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Obama and the Communists: How They Censored Their Own Website to Protect the President

New Zeal The Communist Party USA is very protective of its long time friend and ally Barack Obama. There is no doubt that Obama's relationship with the Party is long and deep. In fact it goes back before Obama was even born. As a boy, Obama was mentored for many years by Hawaiian based communist Frank Marshall Davis. When he was active with the Chicago Communist Party in the 1940s, Frank Marshall Davis … [Read more...]

Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: America More Vulnerable to Low Altitude Attack

New Zeal By David Bellow of Texas GOP Vote Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013 On January 17th, 2013, Exelis Systems Corporation sent out an email (see email below) to all of its employees informing them that on March 15th, 2013 all TARS Air Defense Mission Operations will permanently cease. These TARS Air Defense sites were under the control … [Read more...]

Al Gore and Eugenics

NoisyRoom “I think, first of all, scientists now know that there is, in human nature, a divide between what we sometimes call ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives,’” Gore told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “And it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future, experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to … [Read more...]

The Charm of Slavery: Amnesty

By: Toddy Littman   When the peasant worked his land for a Noble who would take the crop according to a charter issued by the Crown of his nation, to then hand back a small portion of it so the farmer peasant could survive to repeat this again, you see the true meaning of this generosity: to perpetuate the station of each in the scheme of things. And in further diminution of the peasant, the Noble makes … [Read more...]

It’s High Noon: We The People vs Obama

NoisyRoom By: Lloyd Marcus Dear Brother and Sister Patriots, With so many folks seeming to water down their full-bodied Conservative values into Liberal-Lite - sadly seeking to get along with Obama and win over his low-info-voters, I feel a little like Gary Cooper in the movie western, "High Noon." As sheriff, Cooper unsuccessfully sought help to tackle bad guys scheduled to arrive on the noon train. … [Read more...]

Gun Laws Didn’t Stop Pothead Killer

Accuracy in Media The liberals continue to pretend that “gun control” laws will stop “gun violence,” even while providing the fuel, in the form of potent marijuana, which can spark violence and murder. A case in point is a Florida teenage gunman, Benjamin Bishop, the subject of a Tampa Bay Times article about how he became a zombie killer through the use of pot that caused him to fear “ghosts” speaking foreign … [Read more...]

The Gun Ban Lobby and its Funders

Since 2008, when James Simpson pulled the curtain back, to expose the Cloward-Piven sabotage behind "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis," we have closely followed his revelations.  Please see and pass along these key facts and connected dots of the network behind gun control - and always "follow the money." - AW ------------- By: James Simpson, Foundation Watch, February 2013 (PDF here) Capital … [Read more...]

Obama Pushing American People Closer to Armed Resistance

Each and every day now Obama and his syndicate government are pushing harder and harder for the removal of all of our liberties, in order to place us into slavery and create a permanent police state.  Even the most dense on the far Left are now aware--some only vaguely--that things are not as they should be.  However, the further Left one goes, the more perverse and unstable one becomes.  Luciferianism--Marxist, … [Read more...]

Stop Al Jazeera’s ‘Blood Money’ Deal with Al Gore for Current TV!

New Zeal Must see. Should an enemy propaganda station be allowed to broadcast into millions of American homes. Cliff Kincaid, of America's Survival says no. … [Read more...]

Left, Center, or Right, Where is the Justice?

Posted anonymously I was reading multiple recounts of the entire abortion movement being based on "fake" cases (and lies told about plaintiff's real case).  One article mentioned that 55 million beating hearts were snuffed out and the freest country in the world, that was supposed to provide hope and possibility to all, couldn't even do so to the most innocent in the wombs of it's mothers.  Where is the justice … [Read more...]

The Gathering Red Storm

NoisyRoom It's difficult to not look at world events these days and feel as though we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Things are heating up even more and the clock is now at about 30 seconds to midnight. One wonders where all this will lead... Well, if the current course is kept, straight into hell, probably. That is by design and has been planned on for a very long time. From Trevor Loudon: If it … [Read more...]

Nullification Deniers! This Is What James Madison Really Said

NoisyRoom By: Publius Huldah This is The Age of Ignorance. Our “intellectuals” can’t think. Our “scholars” parrot each other. The self-educated fixate on idiotic theories. Our People despise Truth and disseminate lies. Nullification deniers such as Matthew Spalding of Heritage Foundation, Jarrett Stepman of Human Events, law professor Randy Barnett, David Barton of Wallbuilders, and history professor … [Read more...]

A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Based at The New York Times

Accuracy in Media The Obama Administration is facilitating the activities of foreign jihadists and al Qaeda throughout the Middle East, while claiming that it is fighting al Qaeda and that the organization has been “decimated.” This monumental deception is being carried out not only by the administration but its supporters. It is a crime that has cost four American lives in Benghazi and three in the kidnapping … [Read more...]

Progressive Congressmen Gather to Plot Agenda: Alinsky Invoked

New Zeal A major focus of this blog is to expose how radical and Marxist groups have huge influence on Democratic Party policy. One key transmission belt for socialist policy, from the Marxist left, to the floor of the US Congress, is Progressive Democrats of America - a tool of the notorious Institute for Policy Studies and the US' largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America. Tim … [Read more...]

