Muslim Buddyhood: Mahmoud, Malik, Louis, & Barack, BFFs?

Last week New York was host to The Annual “America is an  Imperialistic, Evil, Racist, Rich, Warmongering Nation that Uses Up all the Resources of the Earth, Causing World-Wide Pollution and Poverty… and we All HATE America!!” Convention, at the UN.

Apparently, even some who thrive in uninhibited, home-grown freedom are jumping on the bandwagon and colluding with or enemies.  Take a look at this article from The Final Call:

Farrakhan speaks to the Arab World through Al Jazeera

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Sep 21, 2010 – 10:30:02 PM

Min. Farrakhan said many Islamic scholars have opted to stay away from the United States because of this harassment. Rather than becoming victims and being forced into silence, Muslims should call for an independent investigation into the events surrounding 9/11, said Minister Farrakhan. The time has come for Muslims to speak up against the voices of intolerance as demonstrated by men such as Zionist Daniel Pipes, right wing evangelist Franklin Graham and others.  Muslims should raise questions about the commonly accepted version of the events that transpired resulting in the tragic events of 9/11 which led to this iron-fisted crackdown on Muslims in America and worldwide, he said.

CHICAGO ( – The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to the Arab World in two interviews both airing on Al Jazeera.

On Sept. 10, he was interviewed by Abderrahim Foukara for the Liqaá al-Yaum (Today’s Encounter) program at The National House. Mr. Foukara, originally from Morocco, discussed a wide-range of topics with Min. Farrakhan, including the proposed Park 51 Islamic Center controversy in New York, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, President Barack H. Obama and the state of Muslims in America and the world.

In the one-hour interview, Mr. Foukara posed each question first in Arabic, and then in English, and the Minister delivered words of divine guidance to those who tuned in to watch.

“Since 9/11, Muslims in America have been the victims of FBI watching Muslims, arresting Muslims, breaking into Muslim homes,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Muslims have suffered in the airports; being stopped because of their names. Searched once, searched twice; and sometimes even if they spoke Arabic, something would come up that might even deny them a flight.”

[This article continues at TFC.]

Mr Farrakhan has the same freedom of speech and religion as the next American, even though his ideas are repugnant to most liberty loving, tolerant Citizens.  His freedom resulted, Tuesday, in his choice of a quiet dinner with a couple of his allies — allies who are very interested in shutting down liberty and even life itself, for those who disagree with their theocratic and antisemitic dogma.

A guest at the dinner, thrown for the friends of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, leaks details via The San Francisco Sentinel:

Once dinner was over and guests had been shepherded upstairs, Ahmadinejad walked in without fanfare. He appeared happy and upbeat, chatting and even posing for photos with guests as bodyguards stood at a respectful distance. Some of the guests have been to these annual gatherings before, and several times Ahmadinejad insisted that one or another of them come back to Iran for another visit soon. Later, he said he would try to make it easier for Americans to travel to Iran, but added that it is nearly impossible for Iranians to visit the U.S. and “this naturaly has an effect.”

A slight man, Ahmadinejad has a ready smile and a demeanor that shifts between generous sympathy and firm resolution, and was evidently at ease playing the host in New York. In a short speech and in conversation with his guests, he warned about nations that face a “legitimacy question” because they have not been chosen in free elections—and he wasn’t referring to Iran. Rather, he clarified, for those in doubt, his is a country where “people are not dealt with heavily when they express their views.”

In his answers, Ahmadinejad often fell back on clichés rather than address the specifics of what he was asked. He railed against the injustice or the world system, said it was clear that the U.N. Security Council “cannot rule the world,” and insisted that he was ready to meet President Obama at any time.

Ahmadinejad also asserted that Iran has no interest in acquiring nuclear weapons. “Even if they would allow it, we would not build such weapons,” he said. Asked why the International Atomic Energy Agency has found Iran out of compliance with its treaty obligations, he alternated between insisting that the charge was wrong and that the IAEA was making it at America’s behest. He repeatedly mentioned Israel’s nuclear arsenal, asking—as do many in the world—why Israel is permitted to possess such weapons while Iran is not even accorded the right to enrich uranium.

[(Ahem) the complete article can be found at TSFS.]

The third player in this meeting of the Hate America Club is the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz.

A biography at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) site reads:

Malik Zulu Shabazz, the anti-Semitic and racist leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), has sought to recast himself as a serious civil rights leader in recent years by cloaking his bigotry and intolerance in religious and civil rights principles and inserting himself in high profile, racially charged issues around the country.

Shabazz’s efforts have been supported, at times, by prominent members of the African-American community, which has provided him with a measure of status as a legitimate leader. This status is also reinforced by media accounts, which increasingly ignore his divisive record.

Shabazz’s attempts to gain acceptance and respectability are tainted, however, by his long record of racism and anti-Semitism, which he continues to embrace. That record includes promoting conspiracy theories about Jewish foreknowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks and canards that Jews control the media and were “significantly and substantially” involved in the transatlantic slave trade.

[The full article may be read at ADL.]

How do all of these odd fellows converge?  Well, they apparently form a perfect circle of quite imperfect friends, with “The One” in high places… Mr. “Fundamentally Changing America,” except he is transparently denying it all.

Now Public gives us a little memory jolt of the depth of collaboration between Messrs. Farrakhan and Obama, from an April 2nd, 2008  entry (emphasis, theirs).

