The Tea Parties: Organizers & Operators

Kelleigh Nelson’s Tea Party series, parts 3 & 4

Parts 1 & 2: The Tea Parties and the Jealous Power and Money dealt with attempted big-money subversion by transnationalist tycoons, including David Koch and operations in controlled opposition by the Rockefeller family.

–  G u l a g  –  B o u n d  –

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity,
and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man,
family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable,
and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the
same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”

– John Adams, 2nd president of the United States 1797-1801

There are several reasons for additional articles on our Tea Parties.  First let me say, the response to the first two parts of the article were overwhelming. I received over 800 e-mails and hopefully succeeded in answering all of them.  Many said I’d hit the nail on the head with explaining the problems the various Tea Party organizations around the country were facing.  Many of the parties had already faced the problem of infiltration by progressive republicans, leftists masquerading as Tea Party folks, and change agents.  A few had solved the problems, but the majority were still at odds, especially with leadership which seemed to be the biggest area of concern.  Some felt they had been infiltrated and totally neutralized.

Secondly, I had about 50 e-mails that wanted to know about the two largest entities, Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Nation.  I believe fellow News With Views writer, J.B. Williams has actually covered some of the problems.  This article will hopefully delve into more detail regarding these larger organizations.

Third and of special importance is a correction that needs to be made from the first article.  I don’t know of a journalist or a researcher that doesn’t make mistakes from time to time, but I pride myself on targeting the truth and on correcting errors.  This time, I made an error by believing an old and vicious rumor that I should have checked more thoroughly before I linked to it.  The link was in regards to the John Birch Society founder, Robert Welch [edited out of the article in Gulag Bound, at the writer’s request].

The link stated that Welch’s candy company was purchased by a Rockefeller holding at a large sum of money in order that Welch head up the new John Birch Society.  Now it is well known that Rockefeller monies have funded other large organizations, but the JBS through Welch’s candy company is not one of them.  Robert’s candy company had failed and he went to work for his brother’s candy company until 1956.  I believe it was in 1958 that he started the John Birch Society.  It wasn’t until the early 60s that James Welch sold his candy company to Nabisco.  Whether Nabisco was owned in part or in whole by any Rockefeller entity is of no importance inasmuch as funds from the sale of James’ candy company were not instrumental in funding Robert’s new Society.

John F. McManus

At his request, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to speak to John McManus, the President of the John Birch Society for 90 minutes by phone.  It was a personal and private conversation that I will never release.  However, Mr. McManus explained thoroughly to me the various rumors and innuendos that had been circulating from the very beginning of the JBS and his frustration in trying to quell them.  I found him to be totally forthright and honest as well as being a total gentleman when I asked some very hard questions.  I’ve always had respect for John McManus, having put him on dozens of radio shows over the years when I was an executive producer for talk show hosts, but now I really think the world of him.  We discussed the various situations that JBS ran into through the years that seem to be parallel to what the Tea Parties are facing, with both members and organizations that weren’t what they originally represented themselves to be.  Mr. McManus made it clear that many members actually left their unsavory affiliations when they learned through JBS of what was really behind these groups.  Some organizations and members however had to be dropped from any association with the Society because of their undesirable activities and alliances.

No matter what group is started that is working to restore the Republic, it will be attacked by the sources seeking to destroy the Republic.  Infiltrators come in all shapes and sizes and with many different masks.  Mr. McManus gives us the answer, and it should make it clear.  If we can’t show those who join the Tea Party with untoward intentions how wrong they are, then the only solution that remains is to exclude their access.  Mr. McManus and I may disagree on certain points, but for the love of our country and those we know are the enemies of freedom, we are in total agreement.  I grew up surrounded by my mother’s friends, many of whom were Birch members.  All of them were dear to me and all of them loved their country.

My sincere apologies to the JBS for a link that proved to be false.  And my sincere thanks for a very frank and honest discussion of what JBS has faced through the years as well as what we face in the Tea Parties.  Mr. McManus was very kind to me as well as very complimentary on my article.  I hope he considers me a friend and a fellow patriot.  Now, on to the business at hand.

