Promote Newt Gingrich? Let us Press Him

Newt Gingrich appears headed for a victory in the South Carolina GOP Primary.

If that is the case as expected, he is strongly positioned to compete with big bankster, neocon, globalist backed Mitt Romney, in Florida.

However, what do we really know, what can we truly trust about Speaker Gingrich? Is he the old semi-progressive player he has been, or is he repentant and reformed? Has he found his way out of the effetist elitist Bohemian Club woods? Does he see beyond the CFR, now?

His transnational adultery against America is our concern. Would he be a president who maintains fidelity with our nation and its core ideals?

We just posted two articles, one heartily encouraging voters in South Carolina and Florida to select him, the other comparing all the GOP presidential candidates’ discovered opinions about the Ground War in America, known variously as: Agenda 21, ICLEI, sustainable development, green growth, millennium goals, etc.

Clearly, Newt Gingrich is getting his ears tickled on subjects having to do with our core sovereignties, the foundations of our liberties.  To recognize, proclaim and demand the American Sovereignties is a better, clearer, more vitally essential message that Ron Paul’s central focus upon its mere result, liberty.

Speaking of Rep. Paul, Gingrich has also been touting an audit of the Federal Reserve. He has even made some noise about the potential of disbanding it.

Now is the time to press Newt Gingrich, the other presidential candidates and all of our candidates on these and other questions pertaining to a demand of government’s adherence to The Sovereignties and the duty, according to the Declaration of Independence, of fighting however the need arises, for them.

Future, immediate items in Gulag Bound will define what these Sovereignties are, explain why they are America’s core and suggest questions which must be asked of all our candidates for public office, in order to determine whether they will uphold authentic America, or side with the warfare waged against us.


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