Who’s a Prog? Refuting Glenn Beck on Newt Gingrich, Part 1

PUT   THE   CHALK   DOWN We feature a series of posts for the People, by PolitiJim, of PolitJim.com - circumspect historical analysis beating knee-jerk reaction, hyperbole, and hysteria. This is the first, written while Beck was effectively "softening the terrain" just before the massive Romney SuperPAC assaults upon Gingrich's name in Iowa and Florida. The second is "Roosevelt Ruse; Refuting Glenn Beck on … [Read more...]

MSNBC’s Usual Suspects and Plans for the Democrats to go ‘Nasty’

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media There are so many scurrilous, condescending and false charges on MSNBC on any given day, that it is tough to catalog all of them. The NBC brand, which used to have much higher standards, is being damaged on a daily basis by its cable news division. A few items from MSNBC’s Florida primary analysis demand retractions and corrections, which will likely never come. They don’t … [Read more...]

PBS’ Moyers Says Saul Alinsky ‘a Good American’

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: BB Bill Moyers Essay: Newt's Obesession with Saul Alinsky from BillMoyers.com on Vimeo.  Breitbart.tv: Bill Moyers used his Friday night PBS show to defend community organizing icon Saul Alinsky from Newt Gingrich’s recent attacks. Alinsky's 1971 book "Rules for Radicals," which was dedicated to Lucifer, popularized many organizing tactics. Moyers quipped “Maybe that’s why Newt … [Read more...]

Gingrich Takes the Lead vs. Soros, Banksters, Obama & Romney

In Newt Gingrich's post Nevada caucus press conference, last Saturday night, the speaker took the lead in defending America against the soft warfare waged against us by the global, neo-Marxist / crony-capitalist / bankster complex, yes including their point men, George Soros and Barack Obama. Now, however, it is being made clear, their GOP point man on the other side of the coin from Obama, is Mitt … [Read more...]

New Gingrich Ad Shows Romney Getting George Soros’ Nod

The latest in Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney (and George Soros): Newt Gingrich video, "I'm George Soros And I Approve This Candidate" Video brought to the Gulag by Tallulah Starr Posted prior in Gulag Bound, "Newt Gingrich: Soros is Right, I am the Real Threat," January 31 Video, "George Soros says Romney and Obama are the same - Newt Gingrich" uploaded January 30, 2012  The above … [Read more...]

Documented: Gingrich Really Did Save the Reagan Revolution

From the fine forum at RedState.com (a name that may always cause me to cringe, I confess) posted in its entirety with an invitation to go see it: Oh MY!! Gingrich Really Did Save Reagan Revolution! Posted by quill67 Tuesday, January 31st at 5:58PM EST 2 Comments Recommenders: finallyhadenuff, Finrod, clowngirl, andystone, Black River Wolf Brian Domitrovic author of econoclasts who claims to … [Read more...]

Arise South & Midwest! Defeat Romney’s Sleaze Machine or GOP Ends

Video, "Do You Hear The People Sing - with lyrics" Last night I came upon the video shown below and suggest it may be appreciated like starting a favorite musical recording and then sitting or laying back and letting it flow, therapeutic and rejuvenating. Then,  reading the article that accompanies it, one hears the clear call of the horn, to battle. Meet Scott Ryan, a veteran Republican organizer and a man of … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich: Soros is Right, I am the Real Threat, not Romney

Video, "George Soros says Romney and Obama are the same - Newt Gingrich" uploaded January 30, 2012  The above follows "George Soros: 'Isn't... much Difference,' Romney vs. Obama,"  reshown here: January 28, 2012 George Soros: "If it's between Obama and Romney there isn't all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them." Video, "There isn't a bit of Difference … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney: Comparing Conservative ‘Products of Work’

By PolitiJim Reprinted with special permission from PolitiJim's Rants It is terrible that conservatives are out there distorting the records of each candidate.  Or worse passing along wrong information without checking facts.  All of them have qualifications and disqualifications.  But can we get away from what they say they will do and compare what they actually did when they were afforded governing power? I … [Read more...]

Drudge Report Slams Gingrich for Romney; Censored Ads on Obama’s Communist Mentor

American Survival “Conservative” Drudge Also Censored Ads about Obama’s Communist Mentor (see below) The Drudge Distort Matt Barber* 1/27/2012 You're being manipulated. A well-respected, highly influential news source has cast aside all journalistic integrity to shill for the liberal, GOP-establishment candidate in this presidential race. The New York Times, you say? MSNBC? The Washington Post? No. … [Read more...]

Coincidences: Obama’s 2004 Marriage Scandal Campaign & the Attack on Gingrich (& Palin)

Frank Salvato compared the character assassination campaign of Barack Obama for U.S. Senate, run roughshod by David Axelrod, with last week's pre-primary attack on Newt Gingrich, via ABC News. I lived through that hideous Obama/media campaign in Illinois and it does resemble the tactics and timing used upon Gingrich, just before the South Carolina Primary. In Emerging Corruption: An ‘Axelrod-esque’ Moment … [Read more...]

Promote Newt Gingrich? Let us Press Him

Newt Gingrich appears headed for a victory in the South Carolina GOP Primary. If that is the case as expected, he is strongly positioned to compete with big bankster, neocon, globalist backed Mitt Romney, in Florida. However, what do we really know, what can we truly trust about Speaker Gingrich? Is he the old semi-progressive player he has been, or is he repentant and reformed? Has he found his way out of the … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich Now! I Won’t Vote for Romney in November – Updated

There is much more information to gather and more articles to write. But is it doing any good, really - I mean in the here and now - for this 2012 election cycle? I am sitting back watching duped Republican voters continue to answer telephone polls saying they support an enemy of America, Mitt Romney, for whom I would not vote were he nominated. I will not side with a Quisling to globally collectivist governance … [Read more...]

