Newt Gingrich Now! I Won’t Vote for Romney in November – Updated

There is much more information to gather and more articles to write. But is it doing any good, really – I mean in the here and now – for this 2012 election cycle?

I am sitting back watching duped Republican voters continue to answer telephone polls saying they support an enemy of America, Mitt Romney, for whom I would not vote were he nominated. I will not side with a Quisling to globally collectivist governance and the central bankster complex (of whatever ethnicities) fueling that impending horror. Let such government be damned.

We are in a war to preserve the American Sovereignties, the status upon which all our rights and powers rest. If no Popular and national Sovereignty, by Sovereign God’s natural law, then no Right to Life, no Liberty, no Pursuits but those granted by the machinery of the world’s administrative state. The controlled democracy of satellite America is no substitute.

I will die before I wear the mark of the beast, of condoning such slavery in this generation, or bequeathing it to one ensuing. I will fight to preserve the birthright of America’s Sovereign Citizens. I am not Esau.

Meanwhile, those who understand the Soft War Against American Sovereignties are stirring up a storm, at least on the Internet, pleading for fellow Citizens not to vote for Romney. But are any of us reaching our neighbors within walking distance?

Many primary and caucus voters still answer polls saying they will vote for candidates such as Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, bound to lose, at least in the next two primaries.  Those stalking horse votes in the South Carolina or Florida primaries would effectively be votes to accede to a Romney presidency, versus a Newt Gingrich vocally committed to and instructive of American Sovereignty.

Ron Paul? Listen to Ron Paul. In his speeches, even he all but explicitly acknowledges he remains a protest candidate. South Carolinians! Floridians! This is not the time to vote for a protest candidate! However, if an immediate Gingrich victory can keep this process alive and the banking crash does happen during the early primaries, perhaps Paul will have a chance.

This is the time to vote for Newt Gingrich.

Do you want to know why I say these things? You will have answers if you only click the links, read, and listen.

If we do not learn to understand the warfare waged against us…

…then welcome to Gulag America.

I intend to write more about the great bankster bred depression that threatens us.

For now, a defender of the American Sovereignties may wish to see these three items:

  1. Romney’s and Obama’s Bankster Contributors: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Chase, etc.
  2. A Brief Note on the End of America as We have Known it
  3. GOP Presidential Candidates on Agenda 21 ‘Sustainable Development‘”

Humbly, I think that is all one should need to see, at this point.


See Promote Newt Gingrich? Let us Press Him,” January 21, 2012


  1. Newt? Pro Cap and Trade, pro big government, pro NAFTA, GATT, WTO…He seems to have a Federal Government program for everything; Rockefeller Republicanism comes to mind. The elitist Rockefeller of the Rockefeller foundation mixed with the country club Republican. Ever Read Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s “Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave?” Page 91: “For this wisdom above all, we thank Mr. Jefferson, who helped create the system that served us so well for so long and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.”Newts Forward to said book: “This book is a key effort in the direction of empowering citizens … to truly take the leap to invent a (new) civilization.”

    The Toffler’s pioneered the futurist movement. Look into it. Look into Gingrich. He debates well; better than most. Good oratory does not a president make

    • I am not suggesting people vote for Newt Gingrich in 1992, or 2002, now am I John?

      I (and I saw Sarah Palin doing the same thing as I was typing) am suggesting strategic and tactical votes, for a man with some sense of American Sovereignty (and his own ego) in the South Carolina and Florida Primaries.

    • John you are right on the money. Newt is a pro-UN closet communist who has even stated that we should rethink the US constitution. His pals are Rove an Kissenger, much like Bush. Newt has already proven through voting and speeches that he is comfortable surrendering power from the US to the UN. Newt is as bad as Obama in my opinion.

  2. Newt steategically over Mittens? Both are equally as dangerous to our republic. You eloquently speak against Romney yet seem to overlook Gingrich’s many sins.

    • Romney will never be President. Get it! He has been hand picked and funded as Obama’s loser opponent, just like McCain! Have you not heard of the 99% Occupy Movement? Well Romney is Mr. 1% hand picked loser! All IMHO of course. I would not be surprised to find out much of his SuperPac funding came from Obama fund raising by Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.

      It is Newt for me. A vote for Romney is a win for Obama!

  3. Sorry for the spelling. “Strategically”

  4. We need to start a petition to be sent to the RNC. A million signatures of republicans who want to let the RNC know we WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEIR RINO!

  5. Very heartfelt and profound article Arlen, thank you. I believe you have this quite right and I feel like Princess Leia in Star Wars, however this time the famously uttered message of hope is … Help us, Newt Gingrich .. You Are Our Only Hope!!!

    .. Yes, we must throw down the gauntlet and play out our hand strategically based on what has been laid out in front of us regarding POTUS 2012. Sadly, we are fighting corruption on so many fronts; RNC, DNC, Obama, Romney and his money, and the forces that hide deep behind the curtain. It’s exhausting!

    So here we are 10 months before the 2012 POTUS election. After 2 years of painstakingly studying our current GOP candidates, watching debates, researching, the only candidate that seems to have a deep understanding of history, how our government “really’ works, how to get Congress moving, Agenda 21, and ‘the Soft War Against American Sovereignties’ is Newt Gingrich.

    He is not a perfect person or my perfect candidate but he has gained my respect because of his ability to face his personal and political past with grace and honesty. Moreover, what I appreciate is his great understanding of the difficult issues we face today and the fearless approach required to restore our individual liberty, to limit government, and to rebuild free enterprise.

    Therefore I urge the people of Florida and South Carolina and on to Please Vote for Newt Gingrich !

    Help us, Newt Gingrich, You Are Our Only Hope !!

    ohsuzyqz on twitter

  6. Up to this point, and given the unwavering support of bonafide conservatives like Laffer, Watts, Sowell, Norris, Palin, et. al., I am a fairly solid Newt supporter, Santorum being my alternative choice. That said, how do I explain “No to Newt”. Google No to Newt and check it out. Some of the items can, I’m sure, be readily dismissed, but there is plethora of troubling positions Newt has taken. Anywone willing to to help me out?

  7. I guess I will lose my vote if Mitt Romney runs against O Bama. A vote for pretty boy Mitt is like jumping from the frying pan innto the fire…………… He has been spending his millions for 7 yrs. trying to be the President of the our country and WHY? If you think it is for us, you’re crazy………….. Because he is so used to buying anything he wants and this is his ultimate challenge….. Daddy’s little pretty boy wants everything he sees and this is the one thing he hasn’t been able to buy…..The stupid and yes I said Stupid women that are taken in by this phoney are probably the same lot that put O Bama in………….Why don’t any of you use your heads for once and look at the honesty and experience instead of that pretty little fake smile…….. Just ask yourself, why would a person with his money want to be president with all that responsibility ……One reason……..He’s a spoiled brat that wants the ultimate….The rest of us have to live with your ignorant vote You helped ruin us the last election We don’t need and encore of your ignorance……….. This message is for the women that know who I am talking about………You know who you are…….. “The ones that will fire back at me.”…….. The guilty ones………… And yes, I am a woman, that can see the forest past the trees……………

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