Tea Party Nation

Tea Party Nation (TPN) was started by a former assistant district attorney Judson Phillips in Shelby County, Tennessee in 2009.  According to Tami and Smith Kilmarx, former Tea Party volunteers, after opening his own law practice, Phillips would meet his meager clientele in Starbuck’s .  He has failed to pay IRS taxes and has been saddled with liens, and since 2002, he has failed to update state mandated paperwork for his business.  Smith says, “From the beginning, Phillips wanted to make money on the Tea Party movement.” Tami Kilmarx said she heard him say he wanted to make a million on the Tea Party project.  Phillips convinced people to volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to make a Tea Party social network for conservatives, and he wanted it bigger than Facebook.  What disturbed Smith was the fact that on the Tea Party Nation website, the donation box went straight into wife, Sherry Phillips’ PayPal account.  While Smith was working as a volunteer, more than $4000 came in as donations and there was no accounting of these funds.

Most of us remember what happened here in Nashville in February of 2010 and have always considered Judson Phillips to be a patriot for profit.  TPN organized the National Tea Party Convention held in Nashville with guest speakers, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, and Tea Party Patriots.  This event turned into a “for profit” cost of $549 per person for the convention and another $349 for the Palin speech that put the proceeds into his wife’s PayPal account.  When news got out, everyone including co-sponsors, American Liberty Alliance and National Precinct Alliance backed out except for Sarah Palin who was receiving $100,000 for her speaking engagement.  At the convention, it was announced that a 501(c)(4) corporation and political action committee (PAC) called “Ensuring Liberty” would be formed to support candidates for office in the 2010 elections.

Journalist J.B. Williams wrote in his article, When Profits Trump Patriotism,

“There are two very important mistakes that will cause conflict within the patriot movement immediately…

  1. Any attempt to profit on the volunteer work of other patriots
  2. Any appearance of an RNC effort to control the people’s movement”

TPN is one of the larger groups and I’d agree with many of their stances, including mentioning the eligibility question in July of 2011. Few other Tea Parties have uttered a word, much less championed the eligibility cause.  Obama care is another high priority for elimination that no one in the Tea Parties nor the GOP candidates even mention.  Everyone knows that conservatives differ so much that getting them together on any one subject is like herding cats, but this group sure leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.   I have to ask, “What are they doing to save the Republic?”

Journalist and retired Seal Jim O’Neill recently had a short article on this very subject which is well worth the read.  At the bottom of the article is for donations to the Navy Seal Foundation.

Tea Party Patriots

Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler and Amy Kremer are co-founders of Tea Party Patriots, a non-profit organization with an alleged 1,800 chapters and 15 million members around the country.  Martin is the CEO and National Coordinator for TPP.  She was also the National Coordinator for the 9/12 March on DC and is the Director of Political Operations for Smart Girl Politics.  She is 39 years old, the mother of young twins and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Before Martin became a Tea Party star, she was scrubbing floors and cleaning houses for suburbanites after her husband’s business went bankrupt in 2007.  Nothing wrong with physical labor and hard work, but she’s sure had a lifestyle change heading up TPP.  Today she is making $6,000 a month.

Jenny Beth Martin

Jenny Beth Martin

Let’s take a look at who Jenny Beth Martin had as speakers at the 9/12 March on D.C.  One of the top guests was former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, long time secret Council for National Policy (CNP) member.  He now runs the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, a group he founded whose board includes CNP members Ollie North (Rex 84 and FEMA), Edwin Meese, Dominionist Howard Phillips, Beverly LaHaye and many others. Others at the podium that day were former Oklahoma Congressman and fellow CNP member, Ernest Istook.  Odd that the organizers would choose someone like Istook when he was implicated in fellow CNP member Jack Abramoff’s lobbying scandal.  Along with receiving at least $29,000 in campaign contributions from Abramoff’s firm, he got Jack’s sky box tickets during a Washington Redskins game for a fundraiser.  Istook returned the favor by asking Abramoff what his clients would like to see in an upcoming transportation bill loaded with juicy treats of pork barrel spending.  Istook’s chief of staff pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges for taking perks from lobbyists for favors.  Why in heaven’s name would the Tea Party people want to be aligned with someone like Istook?  It’s quite obvious the old CNP folks who have been in bed with the left for decades have easily infiltrated these large groups.  Again I’d have to ask, “What did any of this do to help save the Republic?”

