Documented: Gingrich Really Did Save the Reagan Revolution

From the fine forum at (a name that may always cause me to cringe, I confess) posted in its entirety with an invitation to go see it: Oh MY!! Gingrich Really Did Save Reagan Revolution! Posted by quill67 Tuesday, January 31st at 5:58PM EST 2 Comments Recommenders: finallyhadenuff, Finrod, clowngirl, andystone, Black River Wolf Brian Domitrovic author of econoclasts who claims to … [Read more...]

No, Victor Davis Hanson, There Is No Santa Claus

When one wakes up in his recliner to a dancing Will o' the Wisp light and the sweet scent of Willy Wonka's chocolate emanating from one's in-box -- over a pit of quick sand -- one becomes alarmed and annoyed. Sweetness and light are magically predicted for America by the simple solution of Barack Obama vacating the White House in 2013! Face palm! Why didn't I think of that! And here I thought Obama was getting … [Read more...]

The Deal is Done; Assessing Winners and Losers

The voting is in from the House and Senate, but opinions are sharply divided among both conservatives and liberals as to whether or not the debt ceiling deal was a good one for either party or country. Wall Street’s first response was quite negative, with the Dow down 265 points on the day the Senate sent the bill to the White House. Chris Matthews said the Obama administration “gave in to hostage taking.” As … [Read more...]