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Rep. Adam Schiff Demands Vaccine Censorship

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival With his Russia-gate conspiracy theory debunked, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has turned his attention to demanding that Google, Facebook, and Amazon stop carrying certain educational vaccine-related materials. People are now even being banned from “public places” for refusing vaccinations. Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center … [Read more...]

SCS Webinar #2 – The Enemies Within the Catholic Church

SCS Webinar #2 – The Enemies Within the Catholic Church Review Webinar #2 with Liz Yore, Frank Walter, Cliff Kincaid The Remnant Army Within the Catholic Church Exposes Rampant Sexual Perversion [Sex with Children by Gay Mafia Clergy]Marxist Leaders [Red] Who … [Read more...]

CENSORED! Eco-Fascism, Nazi Ecology, and our Green Future

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival Why are the Big Tech companies censoring the facts about the evil guiding the New Zealand mosque shooter? In this dramatic presentation, Mark Musser, the author of “Nazi Ecology,” explains how eco-fascism and devotion to the Communist Chinese model of social development motivated the mass murderer, and how the “Green New Fascist Deal” is a modern example of … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Claire Tran

SHARES Claire Tran Claire Tran serves on the National Executive Committee of America’s largest pro-China communist party Freedom Road Socialist Organization. She is a playwright, songwriter, poet, actress, and former youth organizer in the Bay Area and is now a member of Asians for Black Lives, LeftRootsand Wisconsin Peace & Justice … [Read more...]

Race Relations: if Democrats Would Get Out of Our Way

By: Lloyd Marcus To keep blacks feeling like victims in a forever racist America, Democrats keep the flames of racial division burning. Blacks are only 12% of the population. This means white voters gifted the first black president two terms. Despicably, Democrats continue to tell blacks, “Keep voting for us to keep racist white America off your backs.” Contrary to the Democrats’ lie, we have come a long way … [Read more...]

Senior Democrat Who Compared Trump to Hitler Formerly Collaborated with Fidel Castro

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times U.S. House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) walks to the House chamber for a vote on February 26, 2019, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Alex Wong/Getty Images Highly influential Democrat and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) compared the Trump administration to the rise of Nazism in Germany earlier this month. Clyburn told NBC News that … [Read more...]

Border Patrol Collapsing and 20,000 Caravan Forming Now

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Yes and that newest caravan is in Honduras now and it is estimated to be 20,000 strong. Caravans get larger as they move north. The Border Patrol has sounded the alarm and so has DHS. Anyone left in Honduras? By the way, the United States via all government agencies gave Honduras $180,977,214 in foreign aid in 2017. The money is designated for local … [Read more...]

Trump’s EO on Electromagnetic Pulses

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code If government agencies are working this mission, shouldn’t Congress take up some measures too? Given this Executive Order, consider what motivated this action and consider all the measures you yourself should take. Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the … [Read more...]

Maduro Gets Russian Military Backup

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Russian military contingent that arrived in Venezuela over the weekend, drawing U.S. condemnation, is believed by the U.S. government to be made up of special forces including “cybersecurity personnel,” a U.S. official told Reuters on Tuesday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States was still assessing the … [Read more...]

Qatar Operations All Over the United States

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Back in 2014, I wrote about Qatar, sounding the alarm due to the very close relationship between Hamad bin Thamer al Thani and Barack Obama. In fact, when Obama showed up to West Point for a speech and graduation, the son of al Thani was in that graduating class. Wut you say? I wrote again about Qatar in 2017, funding Hamas in Gaza. A few months … [Read more...]

Brenton Tarrant: Is the Christchurch Mosque Shooter a ‘National Bolshevik’?

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times The National Bolshevik symbol used in Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto (left) and on the National Bolshevik Party website (right). The man who brutally murdered 50 worshipers in two mosques in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, is almost certainly an ideological “National Bolshevik.” Countless media stories have labeled the killer as “far-right,” an inaccurate … [Read more...]

The Democratic Presidential Contenders’ Demeaning View of Americans

By: Lloyd Marcus When Democrat senator Kamala Harris announced her run for the presidency, she vowed to be a “tireless advocate of men and women who lack power and wealth.” But Sen. Harris and her fellow Democrats are obsessed with removing power from We the People. Removing parents’ power to raise their children, Democrats implemented mandatory LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools. Parents … [Read more...]

Hillary’s Hybrid Warfare

By: Denise Simon | Political Vanguard You have to wonder if Obama is walking with Hillary in the woods pondering another chapter of ‘What Happened’. While we wait along with Congress, under this transparency thing for the full or semi-full disclosure of the Robert Mueller investigation report, we have countless other items that we have already learned that cannot be overlooked. While we are told the … [Read more...]

Communists and Race

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times Police officers face off with protesters in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 21, 2016. Sean Rayford/Getty Images Communists long ago realized that it’s difficult to achieve the social disintegration needed to ready a country for communist revolution by promoting class division alone. Class is amorphous; it can change within a generation. In a free society, an … [Read more...]

Green is the New Red

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times Environmentalists hold a protest march in the U.S. Capitol in Washington on April 29, 2017. Astrid Riecken/Getty Images In the 1970s, a friend of mine, “Mike,” was an avid striped bass fisherman on the New Hampshire coast. He was drawn into a local environmental group, the Clamshell Alliance, after being told that warm water from local nuclear power plants would harm the … [Read more...]

Socialists Plan to ‘Pack’ Supreme Court

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times The Supreme Court Building is seen on in Washington on Dec. 24, 2018. (Eric Baradat/AFP/Getty Images) Socialists are plotting to “pack” the U.S. Supreme Court, with a goal to destroy the first non-leftist majority for 70 years. Currently, the U.S. Supreme Court consists of four leftist justices, three constitutionalists, and two right-leaning moderates. … [Read more...]

