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Obama Seizing Control of the US Military – Potential Cataclysm Ahead

New Zeal Barack Obama has worked with pro-Moscow Marxists including Frank Marshall Davis and Alice Palmer, and pro-Cuban radicals like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, his entire life. Their number one priority has always been the destruction of the US military, the only significant block remaining, to global revolution. Now that the Davis/Palmer/Ayers/Dohrn protege has the reins of power, President Obama is … [Read more...]

The Truth About the Fiscal Cliff in Simple Terms

NoisyRoom FISCAL CLIFF, OH NOES!! Many either don’t know what the “fiscal cliff” is, or believe this problem is something that it’s not. Although America ’s economic crisis is not rocket science, the media and politicians have done a good job of keeping the truth hidden so that our focus isn’t on the real problem. After all, if we, the people, understood the real problem, we would demand that they fix … [Read more...]

Fear the Russia/China Alliance

New Zeal If Americans think of national security at all, its usually of Islamic terrorism or Iran, maybe North Korea. Few are saying this, but what they should really be fearing is the growing Russia/China alliance. From the Communist Party of China, International Department website: BEIJING, Dec. 19 -- The third meeting of the dialogue mechanism between the ruling parties of China and Russia was held … [Read more...]

When the Lights Go Out in America

NoisyRoom As America prepares to celebrate the ringing in of 2013 and the reelection of a Marxist as President, I think we should also review the EMP threat before America's lights go out. Notice, I did not say "if." It's a matter of "when." I've had many on both sides of the aisle ridicule my statements on the threats from Russia and China. Well, the despots may have the last laugh. Add to those two, Iran and … [Read more...]

“Tax The Rich” Thrown Out In Socialist France – “It’s Unfair”

NoisyRoom Will Smith Stunned At Proposed French Tax Rate After Praising Taxes France’s Socialist President, Francois Hollande, had his hat handed to him when France’s highest court revoked his 75% tax on the rich, saying that “it’s unfair.” The court took issue with the way it discriminated between households of one versus two earners. France’s budget deficit is approximately 85 billion euro and the … [Read more...]

On Modern Musketry

By: Citizen Scribe NoisyRoom Accentuated by the recent heinous events at Sandy Hook, I have lately heard an increase in the never-really-absent mantra of "ban them, ban them, ban them all," where the "them" referred to is a poorly defined item with a politically made up name which capitalizes on a semantic nuance of the poor (or at least marginal) translation of a German word, co-opted into a bogeyman term … [Read more...]

Please Make a Contribution to KeyWiki

New Zeal Our KeyWiki appeal is off to a good start, with lots of contributions and several pledges for the New Year. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. Why should you support KeyWiki? Millions of patriotic Americans voted for their own destruction in 2012, because they had no idea that their country is beset by internal enemies. A small percentage of Americans, knowingly and unknowingly, … [Read more...]

New York Tells Rapists, Thieves and Murderers Which Homes to Target

NoisyRoom If you live in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties, The Journal News gave rapists, thieves and murderers the best Christmas present they could ever hope for... a roadmap of the homes they should avoid and those which they can target without fear. The Journal News decided to aid and abet criminals by publishing the names and addresses of hundreds of law abiding citizens who have a legal … [Read more...]

John Kerry for Secretary of State? An Insult to All Those Who Served

New Zeal Leftist fellow traveler John Kerry for US Secretary of State? Any GOP Senator who doesn't fight this one tooth and nail, should be primaried out at the earliest opportunity. This is the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad from the 2004 presidential election, exposing Kerry's sell out of his fellow Vietnam vets. This clip alone should be enough to sink this disgrace to his country. … [Read more...]

The Institute for Policy Studies is Coming for Your Guns

New Zeal The far left Institute for Policy Studies, out of Washington DC, is the ideas factory for the Obama Administration. Then Illinois state senator Barack Obama himself served on the founding board of IPS' partner organization Demos. Obama's short lived and still communist "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones, served on the same board some years later. If you want to know what Obama will do tomorrow, read … [Read more...]

