Muslims Continue Efforts to Erect 9-11 Ground Zero Victory Mosque

Just when we thought we'd put this one to bed, like all totalitarian ideologies and peoples, the Muslims simply invaded through another room in our home! [Pardon the title...] ******** Muslims bound and determined to plant a mosque at Ground Zero no matter what we think   "...the condo is simply holding Cornaire accountable for failing to fully disclose how the space would be used and how many people would use … [Read more...]

Remember John P. O’Neill on 9-11, ‘The Man Who Knew’

What was going on in the halls of power that apparently brought the Clinton/Reno "Department of Justice" to apply subterfuge to set-up and fire their own, contrastingly effective, FBI agent assigned to al Qaeda and Bin Laden? Set up for his all to ironic death at the WTC on 9-11-2001. For being too effective? For knowing too much? This video and associated reporting is must see information for perusal and … [Read more...]

John McNaughton on Obama’s Fiddling with the Fires this 9-11

See the whole painting with artist John McNaughton's commentary on Obama's speech of last night. The dangers we're in, stemming from the orchestrated illegal alien inundation, along with the orchestrated Arab Spring debaucheries and debacles, up through the emergence of USA supplied ISIS -- while Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi exemplifies authentic America... Are We Safe Now?? It's 9/11 God save us this day. … [Read more...]

Did Barack Obama’s Ideology & Incompetence Lead to Benghazi Deaths?

NoisyRoom By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner Both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been backed into a very uncomfortable and public corner, which may have no exit--after a stunning revelation regarding what was known, when, and by whom in the Obama Administration, regarding the 'terrorist attack' on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Yesterday afternoon, … [Read more...]

9/11: Remember The Jumpers

NoisyRoom By: Lloyd Marcus Mary and I flew from Florida to Alexandria, Minnesota where I was the keynote speaker and entertainer (singer) at their “Rally for America.” As we approach another anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I caught segments of various 9/11 documentaries on TV in the hotel room. I was struck by numerous stories of bravery and selfless acts of courage by our fellow Americans. A twenty-four … [Read more...]

The New York Times’ War on Police

Accuracy in Media At The New York Times annual meeting on April 25, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arthur Sulzberger Jr. denied that his paper was waging a war on the New York City Police Department and its commissioner, Ray Kelly. The denials are not convincing. As I arrived in New York City for the annual meeting, the reason for the recent intensity of this campaign became apparent. Other papers … [Read more...]

Who Dropped the Ball on 9-11?

In a well-produced audio documentary released on September 20, independent producers John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski attempt to trace the 9-11 intelligence failure to its source. Titled “Who is Rich Blee,” the production is a model of fairness that the producers’ pampered peers in the major media would do well to emulate. It deserves more attention than it has gotten. That much said, if “Rich Blee” has one … [Read more...]

Serious Call for Lip Readers: Michelle & Barack Obama 9-11-11 Video

What did she say? This is out there and speculation abounds. The truth should be told, if possible. Do you know of any expert lip readers? They should not be hard to find, though I know of none, personally. Please reply in comments, below, or to And, we would like to follow-up, so please let us know how we may do that with you. Two close-ups, below. -AW (not … [Read more...]

Raising the Colors – 10 Years Later

NoisyRoom By: Garry L. Hamilton A former Marine, and a man I'm proud to call friend, recently had a flag raising ceremony at his home in Pennsylvania. The flag raising was attended by Ken's friends and neighbors (one of whom -- a Vietnam veteran himself -- helped with the heavy lifting), and an active duty Marine Sergeant Major. They raised three flags: Old Glory, the Marines Standard and the flag of a … [Read more...]

The Great Boatlift of 9/11/01; 500,000 Rescued; Largest in History

Maggie's Notebook I had not heard about the “boatlifters” on September 11, 2001 until today. Some 500,000 people were helped out of New York City after the attacks on the World Trade Towers, said to be the largest boatlift in history. People were reportedly jumping into the river to get away, and the story is that boats were dangerously close to running over them. The video below is a ten minute documentary. Keep … [Read more...]

One More, One Last 9-11-11 Journey, by Video

Ten Septembers Ago Thank you, KJ h/t: Nora … [Read more...]