Nike Called SDNY About Michael Avenatti

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) And then for subsequent calls by Avenatti to Nike where yelling and more threats continued, the FBI was listening. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles said Avenatti was arrested Monday in New York. Now, will he be disbarred and will CNN be somewhat embarrassed for hiring a CPL….Creepy Porn Lawyer? NEW YORK … [Read more...]

The Fatal Flaw of Socialized Healthcare

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times Healthcare reform supporters protest at a “Big Insurance: Sick of It” rally in New York City on Sept. 22, 2009. (Mario Tama/Getty Images) Whether one refers to it as “Medicare for All,” “single-payer healthcare,” or “socialized medicine,” government-controlled healthcare has one impossible-to-overcome and literally fatal flaw. It can be summed up in one phrase: … [Read more...]

SCS Webinar – The Enemies Within the Catholic Church

THE ENEMIES WITHIN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH WEBINAR #2 of 4 – TUESDAY MARCH 26TH 7 PM EDT Catholic child abuse attorney Liz Yore hostsfellow Catholics Cliff Kincaid and Frank Walkeras they address the Threat of Marxist leadership within the Church, with a special emphasis on Pope Francis,his Anti-Trump Pro-Islam agenda, as well as the child abuse and gay priest … [Read more...]

How Long Will Media Use SPLC’s Garbage Hate List to Smear People?

By: James Simpson | The Federalist Now about 60 organizations have either sued or are considered suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for its fraudulent smears. It’s about time. Like other mainstream publications, Roll Call regularly stoops to citing the thoroughly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center as a credible source for labeling “hate” groups. One recent such article was titled … [Read more...]

Lindh, US Taliban Fighter Prisoner 001 To Be Released

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Lots to know about this U.S. citizen turned terrorist, that fought with the Taliban. In 2001, directly after the United States went into Afghanistan, there was a nasty ground fight where the first US casualty happened. The man killed was Mike Spann, a CIA agent, and former Marine Captain. In an area known as Mazar i Sharif, several hundred Taliban prisoners were … [Read more...]

DIA: Ron Rockwell Hansen, Pleads Guilty

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code We can’t know the extent of insider threats. The matter of China infecting our intelligence agencies and paying for spying continues. Frankly, as compared to Jonathan Pollard, 180 months in prison for Hansen is hardly enough. Pollard was released after 30 years but remains on house detention. Pollard aided a steadfast ally, Israel… China is hardly a friendly country to … [Read more...]

Marines Prepare For Exercise Pacific Blitz

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code The Marine Corps’ top general on the west coast is readying his Marines for the next big war against a near-peer competitor, and one of his main concerns is figuring out how to alter the mindset of troops that have been fighting insurgencies since 9/11. “If anything my problem is getting people out of the mindset of [counterterrorism] and making sure they’re thinking about … [Read more...]

GPS Attack On NATO Exercise Came From Russia

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Norway has stunned the international community by presenting “proof” Russia was behind a sophisticated GPS attack during war games. War games are supposed to test a military’s ability to deal with the unexpected. But NATO got more than it anticipated last year when its warships’ navigation systems started acting up. There was no way they could be where their … [Read more...]

U.S. To Base Rockets/Satellite Launches In Brazil

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code A few months ago, Vice President Pence traveled to Latin America with a specific visit to Brazil to discuss the location of a U.S. military base in Brazil. President Bolsonaro has waffled somewhat on this possibility, however, it is advancing. The mission for both the United States and Brazil is to counter China and Russia’s military influence in Latin America. Truth be … [Read more...]

5 Words Conservatives Should Never Use, Starting With Conservative

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times Shadows are reflected on an American Flag as people line up to speak with Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on Feb. 11, 2016, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Words are weapons. In the “culture war,” words are the most powerful weapon. Control of words is how revolutionaries get us to think a certain way—the way they … [Read more...]

America Deserves Much Beto Than O’Rourke

By: Lloyd Marcus Watching Beto O’Rourke announce his candidacy for president, I had snake oil salesmen come to mind.  Everything about this guy is fake, which makes him a perfect candidate for fake news media to celebrate. My wife Mary and I spent several weeks in Texas campaigning for Ted Cruz, fighting to stop O’Rourke from stealing Cruz’s Senate seat.  It was incredible watching … [Read more...]

US Media Compares To Joseph Goebbels’ Operations

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Ah yes… Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda for Nazi, Germany from 1933 to 1945. His job was to only present favorable stories for a positive image of the regime and to spread hatred of the Jews. He used radio, literature, music, textbooks, printed posters/newspapers and theater to display the propaganda. He too was responsible for burning books… beginning to sound … [Read more...]

Where Did Some Of Venezuela’s Gold Show Up?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code Uganda? Remember that Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, is a virtual puppet of Cuba. Going back years, during the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, Chavez hosted President Yoweri Museveni, then president of Uganda. Cuba was known over the years to give scholarships to Ugandans. The relationship is long and deep. Then as recently as February of 2019, the … [Read more...]

Facing Hard Truths: Are You Unwittingly Funding The Leftist Takeover Of America?

By: Leo Hohmann Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at opening session of the 116th Congress. Photo credit: SHAWN THEW/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock One week ago, I posted a speech I gave to a group of Georgia Republicans on “Knowing Your Enemy: The Red-Green Axis of Evil shows its Face in Washington.” The response has been overwhelming. As a result, I am going to offer a special opportunity to learn … [Read more...]