Jenny Beth’s husband Lee Martin ran his own company, Indwell for about eight years, a company that supplied non-English speaking temporary day laborers to local businesses.  He blamed a former business partner for the company failure, but he also failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes.

According to TPM, “the couple’s bankruptcy filing, made in August 2008 to the US Bankruptcy Court for Georgia’s Northern District stated that Martin and her husband Lee Martin, of Woodstock, Georgia, owed the IRS $510,000, after making a payment of $16,640 that June. The couple also owed just over $71,000 to Ford Motor Credit, the automaker’s financing arm.”  At the time of the bankruptcy filing they were in debt more than $1.4 million and also owed the Georgia tax authorities $172,000.

Today, Lee Martin manages TPP’s finances and is identified as the group’s assistant treasurer in some corporate filings.  He manages payroll and personnel issues.  Most former TPP members feel there’s a lack of wisdom in placing a person with a dubious financial background and a load of debt in charge of the TPP’s finances, especially since he’s the spouse of one of the leaders.  Certainly seems like a conflict of interest.

Mark Meckler was originally a disk jockey, then a business attorney and Internet political entrepreneur in southern California; his firm, Opt-In Movement, worked for Republican causes including CNP member Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks. He was a Tea Party movement activist before co-founding Tea Party Patriots (TPP).  Meckler has worked hard to position the movement as a grassroots uprising, independent of both political parties. However, only a few years ago, Meckler was involved in an online political consulting firm with ties to the GOP — a fact that could intensify the fears of some Tea Party activists that their movement is being hijacked by Republican political operatives, which I believe is already a done deal in the majority of them.  Meckler is now a commentator on Fox News.

In early June, 2011, Meckler appeared on a panel in DC discussing the future of the tea party movement. Speaking at CNP member and former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Conference, Meckler stated the Tea Party was in a battle for the culture of the country.  What he didn’t tell you was that once again he was aligned with the former friends of CNP member Jack Abramoff. This conference was organized by CNP politico and former head of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed, with whom virtually every GOP presidential contender will be trying to court evangelical voters. In 2006 Reed was getting shellacked in a race for lieutenant governor of Georgia in no small part because of his close ties to the felonious lobbyist Jack Abramoff where he raked in $4 million from Abramoff to rally Christian voters to vote against Native American casinos.  Emails released during the Abramoff investigation did not show Reed in a Godly light.  In many of them he was pressing Abramoff to send him clients and cash saying, “I need to start humping in corporate accounts!…I’m counting on you to help me with some contacts.”  The e-mails also suggested he lied about how much he knew regarding what Abramoff was up to.  Reed’s downfall at the time was a huge disgrace, but now he’s back.

Reed’s new organization is Faith and Freedom Coalition designed to be a link between Tea Parties and churches.  So when he shows up with his slanted voter guides, beware of what he’s up to.  Decades ago, we caught the Christian Coalition voter guides purposely “accidentally” misrepresenting constitutionalists, and giving rave votes to the RINOs.

Amy Kremer

Amy Kremer

Amy Kremer has since left TPP and started Tea Party Express.  Meckler said TPP rejected Amy Kremer because TPP tries to be nonpartisan, while the “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC, which founded Tea Party Express, raises funds for Republicans.  Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black since there’s a huge amount of evidence of TPP accepting funds from prominent Republicans.  Her leaving was acrimonious.