Colonel Gordon Batcheller on ‘Women in Combat’

New Zeal This is excellent. From the conservative Catholics of Tradition, Family and Property: During the 1968 Tet Offensive, then Captain Gordon Batcheller earned the Navy Cross when his unit, Company A, 1st Battalion Marines, engaged a numerically superior force of the North Vietnamese Army. Although injured by shrapnel, he aggressively led his men in a fierce assault against the enemy and was … [Read more...]

Obama to Top Brass: ‘Will You Fire on American Citizens?’

New Zeal   This is credible in my opinion. It should go viral.   Thanks to Shona. Gulag Note: This follows the report from a few short years ago, of National Guard being asked this question. We need to collate all the reports and sift through them as we go. … [Read more...]

Support KeyWiki: How You can Help Expose America’s Enemies Within

New Zeal Established in 2009, our sister website, KeyWiki, has grown into one of the most extensive databases detailing left wing groups and individuals within the US. KeyWiki has received more than 24,000,000 page views so far. Thousands of our pages, including those for Congress members such as Danny K Davis, Barbara Lee, John Conyers and Jan Schakowsky are very highly ranked on Google. Many of our pages, … [Read more...]

Agenda: Grinding America Down – Countering Gary North’s Criticisms, Part 1

New Zeal I've always respected Gary North, as an economist, historian, writer and a man of integrity. He's right up there as a prominent Christian intellectual. His opinions carry a lot of weight with a lot of people. Unfortunately, Mr. North doesn't know very much about modern communism - the great threat of our time. Worse, he thinks he does. Worse still, he is willing to publicly criticize those who … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Tim Yeager

KeyWiki Chicago based activist, Tim Yeager, serves as Chairperson of the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA, the body charged with organizing the Party's work and propaganda, inside the country's religious communities. Other members of the Party's Religious Commission include Northern California Catholic activist Hank Millstein, Chicago educationalist Pat Flagg and former Baltimore hospital … [Read more...]

Did Michelle Obama go for the Militant Jane Fonda Look?

The resemblance struck me over and over again this very long weekend. I don't want to take much time for it, so I won't, but I'll share my impression of a resemblance between two... pretty ladies at... special times in their lives. Michelle Obama on inauguration weekend 2013, a special time: Iconic, or just ironic? Jane Fonda, circa November 1970, at a special time which happened to be about the time she … [Read more...]

The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion In the wake of President Obama’s liberal Progressive second Inaugural speech, it is time for another look at greater underlying agendas and perhaps a time to remember that Progressivism = Socialism = Fascism = Marxism = Communism. Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear, “Communism is dead! The Berlin wall came down, the USSR is gone, China is our trading partner, the cold war is over...” … [Read more...]

Forty Years of Murder in the Womb

Forty years of Roe/Doe and millions and millions of government condoned murders in the womb, bought in part by your money and mine, confiscated by the taxes of tyranny. In the Bible and ancient traditions, forty is the number signifying suffering unto death. People who were scourged were whipped thirty-nine times. Now, it is forty. Video, "Reclaiming the Human Center of the Abortion Debate," SBA … [Read more...]

Surprize!!! Top Communist Backs Obama ‘Gun Grab’ Plan

New Zeal A national leader of the Communist Party USA has come out in favor of Party "friend" President Barack Obama's proposed gun restrictions. In a current People's World website article Fight to end gun violence is key to defending democracy, Ohio Party leader, and Communist Party national board member Rick Nagin, openly calls for the trashing of the Second Amendment, in favor of the "fundamental … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Quiz, 10 Questions

Here is a quiz about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., drawn up on our national holiday honoring our critically important leader in our so recent history. Granted, these questions do not tend to focus upon his crowning earthly achievements, in leading the movement for Americans of African descent, for their natural rights to be fully respected. Rather, these address facts that it seems may be at risk of being swept … [Read more...]

There’s No Truth In The News and No News In The Truth

NoisyRoom The Americans on FX As Trevor Loudon and I have discussed numerous times, the Cold War never went away... it merely shifted. Communists never went away either - they are plentiful and infiltrated throughout our government and institutions. With the election of an avowed Marxist, they are emboldened and have whet their appetite for the downfall of a once great nation and the rise of a monolithic … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Kyrsten Sinema

KeyWiki Kyrsten Sinema is the recently elected Representative for Arizona's newly created congressional District 9. While portraying herself as a modern liberal Democrat, Sinema's background is actually with the extreme Left. Sinema has had past close ties to the Arizona Communist Party, one of the most vigorous remaining branches of the Communist Party USA. In the early 2000s, before her Arizona … [Read more...]

Cutter Promises Obama’s Campaign Cockroach Corps vs. 2nd Amendment

The Obamunists are counting on their network of apparatchiks, collectivist dupes, government dependents, and, well... minority racists, once again. At, by Leah Barkoukis; it's short so we'll show the whole thing, but ask you to click over there anyway: Cutter: We Will Activate the Campaign Network to Take on the NRA We haven’t seen much of Stephanie Cutter since the election but she recently … [Read more...]

Al Jazeera Still Promoting “Gun Violence” and Terrorism

Accuracy in Media A major Islamist terrorist threat has emerged in Africa, and Al Jazeera is right in the middle of it, as usual. President Obama is largely AWOL, so the left-wing, socialist president of France has taken the lead and is committing military forces to stopping the threat. Playing a familiar role, Al Jazeera has been airing sympathetic coverage about the Muslim terrorists and running … [Read more...]