Have Newt Gingrich’s Ills Really Been Cured?

A warning by John McManus, of the John Birch Society.

Has Newt changed his ways, since carrying the bag for the Marxist-globalists complex?  He must speak to concerned Americans about his past in Congress, before expecting a future in the White House.
Did McManus overstate his case?  He recounted troubling facts.
More scrutiny is to be related by the Bound, concerning Newt Gingrich.

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  1. Lol does that mean if he explains you forgive. Newt is CFR and not who he is pretending to be. If you allow him to have a chance at the presidency we will be going down the same road as we have been.

  2. No one has any grounds for credibility in this world, without true repentance.

    (The alternative to repentance is self righteousness and we are assured that is “as filth rags” in God’s sight, it doesn’t get anyone to godliness or keep anyone out of Hell, frankly. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah%2064&version=NKJV )

    Ronald Reagan was a repentant FDR “progressive.” Whittaker Chambers was a repentant Communist. David Horowitz and Marvin Olasky are repentant Marxists.

    Do I expect Newt Gingrich to deal with these matters in an above board manner and show repentance? That doesn’t matter. It matters whether he will, or not.

  3. Simple Answer: He won’t

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