Tea Party Patriots’ Finances

TPP was incorporated in Woodstock, George in June of 2009, and identified the group as a 501(c)(4).  This means the group does not pay taxes, but donations to the group are not tax deductible.  And here’s the clincher, TPP will suck in millions of dollars from partisan fat-cats who know that 501(c)4 groups don’t have to reveal their donors and can be heavily involved in politics without giving up their exemption.  Tea Party Patriots have courted the GOPs evangelical wing through the secretive Council for National Policy. Grover Norquist convinced the CNP to join with the Tea Party, please see this important article.

Even though TPP raised millions of dollars since its founding in February 2009, they had not applied to the IRS for official status.  This is allowable by the IRS prior to official approval, nevertheless they are required to file 990s which disclose how much money they’ve raised, how much staff is paid and where the funds are spent.  TPP normally should have filed a 990 in April 2010, or with an extension by November 15, 2010.  Instead, TPP has decided May 31, is the end of their fiscal year.  Thus, their first tax form for 2009 didn’t have to be filed until April 2011, two years after they were founded.  I could not find their 990 listed on   There is nothing illegal here, but like our D.C. politicians, they’re certainly not being transparent.

Tea Party leaders have refused to share financial information with their members and those who have tried to gain access to the information have found themselves threatened with lawsuits or shut out of the organization.  TPP has even tried to buy the silence of former board members, offering thousands for confidentiality agreements. Their lack of openness about finances has left many staffers and organizers in the dark about the millions of dollars the group has raised in the last two years.  TPP’s national website clearly states that 100% of the funds raised go to furthering their efforts, yet that’s after paying out salaries, consultants, telemarketers, attorneys, expenses, etc.  They are now soliciting funds from all the small tea parties around the country.

Meckler has refused to say how much he’s being paid and rumors are fueled by the fact that he and Jenny are spending on rallies, hotels, airfares so they can talk to potential donors.  Much of this money has come from the small tea party groups nationwide.  Meckler and Martin seem to be adept at raising money and have hired a team of high-priced PR consultants and GOP connected direct mail and telemarketing firms that work for the “Who’s who” of the Republican politicians, including some of the GOP’s most secretive campaign operations.  Yet, they are also adept at avoiding any transparency on their finances.  These two bash the Republicans for not doing enough to cut the spending, yet both fly around in private jets, stay at high priced hotels, and apparently dine quite well.

Questionable Deals

TPP has a contract with MDS Communications who does phone fundraising for GOP congressional campaign organizations including Bush-Cheney reelection campaign.  They work with the evangelicals on the right, Beverly LaHaye’s Concerned Women for America (CNP), and Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council (CNP) and UN-NGO.  Most returns to the non-profits are less than 15%.  Their deal with TPP state they will keep at least 70% of the money they raise.  Another deal was negotiated with Capitol Resources, allegedly one of the most effective GOP phone fundraising operations in the state of Iowa.  This company keeps 75% of the money it raises by calling other Tea Partiers for donations.  The firm’s owner is Nicole Schlinger who helped Mitt Romney’s victory in the 2007 Iowa presidential straw poll.

The worst however seems to be the Richard Norman Company, and it too represents political action for prominent GOP.  Of course TPP insists it wants to simply focus and strategize on fiscal responsibilities and limited government, avoiding divisive social issues like abortion and the murder of 56 million babies in the womb.  Norman’s clients are many in the rightwing CNP groups, including a group headed by CNP member Gary Kreep of the US Justice Foundation.  Kreep has written articles muddying the water on the facts of the calls for a constitutional convention.  See part 3 of Saving the Republic.

Given the amount of cash the TPP leaders have gone through in two years, many of the staff and regional coordinators have left in disgust and disillusionment.  Many of the local groups have accused them of using and abusing the local groups for their own fame and fortune.  Laura Boatright, a former regional leader from California says, “I can’t attribute one victory to them at all.”  Another California coordinator says they’re actually diverting funds from the smaller groups that need them.  Others have put up thousands of dollars for arrangements for events and then getting stiffed when the bills came due.  Many of the former TPP activists said they came to feel like fundraising marks. Unfortunately, it seems quite obvious the TPP leaders have joined with the RNC when they are supposed to remain autonomous.