Democrat presidential front-runner Barack Obama not only marched with Nation of Islam Founder Louis Farrakhan in the first Million Man March on Washington, D.C., but he helped organize the 1995 event!

The “he marched” claim was reported in a 1995 Chicago Reader article and brought back to the attention of the blogosphere March 29 by Hugh Hewitt. The new revelation, however, was unearthed today by Gateway Pundit.

Buried 13 years deep inside the archives at, the biography of Farrakhan includes this statement:

In 1995, along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on Washington. A second march, called the Millions More Movement, took place in 2005.

[Oops, not quite a million: the rest of the article may be found at NP.]

To make this exercise in Muslim Buddyhood even more intriguing, Malik Shabazz’s name appeared in the release of the White House visitor’s list (in the name of transparency) but staff said it was a “different” Malik Shabazz.  Hmmmm, I wonder why Different Malik was taken to the private residence during his visit?  Just looking for Abe Lincoln’s ghost?

Mr. Farrakhan has also visited with the “I Won” who lives in the White House.  Is there anything that these radically antisemitic, free-market blaming, Sharia Law promoting, America hating, conspiracy theory spouting radicals have to contribute to an official who  promised to unite America?  Well, they do have their own agendas so…

Let’s see what Breitbart over at Big Government has to say about the protestations.

Continuing to say you’re transparent does not mean you are transparent.

The idea that an individual named Malik Shabazz had a private meeting in the White House residence in July 2009 is highly relevant because throughout July, Congressmen Frank Wolf (R-VA) and Lamar Smith (R-TX) were beginning to ask questions about the dropped charges against the NBPP. So was the United States Commission on Civil Rights.  Here is a timeline, according to Adams:

  • July 8, Representative Frank Wolf sent a letter to Judiciary Chairman John Conyers and Ranking Member Lamar Smith demanding hearings before the House Judiciary Committee.
  • July 9, Ten members of the House sent a letter demanding the DOJ Inspector General open an investigation.
  • July 13, The Dept. of Justice replied but their letter contained factual inaccuracies about the case
  • July 17,  Smith and Wolf send a swift and pointed rebuttal
  • July 20, Low-level DOJ staffers were sent to the Hill to brief Wolf on the Panther story, but Wolf threw them out of his office claiming they weren’t being truthful to him.
  • July 22, Wolf sent another letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding answers.
  • July 24, Portia Robinson, intergovernmental liaison at DOJ, sent a letter to the Civil Rights Commission trying to deflect attention.
  • July 25, a man named Malik Shabazz visited the exclusive, private residence in the White House.

The White House has assured the American people that the Malik Shabazz that visited the White House at that time is not the same Malik Shabazz at the center of the New Black Panther story.  But, the White House has not provided any information to verify its contention or who this “other” Malik Shabazz is.

With our peas in a pod gathering for an intimate tête a tête with their best bud Mahmoud, what might be added to this timeline?  What is not in the mix?

Neda Agha-Soltan, murdered at Iranian protest, 2009, while Barack Obama refused to speak out for those who seek freedom

It seems the only thing missing in all of the above, is any role played by a woman.  Where are the women?  Here’s about main man Mahmoud and the women of Iran, from FOX News, a narrative by Phyllis Chesler:

Iranian women have been exceptionally brave and, in my view, have put most Western feminists to shame. They march even when they expect to be imprisoned, tortured, or murdered. A group of Iranian feminists once asked me whether I thought they should take to the streets on International Woman’s Day given that the government had threatened to shoot them down like dogs. I suggested that their lives might be even more precious than their principles, that surely they could work secretly to bring down their government.

They chose to march. Afterwards, they excitedly told me that “only 113 were arrested” and that they had “already located where 110 are being held.”

Yesterday, Iranian protestors were out in full force to demonstrate against Ahmadinejad at the United Nations. Soona Samsani is a supporter of exiled leader Maryam Rajavi and is someone with whom I have worked.

Samsani has just published a piece titled “Iranian Women Stand Against Misogynist Ahmadinejad.” She insists that international pressure works when it comes to human rights violations and points to the example of the delayed stoning of Sakineh Mohammedi Ashtiani. Samsani writes:

“During Ahmadinejad’s five-year tenure as the regime’s president, 1,860 people have been executed, among them 42 women, with 261 cases reportedly carried out in public. Additionally, seven have been stoned to death, among them women. Iran is also the only child executioner in the world, hanging 36 juveniles in the same period. So, it is high time for the forceful rejection of the false notion that opposition to such crimes is tantamount to warmongering. The only benefactor of this notion is the Iranian regime. What has instead become clear time and again is that when the international community actually applies pressure on the Iranian regime when it comes to human rights abuses, the regime succumbs.”

Some liberalism.  Ahmadinejad, Shabazz, Farrakhan, and Obama.

And this, as we know, is just one extension of the Friends of Barack. Oh, the circles that BHO-II and his anti-American fellow travelers form, behind the scenes.  Be afraid, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”  Be very afraid.  Our acting, Citizen of the World president doesn’t have a clue what our country is really for.  What he can grasp of America, he shows himself pulling down to the lowest levels — and let his friends fight over the spoils.

by Janet Smiles and Arlen Williams

Janet Smiles, a contributor to Gulag Bound, is an advocate of Internet and person-to-person activism, to overcome the false taboos of “avoiding faith and politics” with well-behaved and vital communication — all for the sake of love for our neighbors.

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