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Tightening Down the Screws of Control: Shipping & Receiving

As reported at Educate-Yourself: Napolitano Halts Shipment of Packages from Japan as Prelude to Civilian 'Shipper' ID Lockdown by Ken Adachi For TV entertainment, we normally watch video tapes of Japanese TV sent to us by my wife's relatives living in Japan. We were just notified today from the relative in Japan who sends the box with the tapes that he couldn't send the box to the USA, but the … [Read more...]

‘The Whole Thing is Rigged,’ Senator Bennet (CO-D)

From the Examiner: By: David Freddoso 11/30/10 12:20 PM Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., was caught blowing off some steam in the Senate chamber this morning. Sitting in the presiding officer's chair, in front of a microphone he apparently didn't realize was live, Bennet complained to a female colleauge (who was off-camera) while other senators voted that the Senate's process was "rigged." He also complained that … [Read more...]

Agenda 21 Food Control Bill S-510 Passed by Bipartisan Senate

The New York Times reports: WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday passed a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s food-safety system, after recalls of tainted eggs, peanut butter and spinach that sickened thousands and led major food makers to join consumer advocates in demanding stronger government oversight. The legislation, which passed by a vote of 73 to 25, would greatly strengthen the Food and Drug … [Read more...]

Breaking: Mark Ritchie’s Communist Party Connection Exposed

Update, Article Published: Mark Ritchie's Communist Party Connection Exposed; Trevor Loudon's Mark Ritchie File 5 From 11/29: 9am EST Tuesday November 30, 2010, New Zeal will post documentary evidence linking Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, to the Communist Party USA. Why is this important? A key part of Mark Ritchie's job is to oversee electoral recounts in Minnesota. In early 2009 Mark … [Read more...]

Mark Ritchie’s Communist Party Connection Exposed; Trevor Loudon’s Mark Ritchie File 5

Gulag Update: See announcement, bottom of article. Mark Ritchie File 4 here Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is regarded as a "non-party friend" by the Communist Party USA. So highly does the Communist Party regard Mr. Ritchie, that he has been allowed to attend an high level "not to be publicized" Party meeting in Minneapolis. Some of the Communist Party members at this meeting, later supported … [Read more...]

Those Who Forget the Past Are Destined to Repeat It

This is the Auschwitz Album: This is the story of a Hungarian Jewish woman who survived Auschwitz and found a coat belonging to a guard which she took to shield her from the cold immediately after her liberation.  In the pocket of this coat she found a photo album.  It contained pictures of what went on in this extermination camp.  Imagine her reaction when she saw a picture of herself coming off of the … [Read more...]

FRC Invites Us to Hear: ‘Mission Compromised: How the Military is Being Used to Advance a Radical Agenda’

From the Family Research Council and Tony Perkins: Register now to watch the live webcast on Thursday, December 2nd at 1 PM EST. November 23, 2010 - Tuesday On December 2, 2010 at 1 PM ET, Family Research Council Action will host a live national video Webcast titled, "Mission Compromised: How the Military is Being Used to Advance a Radical Agenda." Veteran military commanders, Members of Congress, … [Read more...]

The Dangers of a ‘Sustainable Community’

Listen to this column online The term "sustainable community" sounds warm and fuzzy. Who could possibly oppose a sustainable community? "Sustainable" means something that lasts – or is sustained – forever. When the term is applied to "community," one might conclude that a sustainable community is one that will last forever. One who draws such a conclusion in today's world would be wrong, terribly wrong. The … [Read more...]

Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah ~ Doug Hagmann Answers Questions About TSA and Terrorism

Saturday 11/27/10 Show Times (click to stream with live chat or for archived show later): 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET 11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 We are pleased to announce we will be speaking with Douglas Hagmann, founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency. Doug uses his investigative skills and training to … [Read more...]

Genetically Modified Canola Spreads; Mutates into Pestcide-Resistant Invasive Weed

Reported in the Scientific American: Genetically Modified Crop on the Loose and Evolving in U.S. Midwest GM canola plant refugees from farms in North Dakota bear multiple transgenic traits Outside a grocery store in Langdon, N.D., two ecologists spotted a yellow canola plant growing on the margins of a parking lot this summer. They plucked it, ground it up and, using a chemical stick similar to those in … [Read more...]

