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Atheism Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

“Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history.” —Dinesh D’Souza “The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will … [Read more...]

TSA, Youth Corps Now Officially part of Obama Gestapo and Marxist Senators vow to Create Official Dictatorship

The problem with believing one is “safe” from the growing and increasingly ravenous Obama & Co Police State if one embraces--or pretends to embrace--the anti-God/anti-American Leftist viewpoint, is that the belief itself is fallacious. If you espouse these beliefs as your own, the Marxist/Leninist crocodiles currently occupying the power seats (that’s power over We-the-People) in Washington D.C. may eat you … [Read more...]

Soros-funded Criminals Lobby Sparks Prison Revolt

Convicted serial killer Charles Manson, whose deranged followers killed a pregnant movie actress and then stuck a fork into her stomach, was recently in the news when it was discovered that he had a cell phone that had been smuggled to him in prison. Far less attention was given to Georgia inmates who used contraband cell phones to organize and stage a “strike” in several prisons. This uprising struck a chord with … [Read more...]

TSA Sheeple Experiment Successful – Next Phase of America’s Imprisonment Begins

There once was a time--not so very long ago--when what I am about to write would be consigned to the “tin-foil hat” group;  that classification that says all who participate are “loonies” and/or “kooks.”  But, that was before The Obama rose to power in the United States of America.  And that was, of course, before Obama & Co (funded heavily by he-who-says-he-is-god George Soros) began the systematic dismantling … [Read more...]

Gulag Bound Hit by Cyber Attack ~ Update: WikiLeaks & Anarchist Tools

Update: At present, you may not have access to the articles referenced here.  Therefore, we are posting them below, in this entry. G u l a g   B o u n d Our hosting services fought back the attack, but we are looking for any lasting effects.  If you experience any difficulties accessing Gulag Bound, please do comment to this entry.  [Edit: or email to] Thank you. This featured a … [Read more...]

Venezuelan Students Vow to Depose Chávez, ‘At Any Cost’

This is cross-posted from Ulf Erlingsson's blog: This text was distributed on the internet this evening. It declares that a student organization with tens of thousands of members has been created in Venezuela, and that they do NOT recognize Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias as the legitimate president of Venezuela, vowing to remove him from office “at any cost”, through civil disobedience. La Central Estudiantil … [Read more...]

Naked Emperor News: New Black Panthers Conspiring with Iran’s Ahmadinejad

Courtesy of NEN and from The Blaze 12/28 video: "Shock Audio: New Black Panther Leader Reveals Collusion at NYC Meeting with Ahmadinejad to Build Alliance, Secure Raw Materials and Overthrow America" among whatever others … [Read more...]

GOP Continues to play Supplicant to Marxist Obama – Our Nation under Siege

Using only the quietest and most humble voices to disagree with the Dictator-in-Chief, Republican leaders continued to bow and scrape to the usurped and, therefore, illegal authority claimed by Barack Hussein Obama to function as POTUS.  In other words, as The Obama bows to foreign leaders--therefore placing the USA in a subservient position to them--the GOP establishment RINOs (aka Marxist/Democrat plants) continue … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Abandons Sham of Choice, Begins Forcing Clinics to Provide Abortions

When does a choice, become  a mandate? When the choice is for life and it conflicts with the elite's demand for depopulation and profit. Reported in LifeNews from Texas: Planned Parenthood Chapter Quits, Forced by National to Do Abortions A Texas-based Planned Parenthood affiliate has resigned as a member of the national organization because Planned Parenthood Federation of America wanted it to do … [Read more...]

Kleptocrat Kommission Konfiscates Internet Liberty

Found at Family Security Matters: Internet Access Is Not a 'Civil Right' by Michelle Malkin When bureaucrats talk about increasing our "access" to x, y or z, what they're really talking about is increasing exponentially their control over our lives. As it is with the government health care takeover, so it is with the newly approved government plan to "increase" Internet "access." Call it … [Read more...]

A Totalitarian Christmas Gift: Merry Chavismo, Venezuela!

