Sovereignty: In Authentic America Citizenship Must Be ‘Door Number 1’

Changing Wind
By: Toddy Littman

The Problem

“Let’s Make a Deal” is the immigration game we play today, being caught up in the politics of the moment, and this is where Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the candidates, need to provide a certain clarity, something with absolutely zero ambiguity.

It is no secret, to the illegal hordes swarming the border, that reality has taken the form of Uncle “Monty Hall” Sam saying, “Door number 1 has a fence.  Door number 2 has electronic surveillance.  Door number 3 has a bureaucracy and an average 7 year waiting period.  All paths will get you at least residency, and, likely, eventual citizenship if enough of you pick the same door and are willing to wait long enough.”  Ignored is the fact that this is merely America catering to a typical Progressive tactic of overwhelming the system, only this time it is by those who aren’t even American Citizens.  Without any reservation, I will state that I believe it is high time We, The People, the American Citizen who financially, and in patience, have afforded politicians the luxury of seeking ways to gain this new group as a constituency, put our foot down!

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Newt has mentioned his plan is “not citizenship,” “not amnesty,” on numerous occasions, his explanation of his stance attempts to explain his view, though there remains am ambiguity, as at no time is an absolutely unequivocal certainty articulated, relying on one deriving the conclusion citizenship is not included in Newt’s position due to absence or subtle mention regarding a particular aspect of his plan. Citation:

Point 2 sounds good at a glance, but then narrows its point:

“2. Under no circumstance can a path to citizenship be created which would allow those who have broken the law to receive precedence over those who patiently waited to become residents and citizens via the legal process. Those who adhered to our immigration law cannot be usurped by those who violated it.” — Emphasis mine, Ibid.

In reality, residency of some 11 million (and likely more like 30 million people), will eventually become a Left talking point due to the desire to have this number of people as a voting block, suggesting that residency is tantamount to a form of slavery.  This is the way of the Left and what has become their most certain legislative means of destroying the republic, the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  This is the fallout of the Civil Rights Movement becoming a mouthpiece of political power and a tool of Progressive assertion of socialism, long after the rightful claims for “equal rights” in Freedom, and their meaningful exercise, even in the 1920s by those who didn’t allow race (nor gender, for that matter) to be an obstacle to their asserting freedom. Citation:

In fact, this Civil Rights government expansion tactic was recently being used by our illustrious Progressive-Terrorist-In-Chief in the American Jobs Act, as a means to make being unemployed an activity protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Citation: ,

Proposed Solution

Thus, I have no room for vague and ambiguous, by absence and omission of terms, translation methods as the means to derive conclusions regarding immigration, and this is because it is a 200+ year old Constitutional Mandate upon Congress, a mandatory non-discretionary duty:

“To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,…” — Article I, Section 8, Clause 3. Citation:

Instead, I submit, it is clearly beyond the point in time that there is “an uniform Rule of Naturalization” and I propose the following law:

“We The People of the United States of America do hereby reject the continuing subjection of ourselves, our children, and those who wish to come to America to live in Freedom, and no longer will afford the parallel continued encroachment on Our Nation’s, Our State’s, and Our own personal Sovereignty as American Citizens, and hereby demand that Congress enact simple legislation stating the following as an uniform Rule of Naturalization, which we believe will cause Citizenship to be the Holy Grail of coming to America legally:

“That Citizenship, and the certain benefits thereof, are denied to any and all who come to the United States illegally.  Congress retains exclusive Constitutional Authority over this Act.”

