COVERAGE UPDATE: Obama-Cleared Muslim Cleric Damned Murdered SEALS in US Military Ceremony

UPDATED BELOW "Our sons were willing to give all for this republic and today we look for answers, from a government who has failed to give us answers, who has at best covered things up.... We do know that there has been a cover-up.... our congressman... was lied to...." "This government... and high ranking military officials allowed their bodies to be desecrated at the Ramp Ceremony in Bagram Airbase in … [Read more...]

SEALs Are Not Fungible, Admiral Jackass

By: Ann Barnhardt Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc. Ann Barnhardt I have waited patiently all day for one of the websites owned, manned and run by . . . JOURNALISTS to pick this up, but I have yet to see a single word. When I read this late last night I was SHAKING with fury. SURELY one of the sites dedicated to JOURNALISM would be all over this come morning. Nope. Not a word. Unbelievable. From the New … [Read more...]

Shine a Spotlight on the Chopper Crash in Afghanistan

I am not saying that a suicide bomber was definitely the cause of the explosion, but it is certainly a possibility is it not?  -  G u l a g  -  B o u n d  - "I guess we are all going slowly through the completion of our tour of duty, i.e. death.  I look at death as a new adventure with a don't sweat it attitude.  Any footprints you may have accidentally made will be washed away with the next wave.  Life is loaned … [Read more...]

Video: Slain SEAL’s Canine Compatriot Mourns at Casket

Noisy Room   Watch the latest video at <a href=""></a> Read more at Fox Insider… Gulag Notes … [Read more...]

Family of Helicopter-Ambushed SEAL Speaks Out, Needs Our Attention

The Vaughn family speaks from their hearts.  Billy Vaughn, father of the slain SEAL Aaron Vaughn spoke out as a true patriot. There are wolves out there and Aaron explained it to me.  And you know it's really strange Matt, that ninety some odd days ago SEAL Team Six had a big victory and possibly sheep in high places said things that made many of us very uncomfortable. And now, some ninety some odd days later, SEAL … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murders of SEAL Team Six

a call to action NoisyRoom by: AJ of & Arlen Williams contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton & Ann Barnhardt Follow-up to "Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House – Vetting Obama" An investigation of President Obama and his administration must commence immediately. Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, author and self-described Liberal Democrat Marxist Muslim who … [Read more...]

Video: Call Congress, Demand the White House be Investigated for Special Forces Shoot-Down

Tom Trento of United West, Uniting the West to Defeat Sharia Islam SEAL Team 6 – Investigate the White House   Why did the White House announce details about a secret operation? Why would the U.S. Government tell the enemy that they killed members of SEAL TEAM 6? What American strategic or tactical value was served by informing the enemy of their victory? Why didn’t the White House deny or … [Read more...]