party USA has considerable political influence in Arizona, but unfortunately it does. The Party is actually comparatively strong in Arizona, because of its former base in the mining industry and more recently its work in stifling opposition to illegal immigration over the Mexican border. For many years, the late Lorenzo Torrez (died 2012) chaired … [Read more...]

NASA’s Chinese Spy Problem

NoisyRoom From: AngryWhiteDude Gee, someone was a very naughty little spy who got caught trying to flee the country back to the Chinese homeland. It's to the woodshed for Bo Jiang who is (or was) a national scientist employed by a NASA contractor for work at the space agency's Langley Research Center. We owe our thanks to Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA, who has doggedly gone after this issue for some time. I wrote … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham & Richard Land: WRONG on National Background Checks for Gun Buyers

In's "Evangelical Leaders Back Universal Background Checks for Gun Buyers": Rev. Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse, and Dr. Richard Land from the Southern Baptist Convention told TIME Magazine they supported the proposal. Their favoring universal (central, national) background checks for gun purchases is a classic example of those who should be patriots compromising themselves (and … [Read more...]

Judy Chu Exposed, Part 5: Judy Chu – “I Am a Daughter of China, Now I Am Coming Home”

New Zeal Part 4 here. Communist China has no more loyal friend in the US Congress than the representative for California's 32nd District, Judy Chu. There is no doubt that Chu's commitment to China is broad and deep. In her few years of office, Chu has done more to build a "friendship" with the People's Republic of China than perhaps any other Congress member. During a visit to her ancestral home … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Jean Quan

KeyWiki Jean Quan is the mayor of Oakland, California. As an Oakland School Board member, Quan was appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Title 1 Committee, representing large urban schools. She is Chair-Emeritus of the National School Boards Association's Council of Urban Boards of Education and served on the Executive Committee of the Council of Great City Schools Executive Committee. As a National … [Read more...]

IMF Marxist Banksters Tax & Seize Personal Funds in Cyprus – Crickets Ensue

NoisyRoom Very few things give me nightmares... Yesterday's event in Cyprus was one of them and the media is conspicuously silent. What do you get when you combine worldwide Marxist elitists, bankers and the media? A worldwide depression and a new dark age. The IMF (in case you are wondering who they are) is using Greece as a proving ground for the rest of us. It is a fascist Petri dish. They just implemented … [Read more...]

Sen. Ted Cruz Outlines Battle Plan for Conservatives in Hard-charging CPAC Speech

NoisyRoom Read more at Mediaite... GULAG NOTE: Ted Cruz was asked to deliver the keynote address and he delivered. Listen and receive the guidance of a new leader, while he reflects upon our goals as he aptly sees them. Listen to what he says about Sovereignty. … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Serves it Up to CPAC 2013’s Big Gulp – Video

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Gov. Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013 Read more at Mediaite... Palin delights CPAC crowd with string of Obama one-liners … [Read more...]