Allah in the Classroom — the ABC’s of Forced Conversion Our children are our world as parents. They are the future of our nation. Most of us would gladly sacrifice all we have and our lives for our little ones. So, why do we so readily hand their learning and their care over to those that would abuse them and trick them into being part of the greatest evil the world has ever known? It figures that the young, innocent ones would be a prime target for … [Read more...]

Untited States’ Sabotage at Highest Level(s) of Government; Got 10 Minutes?

  Gadi Adelman is an internationally recognized anti-terrorism expert who was born in the USA and grew up in Israel. In 1981, Gadi returned to the US and began warning law enforcement and government agencies about the "jihad" coming to US shores. They actually laughed at him. Today... with the exception of Obama and his minions... no one is laughing anymore.   "The Washington Terrorist Love … [Read more...]

Benghazi & Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR Connections on Uncommon Knowledge 8pm ET

Link for Listening to the Program Uncommon Knowledge is hosted by national security research analyst and Gulag Bound contributor, Denise Simon and blogger, Bobbi of Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South. Their guest tonight, 8pm ET, is David Gaubatz, who brings revelatory news of Barack Obama's involvements with Islamist terrorist connected CAIR, during his 2008 election bid. What do Barack Hussein Obama's … [Read more...]

Libertarian Party Supports Islamic Terrorists On June 10, 2012, The Texas Libertarian Convention hosted a speaker, Mustafaa Carroll, the Executive Director of the Houston Texas Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR. He was to speak on Profiling in America. It seems that the Libertarian Party is a mixture of people similar to any political party in America. The members are usually decent and reasonable people. … [Read more...]

Score 1 for Fox News today, -1 for Texas Libertarians Cohabitating with Obama’s CAIR

Two items "just in, over the wire..." Together, they show why people who believe in American principles shake their head, when they see anti-Zionists mouthing off against that tiny nation returned to its homeland in God's history and providence, after all these years. The ongoing atrocities fed and led by Rothschilds and friends are thoroughly beside the point. I. One is from our Janet Smiles, forwarding … [Read more...]

Bare Naked Islam Website Removed by WordPress – Cause: CAIR

Maggie's Notebook Bare Naked Islam Down – CAIR Casualty There are few details at this time but the hard-hitting and informative Bare Naked Islam has been removed from its prior website by according to the following (as you read, remember that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the fraudulent Holyland Foundation case): To: NATIONAL AND RELIGION EDITORS Blog contained threats of violence … [Read more...]

NY Post & Atlas Shrugs Finger Criminal Terrorist Supporter Behind Ground Zero Mosque

And of course, it is related to Muslim Brotherhood, members thereof, intrinsically involved within the Obama administration.  See "Muslim Brotherhood Deeply Involved in Our White House." We let Pamela Geller relate further: INSURER: GROUND ZERO MOSQUE MONEY MAN ROBBED US BLIND The NY Post is reporting the money man behind the Ground Zerro mosque grifter, Sharif El-Gamal, Hisham Elzanaty. Atlas readers … [Read more...]

Al-Jazeera’s Agenda in Libya and its American Apologists

Cliff Kincaid continues to expose Al-Jazeera at Accuracy in Media; this, his latest. Having encouraged a revolution in Libya, Al-Jazeera is now critical of President Obama’s U.N.-backed effort to protect the people being slaughtered by dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The channel is running a piece by Phyllis Bennis of the far-left Institute for Policy Studies arguing that the Western air and naval strikes on the … [Read more...]

Obama Goons Coming out Full-Force to Overturn 2010 Elections

Every day it is more and more obvious that the now fully Marxist/Leninist Democrat Party USA will never accept election results unless their members win.  Irrespective of the state of our nation, they are bound and determined to carry on their theft of our goods as their corrupt Unions continue to demand that taxpayers--who earn far less on average than do they--foot the bill for their grotesquely expansive … [Read more...]

Juan Williams & the Unspoken Issues of the Dominant Forces in Muslim Politics

Juan Williams is fired from NPR and talking heads spin. The same talking points over and over. I keep watching in hope that some light will be shed on issues important to the electorate. Many points are being left out of this conversation. When this story first broke, I saw a letter from CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] to NPR demanding they take action against Juan Williams. This is no longer a … [Read more...]