The Institute for Policy Studies’ “Inside-Oustside” Strategy for the Obama Administration

New Zeal In this video, made during Obama's first term, Joy Zarembka of the Institute for Policy Studies, outlines her organization's plans for influencing Obama Administration policy. Basically, IPS plans to mobilize its radical Marxist allies to pressure Obama from the streets; to use its more respectable high level radical friends to burrow into the Administration and influence policy from the … [Read more...]

Big Business & Marxist Collusion – Bourgeois Socialism

NoisyRoom The Occupy Movement, as we all know, was and is a tool of the elite. Skilled in projection and deflection, they screamed that big business was the enemy of the people and Marxism was the cure. No sane American would fall for that tripe. What the lame movement, if they had been honest, would have railed against was big business in collusion with big government. A marriage made in hell and brought to … [Read more...]

‘Catch Me Now I’m Falling,’ the Kinks on America

New Zeal Released during the Carter era, a pro-American song from iconic British band The Kinks. More appropriate now than ever. I remember, when you were down And you needed a helping hand I came to feed you But now that I need you You won't give me a second glance Now I'm calling all citizens from all over the world This is Captain America calling I bailed you out when you were down on your … [Read more...]

Rupert Murdoch Backs Obama’s Gun Grab

Accuracy in Media An honest account of media misinformation after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy has to take into account Rupert Murdoch’s tweet about the need to ban “automatic weapons,” when none was used to kill any of the 26 people. Can the chairman of News Corporation, the parent of Fox News, be this ignorant about the nature of gun laws and guns in America? He asked, “When will politicians … [Read more...]

Obama’s Media Parrot Demolished on CNN

Accuracy in Media A question from ABC’s Jake Tapper asking the President, “Where have you been” on guns and security, is getting some attention in the media. But we have the answer to that. The Obama Administration was sending guns to Mexico and failing to protect our diplomats in such places as Benghazi, Libya. The administration’s record on violence and security is a bad one. There is no doubt that Obama’s … [Read more...]

Media & Pols Stir Frenzy but Won’t Report ‘Child Find’ Law; Could Have Prevented Newtown CT Massacre

NoisyRoom By: LM & AJ In light of the recent massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, we learn today that, “The Newtown school gunman’s mother was so angry at education chiefs for failing her son, she thought ‘screw them’ and refused to stop dealing with them anymore, a relative has claimed. Nancy Lanza pleaded for better services for her disturbed son Adam, but was apparently rebuffed so many times, she took it … [Read more...]

A Challenge to All Liberals, Progressives, and RINOs, Who STILL Believe Obama is NOT a Communist

New Zeal If, after more than four years of Obamunism, you sincerely believe that the man is NOT a communist or in bed with the communists, I offer you this challenge. Click the blue link to our KeyWiki page on Barack Obama and the Communist Party. Read it right through. Then you can check out his ties to two other anti-American Marxist groups Democratic Socialists of America and the Committees of … [Read more...]

An Elderly Chicago Communist’s Eulogy to Barack Obama

New Zeal Senior Chicago Communist Party USA member Bea Lumpkin, and her late husband and comrade Frank Lumpkin were longtime supporters and a fans of Barack Obama. Obama was very close, for many years, to the far left side of Chicago politics - where the Lumpkins were major players. As a friend, supporter and campaigner for pro-communist Chicago mayor Harold Washington (1983-87), Lumpkin credits the … [Read more...]

Progressives Want Obama to Release Killer of Two FBI Agents

Accuracy in Media Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore’s website proudly features a video of MSNBC’s erratic and unstable commentator Lawrence O’Donnell referring to NRA official Wayne LaPierre as “blood-drenched” because the organization favors the Second Amendment right of self-defense. O’Donnell, one of several commentators on the channel who demonize conservative groups and individuals, was trying to somehow … [Read more...]