Cross-posting from Ulf Erlingsson's blog: Venezuelas’ Hugo Chávez gave his subjects a very special gift on the eve of Christmas: A full-blown totalitarian dictatorship. Just like Hitler’s Nazis blindly followed their leader, so did many in Venezuela wish each other Feliz Chavidad (Merry Chavismo) instead of Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas). So many, in fact, that Chavidad was on the twitter popularity list in … [Read more...]

Whose Fault, Prince of Fools or Nation of Fools Who Elected Him?

This quote was repeated on the Greg Garrison Show, WIBC Indianapolis.  I recommend listening daily for excellent guest, pertinent questions and insightful, productive answers.  I wasn't able to find the author for credit. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than … [Read more...]

Seattle Buses, Nazi Trucks: Different Times & People, Same Demons

As noted in Gateway Pundit and The Blaze, anti-Israeli signs are rolling through the streets of Seattle, Washington. Purchased by the pro-Hamas group, Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, they say, "Israeli War Crimes, Your Tax Dollars at Work."  The text accompanies a photo of a bombed building. K5 News video, 12/17, from "'Israeli War Crimes' Signs to go on Metro Buses" About its Ed Mast (the "bearded … [Read more...]

Update: Hugo Chavez Militarily Confiscating Farms of Venezuelan Patriots? Using Foreign Forces?

Update See these Gulag entries, by Swedish Citizen journalist, Ulf Erlingsson. A Totalitarian Christmas Gift: Merry Chavismo, Venezuela! December 25, 2010 Venezuelan Students Vow to Depose Chávez, ‘At Any Cost’ December 28, 2010 Late Sunday night, we began to see sketchy reports from individuals that  farmers in the region of Sur del Lago, Venezuela were being attacked by Venezuelan as well as foreign … [Read more...]

Dems Continue to Pound Final Nails into USA Coffin

In the last few days of the lame duck Congress--sadly the duck isn’t even the slightest bit lame--with the assistance of a few RINOs the US Marxist/Leninist Democrats is destroying as much left of the once great United States of America as it can. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”--so that Gays can serve as openly-gay in the US military--was passed with the help of 8 RINOs, including consistent Marxist/Democrat … [Read more...]

The ‘Earth Charter’ & the Globalist Plan: It’s Not Going to Get Better

Presented in a speech from Santa Cruz, CA: Video, "Globalism and Tyranny: Dr. Stan Monteith & Sheriff Richard Mack Speech from Santa Cruz, CA": Read this International Document yourself  The Earth Charter Initiative: Preamble We stand at a critical moment in Earth's history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds … [Read more...]

Senate Slips Food Control Bill Under Republicans’ Unanimous Noses, Sunday Night

From The Hill: In Sunday-evening surprise, Senate passes food-safety legislation By Alexander Bolton - 12/19/10 07:55 PM ET .... Democrats first attempted to attach the food-safety bill to a short-term spending measure, but Republicans balked because they wanted to keep that measure clean, according to Senate aides. Republicans, however, later agreed to pass … [Read more...]

The Fed Enforcing ‘Freedom From Religion’ on Hometown Bank

Reported in the Blaze: Feds Force Bank to Remove Crosses, Bible Verses, and Christmas Buttons UPDATE: Sen Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) have responded with a letter to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. ORIGINAL STORY BELOW. A small Oklahoma town is enraged after Federal Reserve examiners told a hometown bank that it must remove crosses, Bible verses, and Christmas buttons from display because … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange; their Motives if not Results, Coming into Focus

WikiLeaks has always been more than Jullian Assange. It is also been quite apparent that it is its own entity, however funded it may or may not be, by the likes of George Soros, or his evil friends. If WikiLeaks is supported by such entities, think of Sauron attempting the services of the Balrog, or... Smeagol, if you're a Lord of the Rings aficionado, or think of a league of asymmetrical warriors (which the … [Read more...]

Introducing the Tea Party Caucus, Texas

Reported in the Cypress Times: INTRODUCING THE TEA PARTY CAUCUS OF TEXAS Senator Dan Patrick joins 48 legislators to start new grassroots caucus AUSTIN, TX - "The Tea Party movement is the most important political movement of our life time. The voice of this group must be heard like never before inside the walls of the capitol. This last election proved that real political power is not found in … [Read more...]