Power to the People! Repeal Amendment Gaining Strength

James Simpson's original post appears at Right Side News The great fear of all dictators is provoking rebellion before they are ready to handle it. So the Democrats, our Nation’s aspiring despots, have become refined experts at offering soothing, even encouraging, but always deceptive rhetoric about their sleazy, underhanded power grabs. Supported by a largely complicit mass media, they have brought our country to … [Read more...]

Who Benefits? The Food Safety Bill Will Centralize and Regulate Food Production

Gulag Note: Call your U.S. Senators -- call whomever communicates with them -- spread the word.  (Link to Senators' contact information, here.) “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” - Thomas Jefferson This Founding Father would be rolling in his grave if he knew of … [Read more...]

God, the Eagle, & the Turkey; a Thanksgiving Reflection

By “Sen. Bob” Smith. Although the exact date is in dispute, it is generally assumed that in the Fall of 1621 in the vicinity of Plymouth Plantation, a group of very grateful colonists set down to a bountiful feast. They had much to be thankful for. They had recently survived a transatlantic voyage, had made friends with the local Indian tribes and were excited to begin a new life, free of the persecutions … [Read more...]

Helen Thomas to be Honored by Arab Group Raided by FBI

Having received a “Courage in Journalism” award from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, former White House correspondent Helen Thomas is now scheduled to be honored by an Arab group whose executive director had his home raided by the FBI because of his alleged ties to terrorist groups. On December 12, the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) is featuring a speech by Thomas, who has been called the … [Read more...]

Russia and China Will ‘Never Become Each Other’s Enemy’ – No More Dollars Between Them

For more than 40 years US foreign and military policy has been based on the premise that Moscow and Beijing are rivals to be played off against each other. But what happens if America's main adversaries form an alliance? Where does America turn, when two of the worlds major military powers unite? My premise is that Moscow and Beijing have been allies all along. Whether I'm right or wrong, there can be no doubt … [Read more...]

DHS & TSA to You: Shut Up & Submit to our Abuse, or You’ll Be Investigated & Listed

Domestic Extremists In Tuesday's CanadaFreePress, Doug Hagmann wrote that following his article on the recent backlash against TSA, he was contacted by a DHS insider describing a troubling department policy memo. The document was reportedly the result of recent high-level meetings between DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, TSA head John Pistole, and one or more of President Obama's national security advisors. DHS … [Read more...]

Media Heavily Invested in New Start Treaty

The media are pushing hard to help President Obama succeed in getting the Senate to ratify the New Start Treaty with Russia. Weekend talk shows were filled with Obama administration officials, primarily Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, talking about the urgency for the Senate to ratify the treaty during the lame duck session. But instead of trying to … [Read more...]

CAIR: Radical Islamic Terrorist Apologists List Local Chapters Across America

I came across this map of the locations of CAIR Chapters in America.  I invite you to take a long look at this website as the main goal of this group is to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law, our religious freedom with Islam and they are determined to fight our liberty with jihad and fatwa. "CAIR's goal is to spread "Islamic hegemony the world over by hook or by crook."[9] Kamal Nawash, head of Free Muslims … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of Defense War Gaming for Actions Against U.S. Citizens (CNBC Video Report)

This, for a long, long time, has been illegal in the United States of America -- and for very, very good reason. Video posted November 22, 2010 Question 1: If the United States finds itself in worldwide crices of debt, finance, and monetary policy so grave that the Department of Defense is preparing for "sovereign state" economic warfare against us, then why have the Bush (i.e., Henry Paulson) administration. … [Read more...]

To Know SB-510 “Food Safety Modernization” We Must Know U.N. Agenda 21 & Rio Earth Summit “Sustainable Development”

Do you remember, at the end of Glenn Beck's first episode on George Soros, this month, that he told of a meeting between Soros' "number two man" and an executive of Fox News, concerning Beck's work?  Do you recall that, as Beck related, this man asserted that global governance is already a fact? We at the Bound are collating and analyzing information on U.N. Agenda 21, the Rio Conference (including Maurice … [Read more...]

