Caliphate, ‘New World Order’ & Overriding, Inescapable, Eternal Truth

57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) the nation in South America is Venezuela. Green = Members. Red = Observer. Blue = Blocked. Graphic from Wikipedia.

You might want to start reviewing your Ezekiel 38.

From Big Peace and Ben Barrack

The New (Islamic) World Order

Feb 8th 2011 at 1:11 pm


Barack Obama’s stance on Egypt indicates that he would accept the replacement of that country’s secular government with an Islamic one. Such a premise may be disturbing but it is nonetheless trumped by the administration’s actions in the days since, which include reaching out to Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an who is also siding with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Engaging Turkey in this matter is a grave move, especially when one looks at the goal of the Brotherhood – or Ikhwan – in conjunction with the rising Islamist government in Turkey. The sole purpose of the Brotherhood is to reestablish the Turkish Ottoman empire. Such an empire would rule over all current Islamic nation states; it’s a New World Order mentality that shares much in common with the left, which is increasingly playing with a fire it does not understand.

Regardless of how the uprising in Egypt plays out – and there are signs that Mubarak isn’t finished – Obama has played his hand. Whether he chose the Muslim Brotherhood based on a shared ideology, admiration for the community organizing skills of the protesters, or political gamesmanship in his quest to pick winners and losers is immaterial. He has demonstrated support for a dangerous future in the Middle East.

This administration’s envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) – a group of 57 Islamic nation states – is a man named Rashad Hussain, who has ties to Muslim Brotherhood groups, including the Muslim Students Association (MSA), the Assoiciation of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS), and others. Based on Hussain’s provable familiarity with the Brotherhood, he must necessarily be aware of its larger goal at best, deceptively active in working toward that goal at worst.


Some students of Biblical prophecy believe the Rosh, Tubal, Gog, and Magog of Ezekiel 38 essentially to refer to Turkey; others say its “far north” refers to Russia and associate that with the ancient, “Rosh.”  Perhaps, eventually, they may both be right; God knows.  (Persia is essentially Iran and Egypt is… Egypt.)

We would humbly remind that yes, while there is always a spiritual force seeking to unite the world in rebellion against the one true God, the inexorably greater plan and its timing are His.

And by the way, “one true God” means among other aspects, having integrity — including the integrity to have only one “only begotten Son,” who would be lovingly clear to us.  And because He wants us to know Him for who He is, He presented only one perfectly clear way of reconciliation, to all the fallen denizens of this fallen world.  Thank God that He is not two-faced (nor hydra headed).

For Christians, among our responsibilities in the mean time, is to promote the truth, and both the freedom and opportunity to express it, while exposing the lies and deeds of darkness— as real light does.

Then as salt, we will have been found to preserve the world until the Great Commission is fulfilled.

Awake and aware?

It has been said that, “All truth is God’s truth.”  Let us work hard at carrying and telling the truth, for a massive awakening.

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