GOP Presidential Candidates on Agenda 21 ‘Sustainable Development’

Will 2012 be the year America succumbs to global neo-Marxism? The Ground War in Your Neighborhood - Where do they Stand? Even those who believe themselves devoted patriots (including devout Christians) may foolishly be enticed by the powers that be, into violating Americans' sacred and essential Popular and national Sovereignties. It has been happening for a long time, now. People who believe in a Sovereign … [Read more...]

It’s Character not Capitalism: Gingrich on Romney’s Bain Capital, to Hannity

Audio of today's Hannity radio program: Video: "On Bain Capital: It's a Question of Character, Not Capitalism"     h/t: @CSteven … [Read more...]

Regardless of What They Told You in School, FDR Stunk

NoisyRoom By: Best Selling Author and History Geek Larry Correia Monster Hunter Nation   Newt Gingrich once said that FDR was his favorite president of the twentieth century, and perhaps of all American history. Newt says he is conservative, so that would be like somebody saying they are Christian, but their favorite angel is Lucifer. Even if I didn’t know anything else about his history that alone … [Read more...]

Republican Record on Border Security: 25 Years of Broken Promises

History is apparently not Newt Gingrich’s strong suit, despite the fact that he has a Ph.D. in history and taught it in college before entering politics. Probably he knows a lot about Greek or Roman history, but things that happened only 25 years ago? Don’t ask. Gingrich suggests it would be “humane” to allow illegal aliens “who have been here 25 years, go to church and raise children in our communities” — let’s … [Read more...]

Sovereignty: In Authentic America Citizenship Must Be ‘Door Number 1’

Changing Wind By: Toddy Littman The Problem “Let’s Make a Deal” is the immigration game we play today, being caught up in the politics of the moment, and this is where Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the candidates, need to provide a certain clarity, something with absolutely zero ambiguity. It is no secret, to the illegal hordes swarming the border, that reality has taken the form of Uncle “Monty Hall” Sam … [Read more...]

Gingrich Charge of a Socialist America Confirmed

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Democrats say they have dirt on Newt Gingrich, but he has the dirt on them. He has accurately described the socialist infiltration of America: “The Left has thoroughly infiltrated nearly every cultural commanding height of our civilization. That is, they hold power, influence and control of academia, the elite news media, Hollywood, union leaders, trial lawyers, the courts, … [Read more...]

Palin Slices Into Congressional Corruption, as Gingrich Twitches

What presidential candidate can, with the help of Providence, save the United States of America, in no small part by assisting to deliver it from congressional corruption? Newt Gingrich is the Republican front runner of the hour and is being assailed, with some good reason, by a Marxstream media apparently committed to manipulating a Romney nomination.  But, is Gingrich fully repentant of his political adultery … [Read more...]

CBS Tricks Newt, Mitt into Defending Obama

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media Michele Bachmann is outraged that CBS News political director John Dickerson sought to limit the number of questions she was asked during the CBS News/National Journal debate. But that wasn’t the only trick that was played on the Republicans. Scott Pelley maneuvered two Republicans, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, into defending the Obama Administration on one of the most … [Read more...]

Please, Please GOP – Anyone But Mitt! (Except For Newt That Is)

New Zeal When America's future is hanging by a thread, when the constitutional conservative movement has never been stronger... why in God's name would the GOP be even considering Mitt Romney as their standard bearer? RINOs are for African game parks. We can't afford to have another one leading the free world! Now is the time for courage and principle, not slick talking and good hair. … [Read more...]

The Tea Parties: Organizers & Operators

Kelleigh Nelson's Tea Party series, parts 3 & 4 Parts 1 & 2: "The Tea Parties and the Jealous Power and Money" dealt with attempted big-money subversion by transnationalist tycoons, including David Koch and operations in controlled opposition by the Rockefeller family. -  G u l a g  -  B o u n d  - "Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the … [Read more...]

Who Did a Background Check on Barack Obama?

Debating America’s Internal Security Crisis By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The Tea Party/CNN debate was much better than the one sponsored by NBC and Politico, in terms of giving all of the candidates a fair chance to express their views, but some critical issues are still being neglected. One of them, internal security, did come up during the Ames debate sponsored by Fox News and The Washington Examiner, … [Read more...]

The Phony Right-Wing, Part 2: Newt Gingrich & ‘The Third Wave’

Neither GulagBound.com, nor its personnel necessarily agree with all the conclusions of this article, especially as they may regard Newt Gingrich in the present. We’re all having to come out of “the matrix” and learn new things, including how we have been wrong in the past. We must not expect more of our neighbors, including our patriotic, i.e., Sovereignty supporting politicians.Previously Published: "The Phony … [Read more...]

The Phony Right-Wing & Who is Selling Us Down the River? – Part 1: Newt Gingrich

Neither GulagBound.com, nor its personnel necessarily agree with all the conclusions of this article, especially as they may regard Newt Gingrich in the present. We’re all having to come out of “the matrix” and learn new things, including how we have been wrong in the past. We must not expect more of our neighbors, including our patriotic, i.e., Sovereignty supporting politicians.A couple years ago one of my … [Read more...]

Have Newt Gingrich’s Ills Really Been Cured?

A warning by John McManus, of the John Birch Society. video, "The Real Newt Gingrich" Has Newt changed his ways, since carrying the bag for the Marxist-globalists complex?  He must speak to concerned Americans about his past in Congress, before expecting a future in the White House. Did McManus overstate his case?  He recounted troubling facts. More scrutiny is to be related by the Bound, concerning Newt … [Read more...]