Tea Party Partners

The Partners shown on the TPP website are very similar to those I discussed in Part 1 of this short series. The Leadership Institute headed by CNP honcho Morton Blackwell who helped Jerry Falwell (CNP) and Sun Myung Moon gift recipient, in founding the Moral Majority.  Morton Blackwell worked with Plinio de Correa de Olivier’s Tradition, Family & Property (TFP) and endorsed Olivier’s book, Nobility & Analagous Traditional Elites, on the necessity of restoring traditional Nobility & Elites to rule the world. In the Forward Blackwell wrote: “One does not have to accept Papal infallibility to appreciate a case persuasively made, using theological, moral, and prudential arguments. This book will convince many readers, whatever their faith, that good elites are legitimate, desirable and, yes, necessary.” The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist by Miguel Martinez features a picture of CNP members Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell with the American head of TFP, which is the parent organization of CESNUR, the cult apology network for cults such as Scientology.

Another is new age futurist and Third Wave communist aficionado, Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions.  Newt Gingrich was discussed in Part 1 and 2 of The Phony Right Wing, as well as in Part 2 of The Tea Parties. For more on the real internationalist Newt Gingrich, see this marvelous video.

Erick Erickson’s Red State is listed and they work with the Conservative Action Project (CAP), a new group of conservative leaders chaired by Reagan-era attorney general and CNP member Edwin Meese III. CAP, whose influential memos ‘for the movement’ circulate on Capitol Hill, is an offshoot of the secretive Council for National Policy.

Of course CNP member Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks is listed.  We discussed FreedomWorks and their connections at length in Part 1 of The Tea Parties.  Then of course, there’s Smart Girl Politics which has little information about their organization on the website, but we know that Jenny Beth Martin is their Director of Political Operations.  There are of course, several excellent links on their website as well, but sadly many uneducated folks who love their country are led astray by the false friends of freedom.

The Tea Parties: Part 4

Fiddling While Rome Burns

When the Tea Parties suggest anything, I always ask, “What will this do to save the Republic?”  Actually I feel many of them are like hamsters just spinning away on their little wheels and going nowhere. Sadly many of the e-mails I received from around the country said they were not accomplishing much.  Yet there were a few who really had a good grip on the problems and were working hard in their local county, city and state legislatures.

As I mentioned in Part 2 of the Tea Parties, I’d requested a few minutes to discuss our governor’s desire for an internet sales tax at my local Tea Party.  Several more articles have appeared in our local paper regarding Governor Haslam’s push for an internet sales tax.  Internet retailers cannot be compelled to collect sales taxes if they have no physical presence in a state under a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision.  Governor Haslam is pushing the other 49 state governors to join him in urging congress to pass a bill making internet sales tax collectable from every state even if the company does not have a presence in your state.

Compounding this situation is the fact that our previous governor made a promise to Amazon that they would not tax Tennessee citizens if Amazon brought 3 shipping hubs to Tennessee with hundreds of jobs. It would make them actually have a presence in the state, but Amazon has stated they will not come here if the citizens of TN are taxed for sales from Amazon.  Now our new progressive Republican governor wants to break that promise. Yet, lawmakers in Tennessee have pushed to tax her citizens on Amazon internet sales for this reason only.  Our newly elected progressive Republican Governor obviously is not a fiscal conservative and simply wants more money in his coffers.

The Amazon situation just muddies the waters regarding the reality of what our governor is up to.  They call it the “internet” sales tax, but prior to internet, people got tons of catalogues in the mail and ordered from out-of-state companies via phone orders and never have had to pay sales taxes on purchases from other states that did not have a presence in the state where they lived.

TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already.  Wouldn’t one believe this would be an important item of discussion?  What I had to do to get an opportunity to even speak for 10 minutes at a meeting had to be decided by the communications committee as well as the board although the Vice Chair told me it was no problem.