Democrats: Put Down your Scheming Propositions and Leave the Capitol Building

The new omnibus spending bill now being proposed as the last “shove it down their unthankful throats and choke ‘em to death” thrown together and not read by the Marxist/Leninist Democrat leaders, is designed to destroy the rest of life as we had known it in the USA. That is the life before the totalitarians with their “you work for us punks!” attitudes took over and began decimating everything that was honorable … [Read more...]

Stop START: Who Does a Defenseless America Benefit?

Reported at the Heritage Foundation Foundry: Morning Bell: Release the START Negotiating Record Yesterday, the Senate voted 66–32 to begin debate on the New START agreement with Russia. Only a simple majority (51) was required, but vote counters can use yesterday’s roll call as a benchmark for final ratification, which will need 67 votes to pass. With the seating of Senator Mark Kirk (R–IL), the White House … [Read more...]

The Lessons & Instructions of Wilmington, Ohio

Two states have been mentioned perhaps more than others, in transdenominational Christian prophecies for this time: Texas and Ohio.  In Ohio, they have seemed to focus in that area around Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, and that area includes Wilmington. Texas may be a stalwart defender of truth and Ohio, a spring of new blessing -- which always comes from truth -- and the essential truth always comes from, and … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks: Exposing ‘Insane’ US Energy Policy

Posted at the American Thinker: What WikiLeaks Cables Really Reveal There has been much complaining from the politicians about how the WikiLeaks disclosures have imperiled our national security.  The most frequently pointed to document by those who make this claim is a State Department cable titled "Critical Foreign Dependencies." The document was put together at the behest of Secretary of … [Read more...]

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Beats Washington Post in Battle Over ObamaCare

Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post notes that the decision by a federal judge in Virginia that a provision of President Obama’s health care law is unconstitutional “thrusts state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli into the national spotlight” because he was vindicated by the ruling. But the Post has done its best in a series of editorials to insist that Republican Cuccinelli has been way off base in his actions as … [Read more...]

Far Right Anarchy Versus Far Left ‘Anarchy’

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world… The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” —William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) You are probably familiar with the Far Left “anarchists”—they are fond of spray painting, or otherwise promulgating their logo of an “A” within a circle.  They are most visible at large gatherings of global … [Read more...]

Interview with William McGowan on the Decline and Fall of the New York Times

In an exclusive, wide ranging interview with Accuracy in Media, William McGowan, author of the new book on The New York Times entitled Gray Lady Down: What the Decline and Fall of The New York Times Means For America, said that “organizations like the Times and the Guardian become aiders and abettors of an organization [WikiLeaks] that is not operating in the best interests of the world, not operating in the best … [Read more...]

Washington Post Subsidiary Cashes in on Veterans

One of the most interesting battles in Washington, taking place mostly behind- the-scenes, involves The Washington Post, a long-time liberal paper backing Democratic Party policies, and a leading liberal Democratic senator. Readers of the paper got a glimpse of the struggle on December 10 on page 18, in a story headlined, “For-profit colleges get soaring amount of U.S. aid for military students.” The article by … [Read more...]

Bayer, Bee Crisis & ‘Population Control;’ Just What is the EPA Protecting?

This may not be the usual Gulag fare, but without bees there will be no food and bees have been mysteriously dying in record numbers for several years.  Could it be that our own government agency is the cause? An informative article from queenbeejan will give you an idea of how many bees it takes to pollinate the seeds that grow your food. Reported in Grist: Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic … [Read more...]

New IRS Rules to Bring in $300 Billion a Year, each $600 Transaction at a Time

Reported in the Activist Post: New Rules: You And The IRS This January The new ObamaCare1099 rule for reporting of all cash, credit and check business transactions of $600 or more is scheduled to begin January of 2012.  This is really an extension of the 2008 Housing and Recovery Act IRS rules that start this January when merchant banks and PayPal will report business sales directly to the IRS (the … [Read more...]