Gingrich Fights Glenn Beck’s Assault for his Kind Words of Roosevelts

UPDATE: For further substantiation of Glenn Beck's apparent duplicity, this comes from the daily email, today: Santorum DROPS OUT: Today Rick Santorum finally dropped out of the race. He had a great run and handled himself well. Apparently Newt Gingrich thinks he’s still got a shot, comparing himself to Masters champion Bubba Watson. While Newt remains in la-la land, Mitt Romney all but seals up the … [Read more...]

Who’s a Prog? Refuting Glenn Beck on Newt Gingrich, Part 1

PUT   THE   CHALK   DOWN We feature a series of posts for the People, by PolitiJim, of - circumspect historical analysis beating knee-jerk reaction, hyperbole, and hysteria. This is the first, written while Beck was effectively "softening the terrain" just before the massive Romney SuperPAC assaults upon Gingrich's name in Iowa and Florida. The second is "Roosevelt Ruse; Refuting Glenn Beck on … [Read more...]

A Square Deal in a Round Hole

NoisyRoom So, now Obama is channeling Teddy Roosevelt... Touting a 'Republican' for Progressive values. Key word here - 'Progressive.' Hello... Synonymous with 'Marxist and hey, this oldie but goodie, 'Communism.' Obama just slid out of 'Socialist' speak, straight into 'Communism.' Well, how warm and fuzzy is that? Beck was right again. I would just like to remind everyone out there that Teddy … [Read more...]