Finally on August 16th, 2011, I was told I could speak.  Before I had even thoroughly explained the situation, hands were raised.  A member stated he felt we should get the taxes (not understanding this would be nationwide) because he was a small businessman and he thought it was unfair that Amazon had any advantage of 10% sales tax, which is close to what our state pays since we have no state income tax.  Before I could answer, the president told me we’d run out of time and I hadn’t been on the schedule. I remarked that I had gotten permission, but to no avail. I had spent exactly four and a half minutes trying to explain this devious new proposed tax on all American citizens. The president said, “Well, we probably need to research this.”  Excuse me?  I didn’t get a chance to tell the gentleman that raising taxes on the rest of the nation so everything was “an equal playing field” was not a conservative response to the problem, more like a plank of the Communist Manifesto.  We need to get the taxes on small businesses in the counties, cities and states lowered, not raise taxes on all Tennessee citizens so everything would be “fair and equal.” As well he didn’t understand the major concern is nationwide taxation on every American citizen. Socialism, of course, loves a “leveled” playing field as I’m sure you’ve heard Obama spout many times.  Fortunately a man sitting next to me spoke up for me and said it was patently rude and unfair not to let someone speak who thought they had at least 10 minutes and there was no usage whatsoever of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Next up was a young man in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops that is running for Knoxville City Mayor.  He was given the floor for 37 minutes.  After he was finished I was told I could continue my talk.  I said a polite, “No thank you,” and left.  I have never been treated so rudely or humiliated in such a fashion by young people who couldn’t even give me the promised 10 minutes or allow me to answer questions from the audience.

UN Agenda 21 and the Tennessee Land Grab

In our local paper on Friday, June 3, 2011, an article appeared entitled, “TN Senators Re-file Bid to Expand Forest.”  Tennessee’s two very progressive Republican U.S. Senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker are once again asking Congress to add nearly 20,000 acres of wilderness in East Tennessee to the Cherokee Nation Forest.  In Part 2 of The Phony Rightwing, I discussed the communist planks of Newt Gingrich’s Third Wave policies.  The government appropriation of land is not only a Marxist tenet, but part of the UN Agenda 21 sustainability, being pushed by both the left and right at a rapidly accelerating rate. The United Nations in turn accredits thousands of so-called Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for the purpose of implementing the United Nations’ Agenda 21.  Link  Nothing has even been mentioned regarding this despite the Agenda 21 speaker from the last meeting trying to explain what is happening in every county in the country.

Electoral College

In a Steering Committee meeting a few weeks ago for the officers of this particular Tea Party, the president mentioned that she wanted to attend the Glenn Beck Israel gathering.  My first thought was, “What does this do to save the republic?”  Apparently this led to her comment stating that fundamentalist Christians were just as hostile and terroristic as Islamic Jihadists.  Sounded like Joe Biden to me… and this is the Tea Party leader.  At the most recent Steering Committee meeting apparently she and two of the other five chairs were on the bandwagon for eliminating the Electoral College and instituting a popular vote.  This was suggested some time ago by Hillary Clinton and then pushed in the Bob Basso YouTube videos where he plays Thomas Paine and spreads falsehoods and propaganda, which Devvy Kidd so eloquently pointed out in her article on same.  It is obvious that both the right and left are together in this push to eliminate the Electoral College and a Soros funded “popular vote” group is behind it.  If you’ll recall in Part 2 of the Tea Parties, I mentioned that one of the other “chairs” of this Tea Party had visited a MoveOn.Org group.  What these folks don’t seem to understand is that with a popular vote, the states with the largest populations will always elect the President.  The electoral college was put into the constitution by our founders to give the smaller states equal voting rights.  Elimination of the Electoral College is a toxic formula for mob rule, which moves us again into being a democracy rather than a representative republic.

