Gingrich Takes the Lead vs. Soros, Banksters, Obama & Romney

In Newt Gingrich’s post Nevada caucus press conference, last Saturday night, the speaker took the lead in defending America against the soft warfare waged against us by the global, neo-Marxist / crony-capitalist / bankster complex, yes including their point men, George Soros and Barack Obama.

Now, however, it is being made clear, their GOP point man on the other side of the coin from Obama, is Mitt Romney.

Video, “Newt Gingrich Holds Press Conference Instead Of Giving Speech

Gingrich’s opening remarks included this stark characterization:

I also believe that the vast majoirity of Republicans across the country are going to want an alternative to a Massachussetts moderate who has in his career been pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax in crease and who ranked third from the bottom in creating jobs in the four years he was governor.

During questions, Gingrich portrayed, in terms suitable for the the bulk of our media fed culture, what his campaign faces in the “fifth generation war” waged against popoular and national sovereignty – and what his candidacy represents.

Beginning at the 4:44 mark:

I was surprised by the degree to which the establishment has closed ranks and made quite clear that they’re desperate over the prospect of a Gingrich presidency. I was surprised by George Soros cheerfully explaining in Davos that he was happy with either Obama or Romney, because it didn’t make much difference in policy; it was just a change in personality. And I was surprised at the New York Times article on the Romney campaign’s decision that they had to destroy Newt Gingrich.

And so we stopped and said alright, if this is the objective reality of the campaign – the entire establishment will be against us, the scale of Wall Street money starting with Goldman Sachs will be amazing, and the campaign will be based on things that aren’t true, uh, then how do you define the campaign for the average American so they get to choose – do they want two George Soros approved candidates in this general election, or would they like a conservative versus one George Soros approved candidate.

And we’ve frankly spent the last four days laying out a campaign for the next few months in which although we will be outspent, we think we can communicate through the clutter and we think we’ll be able to draw decisively for the American People how big the difference is.

You know, Reagan had this challenge with John Conolly, Goldwater had this challenge with Nelson Rockefeller, we’ve had past Republican campaigns in which the establishment had massive financial advantages. Reagan lost five straight primaries, before he began winning in 1976.

I’m pretty comfortable that when you come down to it as we go state to state to state, that a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase, George Soros approved candidate of the establishment probably is not gonna do very well. And I’m happy to have that debate with Governor Romney and I will debate him one on one anywhere, anytime that he’s willing to stand up and explain his record without the kind of gimmicks he used in Florida.

At 9:36, Gingrich laid out the reality of the Obamacare edict against Christian hospitals, that they must administer the abortion pill – something Gov. Romney also did in Massachusetts.

The Obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in this country and people need to understand that. This is a decision so totally outrageous, and an illustration of such radical secular ideology that I believe the entire hierarchy willl oppose it every single inch of the way. And it has nothing to do with the specific detalis. It has to do with whether or not the government of the United States can tell a religious institution you must give up your religious beliefs. Now, that’s what Obamacare has come to mean – the right of a Washington politician and a Washington bureaucrat to tell you that you may no longer worship God the way you want unless you’re willing to pay a penalty for doing so. And I think as the average America comes to understand that, they will be repulsed at the arrogance and the anti-religious bigotry of the Obama administration.

In these next few days, social conservatives will have to decide whether they will back an apparent champion, Rick Santorum, or whether he effectively becomes a stalking horse for America-jeopardizing Mitt Romney and that Newt Gingrich is essentially the viable champion who has the chance to beat him. Ron Paul, by contrast, is a very good constitutional technician who often seems oblivious to whom is or is not destroying our nation.

Below is the history of the Gingrich-Soros challenge, in segments representing prior posts in Gulag Bound,  seen chronologically from the bottom-up.

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uploaded 1/27/2012

This should be “all anyone needs to know,” as a reminder to do one’s civic duty, to make sure Mitt Romney does not become United States President.

Time is fleeting, so instead of regurgitating context and commentary, we will show this article on the same, in MailOnline (h/t: @OhSuzyQz) and…

George Soros says there ‘isn’t all that much difference’ between Romney and Obama

By Toby Harnden

Last updated at 12:32 AM on 28th January 2012

This isn’t exactly the kind of endorsement the Romney campaign is looking for. It’s probably even less welcome than the purported nod for Newt Gingrich from crooked GOP congressman Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham sent from his jail cell.

Speaking in Davos, gathering place for the global elites and upscale chattering classes, billionaire investor George Soros – loathed by conservative activists for his ‘zillion-dollar left-wing radical agenda machine’ – seemed to be pretty much OK with the notion of a Romney presidency.

‘Well, look, either you’ll have an extremist conservative, be it Gingrich or Santorum, in which case I think it will make a big difference which of the two comes in,’ he told Chrystia Freeland of Reuters in a videotaped interview. ‘If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them.’


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  1. Newt Gingrich grabbed the attention of a handful of core Conservatives to back the Reagan Revolution and its conservative principles and keep Reagan determined to defeat the USSR and proceed with conservative governance. He later gathered together Republicans and the nation’s attention with HIS Contract With America and brought BACK the Reagan Revolution with a BANG with millions of new jobs ultimately created AGAIN. George Soros is the man behind BHO, the Communist Occupiers and the cause of much trouble around the globe. One man has the courage, conviction, tenacity and DETERMINATION to DEFEAT him. His name is NEWT GINGRICH!!! Go Newt!!!

    • We would hope so, Denny. From what he has said, we are coming to expect it.

      And if he keeps up and expands such commitments, he, not someone who skirts these critically important matters (Santorum?) deserves our support.

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