Don’t Touch My Junk Update: Video & Profile Image

Be sure to contact your members... of Congress DTMJ Update-1: The Gulag didn't produce this, but we'll propagate and promulgate, nevertheless.  Listen at your pleasure or peril.  A little snarl of a smile is permitted in an outrage. Update-2: Below, we gave you the "Don't Touch My Junk" flag.  Now it is our pleasure to present the DTMJ square,  so suitable for social networking profile images. Original … [Read more...]

Truth is Getting Out on SB-510 & Globalist Food Control – from the Gulag; Continue to Spread the Word

We are glad to see some push-back against SB-510 in the U. S. Senate, last week, but there needs to be much more, now. Last Wednesday's cloture vote passed, 74 to 25.  This shows us how much work we have before us, to winnow out Congress, especially achieving the achievable, by cleansing the ranks of the GOP in Congress.  Here are the Republican senators who issued "Yes" votes, for debate and final vote on this … [Read more...]

Socialist Obamacare Cost: Additional 700K Seniors Lose Their Insurance Coverage

Gleaned from Yid With Lid: Obama Policies Force Another 700,000 Seniors to Switch Health Providers Last year we heard it over and over, I'm talking of course about President Obama's promise that if you like your plan you can keep it. Well forget it. Today it was discovered that another 700,000 Seniors will have to change plans, because health insurers are shutting down certain types of plans … [Read more...]

Are Obama’s Perversions Becoming Even More Pronounced?

We already know that Obama’s mentor and facilitator George Soros considers the manipulative destruction of countries and their peoples an enjoyable game. Soros looks at said countries and humans as mere puppets in his playpen, useful only to satisfy his wicked desires to control them--totally. On 3 June 1993, Soros is quoted--one of his more benign ones--by the Independent as commenting: “It is sort of a disease … [Read more...]

Platform for the 21st Century

Editor's note: Listen to this column online. Pundits, politicians, and even ordinary people are mystified by the rise of the tea parties' protest of the Democrats' agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the spontaneous uprising from the grass roots "Astroturf" – just before she lost her gavel to the Republicans. King George imposed his agenda over the objections of subjects – just before he lost both his … [Read more...]

George Soros’ Links to Roman Catholic ‘Charities’

With malice toward all, with charity for none, George Soros and... Catholic Campaign for Human Development Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good Alinskyite Marxist Gamaliel Foundation etc. ..,as featured in New Zeal blog and Trevor Loudon, who helped us put George Soros into perspective in the global Marxofascist movement, during last Thursday's, Gulag Night netcast (archived - link): Soros Links to … [Read more...]

Those Pesky Lines Between News and Commentary

Bias can be by omission just as easily as by commission. And it can be based on carefully selecting quotes to support one’s position, and by heaping ridicule or scorn on those with different views. It can be by mischaracterizing and mislabeling the intentions of groups or leaders like Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat, and treating them as revolutionary heroes or liberators. In a commentary in The … [Read more...]

Update: Obama Tweets DREAM. Reid Promises to Bring DREAM Act to a Vote as Stand Alone Bill

A tweet from the man Nancy Pelosi certified to be president, Barack Obama: Send a message that you support giving students and service men and women a path to citizenship through the DREAM Act: http://OFA.BO/kAu5MU. about 8 hours ago via HootSuite Retweeted by 100+ people BarackObama . Barack Obama . . (Original post, 11/17)  Tweets from the left directing readers to this at … [Read more...]

Obama Won’t Run… His Work Is Done

by Joan Swirsky . The drivel the media are blathering about Obama’s 2012 race for reelection is absolute baloney! All those talking heads and print [so-called] journalists should be ashamed of themselves for prattling on about this unserious subject while studiously avoiding the urgent issues that threaten the very life of our country. These are issues that a maniacal Nancy Pelosi, as House Minority Leader in … [Read more...]

Chilling Report: The Legal, Political and Military Path of Shariah in the United States Today

This article appeared first at Right Side News NEW YORK CITY (November 9, 2010) This past September, the Center for Security Policy issued an abbreviated report titled Shariah - The Threat to America, An Exercise in Competitive Analysis, Report of Team B II. In a press conference today, CSP is releasing the full, unexpurgated study, and will have four of the authors on hand to discuss it. A great summary of both … [Read more...]