Remembering 9-11 – 10 Years of War

NoisyRoom Flight 93 - 9/11 - Memorial Service - Sarah McLachlan - Angel Today is a day of Remembrance. It is an American day of grief. It is not a day of service. That is for tomorrow. And Grandparents day which was proclaimed by Carter, is being used as a political tool, re: Obama re-declaring it - just a note to the Asshat-in-Chief in the White House. Despicable. We remember our fathers, mothers, … [Read more...]

Who Was Behind 9-11?

Dear Friend of America's Survival:As we commemorate the deaths of the 9/11 victims, let us also expose those who want to whitewash the role of radical Islam in this tragedy. The so-called 9/11 Truth Movement wants to blame Bush, Cheney and the CIA and others for the deaths of almost 3000 Americans.  I suggest you read: The Big Con and 9/11 Truth: How Political Extremists, Left-wing Scam Artists and United Nations … [Read more...]

Rep. Allen West and Friends – 9/11 Memorial

New Zeal Must view. Your friends stand by you America, on this day. Hat Tip: Romantic Poet     … [Read more...]

Anti-American Terrorism Goes on Unabated:

The Hate That Never Ended NoisyRoom (9/5/2011) 10 years... 10 long years. I don't know about you, but I don't feel as if justice has been served since 9-11. Justice would have been simultaneous hits on Afghanistan and Iran, bringing their leadership to their knees and leaving their countries a pile of rubble. But that's not how it happened. Americans are still fighting and 9-11 was one strike against America in … [Read more...]

Request to Any & All Ground Zero Memorial Attendees

        A request from an excellent online activist: @ Arlen Williams PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS Spread the word, ALL Attendee's at the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial, when Mayor Bloomberg begins to speak, EVERYONE TO SING AMAZING GRACE" They can keep clergy out, but they can't keep them ALL from singing!!!         … [Read more...]

Ed Asner: Socialist Promotes “9/11 Was an Inside Job” Disinformation

New Zeal The far left Institute for Policy Studies, Democratic Socialists of America, Russia Today and Libya’s Mathaba news agency and Van Jones have all been major promoters of the disinformation theme that the 9/11 attacks were planned and executed on US government orders. Why do the enemies of America so vigorously promote this BS? Because it divides American conservatives, creates even more distrust of … [Read more...]

Vetting Obama – “Palling Around With Terrorists”

NoisyRoom By: AJ Counter MSM News “Palling around with terrorists,” a phrase made famous by Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, has just risen to new heights in its accuracy with regard to Obama. Palin Criticizes Obama's 'Terrorist' Connection Obama and Hillary Clinton are reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic fundamentalist group committed to the … [Read more...]

The WTC Neighbors’ View (Video)

[Read more...]

What the NY Jets Can Do that the FDNY Cannot

The simple answer is this: field its best team. The reasons why the New York Fire Department cannot do so are complex, but when understood, indefensible — especially after September 11. Two good windows on this paradox are the HBO show "Hard Knocks," this year featuring the Jets, and "102 minutes," a fair-minded book by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn on the fight to survive within the Twin Towers. "Hard … [Read more...]

Seeing the Ground Zero Mosque as Militant Muslims Do

"So, what's the big picture?" From the blog, Talk Wisdom: Muslims Smile in our Faces While Cursing us in their Hearts Think that title is too harsh? Well...before you condemn me for posting such a title, please view this video: The Smile that is Really a Curse [GB: Video, 5/26/2010, "Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the  Ground Zero Mosque"] Everyone should watch this eye opening video. It's  … [Read more...]

Ground Zero Mosque & NY MTA Censorship of Bus Ad Protests

The latest news reaching the Gulag is, the Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) bus ads are approved, after being put off by New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  This is the report, by Pamela Geller and the contentious Marxist/Socialist - National Barrage of Collectivism (MS-NBC) and below that, the background, comprised of two entries reposted with the permission of Pamela Geller, from Atlas … [Read more...]

What Happened in the Situation Room on 9-11?

James Simpson is checking into it, this evening, here.... Update: this riveting and revealing interview of Lt. Col. Robert Darling, author of the 9/11/2001 account, 24 Hours Inside the President's Bunker, is now archived, here: … [Read more...]