Gulag Labors, this Labor Day’s Night (temporary but critical)

Song for a Labor Day's night in the Gulag, I hope this song was about a married couple....There's some levity. Now, for the heavy stuff. I'm going to post this in bits over the next few hours, for numerous reasons, mostly to just get it done. So, this will keep growing. Then, when I'm roughly satisfied with it, I will make some permanent entries out of it, hopefully for back to school, back to work Tuesday. We all … [Read more...]

Listen to Steven Andrews! (& me) with Rick Wiles of

Update - Christians and Seeker alike,  be sure to listen to the second half-hour.  Rick's conversation with Steven Andrews is of utmost importance to the United States, our freedom and livelihoods.  It is archived for you, but it is certainly up-to-the-moment. -  G u l a g  -  B o u n d  - (8/15 6:27pm CT)  Rick Wiles does a top flight job of putting out the truth in World and American affairs, over the World … [Read more...]

Corruption & Death in TN – Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallu

TONIGHT ON FAN THE FIRE with CJ and TALLU: Writer JB Williams and Sgt. of Marines, Tim Harrington, who are working closely with attorney Steven Pidgeon, will rejoin CJ and Tallu on Patriot's Heart Media Network. During last week's show, we learned how citizens can get involved, at the local level, through the local precincts and election committees. If possible, attorney Stephen Pidgeon will join Tim and JB to … [Read more...]