Reid & Schumer’s Democrats Worsen CyberSecurity Bill: Gun Control

The following is an copy in full, from By the way, my personal interpretation of the U.S. Senate gives the nod to Charles Schumer as the hard core Marxist power broker in Harry Reid's malignant majority. Dems slip gun control amendment into cybersecurity bill by Joel McDurmon on Jul 30, 2012 The Hill reports, Democratic senators have offered an amendment to the cybersecurity bill that … [Read more...]

DHS Causing Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to go Dark?

Gulag Tales & Rumor Trails One who has tracked the movements of the Department of Homeland Security recalls that during both the Bush and Obama administrations they have tended to set up localized experiments in encroachment and tyranny, then they observe whatever blow-back they get. They could get some concerted attention about this. According to this report (not thoroughly vetted by GulagBound) … [Read more...]

Caliphate, ‘New World Order’ & Overriding, Inescapable, Eternal Truth

You might want to start reviewing your Ezekiel 38. From Big Peace and Ben Barrack The New (Islamic) World Order Feb 8th 2011 at 1:11 pm . Barack Obama’s stance on Egypt indicates that he would accept the replacement of that country’s secular government with an Islamic one. Such a premise may be disturbing but it is nonetheless trumped by the administration’s actions in the days since, which include … [Read more...]

Juan Williams & the Unspoken Issues of the Dominant Forces in Muslim Politics

Juan Williams is fired from NPR and talking heads spin. The same talking points over and over. I keep watching in hope that some light will be shed on issues important to the electorate. Many points are being left out of this conversation. When this story first broke, I saw a letter from CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] to NPR demanding they take action against Juan Williams. This is no longer a … [Read more...]

What does Soldier of Fortune have to do with it?

James Simpson, who has written for them, writes about their often cutting edge role, in the often fiery hot "Cold War."  As we now also face the Sorosian soft warfare of global Marxism, America has been conditioned by the Marxstream media to unlearn the utter evil of atheistic, authoritarian empire building in the guise of collectivism.  Soldier of Fortune is like a bucket of water in the face of our so opiated … [Read more...]

Newest Net Neutrality Bill Cuts FCC out of Internet Authority

at Emerging Corruption September 27, 2010 By Warner Todd Huston It looks like House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman, (D-Calif) is so desperate to get a Net Neutrality bill out of the House before the recess that he was willing to strip the FCC authority from it this week. For months he Federal Communications Commission has been angling to take power over the Internet and left-wing Net Neutrality … [Read more...]

On Having one’s Name Deleted from the Internet by Obama & Co.

These days, it isn’t difficult to ascertain when you are on the Obama Enemies List.  Leftist bloggers will increase and become even more inarticulate (if that’s even possible) in their attacks on you when you begin disseminating too much truth, when your columns hit too close to home for a general comfort.  You may even glaringly find your unwanted and hated column displayed on the White House Facebook page.  Yikes!  … [Read more...]

‘Exposure by Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Article Threatening Glenn Beck’

We do likes our FReepers. Exposure by Free Republic Forces Huffington Post to Pull Article Threatening Glenn Beck Monday, August 30, 2010 | Kristinn Posted on 08/30/2010 9:12:45 AM PDT by kristinn The Huffington Post has pulled an article published this morning targeting Glenn Beck with a $100,000 bounty after news of the threat was broken on Free Republic. The article, titled $100,000 For Glenn … [Read more...]

Marxofascist Media Distorts Reporting to Advance Obamacare Abortions

Published with permission of  Jill Stanek ABC Pushes Taxpayer Funded Abortions with Misleading Incident, Mashed Terms and Only 'Pro-abort Experts' MSM’s propaganda to keep taxpayer funded abortion in Obamacare has begun. But the article ABC posted yesterday entitled, “Immigrants lured to cheap, do-it-yourself abortion,” was 1) totally misleading; 2) misplaced blame; 3) seriously mashed terms; and 4) … [Read more...]

Marxstream Media Taking a New, Coordinated Tack?

This shocking bit of news may herald a newly coordinated tactic being used by the Marxtream media: if you can't beat them, ignore them -- or more to the point, pretend they don't exist.  Now, is this news anything new, or just new brashness, along with a tactic that has gotten way too old? And, is this from some JournoLista Manual of Style, sitting on hard drives inside offices of the "free press" throughout the … [Read more...]

Obama’s Abuse of Media: Interview with Michael Pack, Documentary Filmmaker & Former CPB Executive

Last month on Take AIM, I interviewed Michael Pack about his new documentary, “The Last 600 Meters,” which will air on PBS. It looks at the two biggest battles of the Iraq War through a remarkable range of video footage, and gets up close and personal with a number of the Marines and other service members who were engaged in the battles. We also discussed the state of documentary filmmaking, of public … [Read more...]

Battles Looming Over First Amendment Rights

With all of the takeovers of various aspects of society by the Obama administration, none are as perilous as the one takeover we could be on the brink of—namely the First Amendment. It is under assault in so many very real ways, and the media are largely silent about it. That is because they are aware of the goals, and they share them. The goal is to silence conservative and Republican voices, to regulate the … [Read more...]

Updated: U.S. Navy Evacuates The Gulf, NOAA Blacks Out North America From Tsunami Warning System, Drug Cartels in Heavy Artillery Buildup at Border

Update 9:51pm CT -- Research indicates problems and apparent  solutions concerning the NOAA mystery sited below.  Their cite's information about tsunamis seemed to have a technical problem for a period of time, causing it not to appear. They updated the site at NOAA and that update resulted in a broken link. The link is now working. It has also come to our attention that the article about The Navy is cited at … [Read more...]

‘No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster’

Article by Dahr Jamail, in Inter Press Service, July 7, 2010 Last week, the U.S. Coast Guard, working in concert with oil giant BP, instituted new restrictions across the U.S. Gulf Coast that prevent the media from coming within 20 meters of booms or response vessels on beaches or water. But the insidiousness of the restrictions runs even deeper. "You can't come in here," Don, the security guard hired by … [Read more...]