I take this stand because each Unalienable Right I have is also a Property I Own; that I and every single American have these rights as a matter of Our Founders, who fought and took on a completely different system of government where the People are over a servant magistracy.  This is a foreign idea to many who come here, and a particular incident to American Citizenship that makes the people Supreme, the absolute “buck stops here” Sovereign of the United States of America, a principle well recognized by Supreme Court Justice and Founder James Wilson, who signed both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution For The United States of America, a principle that has never been disputed by any other founder, Federalist or Otherwise:

Permit me to mention one great principle, the vital principle I may well call it, which diffuses animation and vigor through all the others. The principle I mean is this, that the supreme or sovereign power of the society resides in the citizens at large; and that, therefore, they always retain the right of abolishing, altering, or amending their constitution, at whatever time, and in whatever manner, they shall deem expedient.” James Wilson, Founding Father, Lectures on Law: Volume 1 Chapter 1 page 17. Cited per

This principle, that an American is not in subject servitude to their government, is the epitome of American Exceptionalism at its root.

I further submit that a law banning Citizenship to those who came here illegally will draw a bright line as to who is coming here for the right reasons, and who isn’t, as it will cause a certain focus to be known to any who come here illegally, that they deny themselves Citizenship by coming to America illegally.  Thus, those who come here using the legal process will more likely be coming here for the right reasons, and less put off by the process of becoming an American.  Please note that I’d like to streamline this process, to a minimum of 3 years, but leaving room for some to take far longer.

I’ll further submit that this type of legislation allows for Congress to then amend the act with waivers, amendments that will have been well considered, debated, and thought out because those wanting them will have to earn it through making their case to Congress and the American People as part of the process of getting such waivers enacted, or we’ll be exercising our term limit prerogative, and any other remedies to enforce the Constitution on government, en masse.  This is the beauty of our Constitution, and what makes American Citizenship so valuable, that it is an instrument to be enforced upon government by We The People, and it seems we’re finally comprehending this aspect of Our Founders’ work.

Progressives love to say “The Constitution is outdated and things have changed,” I do not agree with this for often it’s merely that a part of the Constitution wasn’t actually followed as the mandate or prohibition on Government’s actions that Our Founders’ intended, leaving the means of measure and conclusion, accordingly, a Progressive inaccuracy.  The Constitution, as a legal instrument, a regime of limitation on government put in place by We The People, hasn’t changed one jot or tittle, yet those seeing the Constitution as a living document that grants rights to the people, as though the Soviet Constitution, citation:, will do so in the interest of undermining the very foundation of Freedom, to change the way we comprehend it, for their own purpose of destroying the republic and establishing a democracy on the road to Communism.

Immigration is one of the Constitutional mandates ignored, at least according to the actual evidence at the border today and estimated populations of illegal immigrants in the country from all over the World.  Thus, the policy I suggest establishes a uniformity of punishment, a blanket policy applicable upon all who fail to come to America Illegally, and thereby would establish they do not have a presumption of good intention, irrespective of many a personal, and generally subjective, anecdote to the contrary.  Please understand this isn’t a game or a debate, as some political football, nor ideological point of opportunity for any side, and is instead a matter of national security.  This is the reason we must remove, cease from applying, the presumption of good intention, and the follow-up assumption of demonstrating our benevolence to those here illegally, and instead apply this particularly to those who apply for citizenship after we’ve established a uniform policy regarding illegal entry into the United States of America, one that results in the punishment of being barred from ever becoming an American Citizen.  If everyone loved us, if the view from wearing rose-colored glasses were the view when you take them off, and this were Utopia, none of this would be necessary. Instead, because America has unrelenting enemies outside the United States who see our border as an opportunity to do harm, imposing a necessary duty to protect ourselves is imperative.

When Our Founders initially considered Immigration, explosives were nowhere near capable of Hiroshima and Nagasaki catastrophic damage and heinous death that lasted for decades after the fact.  Today this threat is at our doorstep, via Hugo Chavez, Hezbollah, and Iran. Citation:

Either we are an exceptional nation who recognizes the unique quality of American Citizenship, or, we’re ready to diminish the value of American Citizenship to just another form of subject servitude at the hands of an oppressive government.  It’s up to us, the Sovereign, to decide, at least for now, and let us hope we decide before the decision is made for us by Washington, D.C.

Thank you for reading.

Toddy Littman

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