Dictator Obama: No More Bill of Rights–No Compromise on Demands

First and foremost, I offer my most sincere condolences to the families and loved ones mourning the loss of so many small children as well as the staff members of Newton, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook School.  The massacre of so many is, yet, another horrific act by, yet, another madman who slipped through the cracks of the liberalized US mental health system…a system which insanely allows even the violent mentally ill … [Read more...]

True The Vote Demands Access To Review St. Lucie County Poll Books In Florida’s 18th Congressional District

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Logan Churchwell HOUSTON, TX, December 19, 2012 ? True the Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, today submitted formal requests to review all voter registration records, including poll books, to St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker in the aftermath of … [Read more...]

CNN’s O’Brien Urges Obama to ‘Track’ People and Firearms

Going out in a blaze of stupid Accuracy in Media The Washington Post story, “Media figures on left and right call for new gun-control laws,” hailed Soledad O’Brien of CNN for taking a stand in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. Pretending to be an intellectual heavyweight on the subject, she declared on the channel that the problem in society is “access to semiautomatic weapons.” O’Brien’s embarrassing … [Read more...]

Surprise, Suprise! Nelson Mandela Was a High Ranking Communist!!!

New Zeal This will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone familiar with international communism or South African politics. From Alex Newman, writing in The New American: Despite decades of Nelson Mandela denying that he was an official member of the South African Communist Party (SACP) during his Soviet-backed war on the Apartheid government, evidence uncovered recently by British historian … [Read more...]

Stampeding Gun Control Through Crisis

NoisyRoom Never let a crisis go to waste - especially when it is an opportunity to abridge our Constitutional rights. This week, a sociopath went on a killing spree in Newtown, Connecticut. A 20-something-year-old whackadoo slaughtered 20 First Graders and 6 adults, before blowing his own brains out. The loss of those little angels and the heroes who died protecting them is unimaginable. But the spilled blood … [Read more...]

Living Under the Obama Hordes: Unprosecuted & Ignored Treason

Today’s “leaders” of the [former] United States of America consist of an increasingly motley crew of Agenda 21 land-grabbers, confiscators of citizens’ money, anti-Judaism/Christian and pro-Islam adherents and deviants in myriad ways who are headed up by the most perverse person to ever inhabit what was once our White House:  Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.  And the equally corrupt and collaborative members … [Read more...]

How Conservatives Defeated Progressives in Liberal California

Accuracy in Media Amy Goodman, the host of the far-left radio and TV show “Democracy Now!,” which has become “one of public broadcasting’s fastest growing programs,” thinks she knows why the progressives are winning elections. “Missed by the mainstream media, but churning at the heart of our democracy, are social movements, movements without which President Obama would not have been re-elected,” she says. What … [Read more...]

When the Left Cared About Voter Fraud

New Zeal When the left thought that they were the victims of voter fraud, they were VERY interested in the subject. In this video, filmed after the controversial 2004 elections, Democratic Socialists of America member and Democrat congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and Communist Party USA affiliates Maxine Waters and the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones get a shocking lesson on just … [Read more...]

‘Smart & Strategic About It’ Marxists & EEOC Collude to Ban ‘Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity’

New Zeal The radical gay cause is about to get a boost from President Barack Obama, engineered by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, working in collusion with Marxist activist groups. On December 6, EEOC Commissioner Chai Felblum told an audience of Tennessee Equality Project members at the Memphis Evergreen Church, that President Obama would definitely be issuing an executive order to ban … [Read more...]

Steven Crowder Challenges His Assailant: Criminal Prosecution or Boxing Match (video)

I saw this tonight on Hannity and the more I think about it, the more I like it. It might be an excellent exercise in mercy and justice. Especially for Christians, I think it could be a great lesson in treating one's unrelenting enemy as one's enemy, even while obeying Christ, by loving him. Video, "Steven Crowder Challenges Union Assailant to MMA Ring Match or Jail On Hannity"  And I am very pleased … [Read more...]