Eight states have now voted to eliminate the Electoral College, despite it being part of our constitution in Article 2, Section 1, as well as Amendment 12.    Later, these three decided they were “just kidding,” after one of the other members educated them.  At this same meeting, the treasurer brought up information regarding the push for the elimination of the electoral college and stated that eight states had already passed a popular vote.  This can’t be done without an amendment to the constitution, which could easily happen and could be dangerously close to opening a constitutional convention. His last statement was basically that there was nothing we could do.  If that’s so, what are the Tea Parties here for?

The recent Cut, Cap, Balance vote was never discussed weeks prior to the vote nor were any suggestions made regarding contacting the legislators and demanding a “No” vote to raising the debt ceiling.  Nothing has since been said about this unconstitutional Super Congress as well and there is nothing on the website.  I have to ask, “What are they doing to save the Republic?”


The original ruckus the first Tea Party gatherings caused gave hope to those who understand what is happening to our beloved nation.  Before the first Tea Party gathering was arranged, they had been infiltrated and many today are fully neutralized and accomplish nothing to “save the Republic.” Most are already aligned to Republican candidates and policies, many of which are the same policies of the left although presented in neo-con language. Link, Link

After 5 meetings over a period of several months at my local Tea Party, I have not seen one thing that has been done to try to save the Republic… not one! There are countless suggestions that could be done quickly and easily, like phone trees, and Action Alerts on their websites.  Most of the true Tea Party groups have both their financial statements and their by-laws on their website for transparency.  They also only link to other Tea Parties in their areas or states who are like minded, not the national ones. I would certainly urge Tea Parties to check thoroughly the groups they link and lead their uneducated participants to.

The good news is that many in my local Tea Party are aware of the problems and are now trying to either eliminate the change agents or start a new Tea Party.  Unfortunately, those who volunteer to lead are often the ones who have no place in leadership positions or are those who wish to lead the uneducated in the groups astray.

We need knowledgeable leaders and chair members who can guide the uneducated in the groups to a full understanding of both parties having the same agenda. We want honesty, integrity, character and transparency. I’ll close this long and laborious article with this quote from communist Joseph Stalin, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three fold, its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

It’s up to each of us to attack this onslaught.  God does answer prayer and He is merciful.  I beg each of you to pray for our nation and to work daily against this assault of communism, because that’s exactly what we’re fighting.  May the Lord have mercy upon us.

Kelleigh Nelson has been a sentinel researching the Christian right and operations designed to co-opt it, since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. E-Mail:

See Kelleigh Nelson’s Phony Rightwing Series, on certain GOP presidential candidates.

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  1. Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR:
    Omnibus Appropriations, Special Education, Global AIDS Initiative, Job Training, Unemployment Benefits, Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Agriculture Appropriations, FY2004 Foreign Operations Appropriations, U.S.-Singapore Trade, U.S.-Chile Trade, Supplemental Spending for Iraq & Afghanistan, Flood Insurance Reauthorization , Prescription Drug Benefit, Child Nutrition Programs, Surface Transportation, Job Training and Worker Services, Agriculture Appropriations, Foreign Aid, Debt Limit Increase, Fiscal 2005 Omnibus Appropriations, Vocational/Technical Training, Supplemental Appropriations, UN “Reforms.” Patriot Act Reauthorization, CAFTA, Katrina Hurricane-relief Appropriations, Head Start Funding, Line-item Rescission, Oman Trade Agreement, Military Tribunals, Electronic Surveillance, Head Start Funding, COPS Funding, Funding the REAL ID Act (National ID), Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, Thought Crimes “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Peru Free Trade Agreement, Economic Stimulus, Farm Bill (Veto Override), Warrantless Searches, Employee Verification Program, Body Imaging Screening, Patriot Act extension.

    Marsha Blackburn Voted AGAINST:
    Ban on UN Contributions, eliminate Millennium Challenge Account, WTO Withdrawal, UN Dues Decrease, Defunding the NAIS, Iran Military Operations defunding Iraq Troop Withdrawal, congress authorization of Iran Military Operations, Withdrawing U.S. Soldiers from Afghanistan.

    Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
    See her “blatantly unconstitutional” votes at :

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