GOP Presidential Candidates on Agenda 21 ‘Sustainable Development’

Will 2012 be the year America succumbs to global neo-Marxism?

The Ground War in Your Neighborhood – Where do they Stand?

Even those who believe themselves devoted patriots (including devout Christians) may foolishly be enticed by the powers that be, into violating Americans’ sacred and essential Popular and national Sovereignties. It has been happening for a long time, now.

People who believe in a Sovereign nation called the United States of America are being duped into not only violating the mandates of our Constitution, but even worse, into nullifying our own Declaration of Independence from the control of foreign, kleptocratic power.

This is the tragedy for us all, laying under the noses of those who foolishly follow the stratagems of those seeking hegemony over us via “global governance” and it’s ploy, “sustainable development,” a.k.a., “millennium goals,” a.k.a., “green growth,” as outlined in United Nations’ Agenda 21. It is being executed by ICLEI, regional councils, Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13575, and in many other ways governmental and paragovernmental, in corporations, finance, the news and entertainment media, and in eduction.

However, some seem not so fooled.

In alphabetical order, these are positions of the remaining Republican candidates for United States President, regarding this globalist warfare upon America and all the nations of the world.

Newt Gingrich, his opposition to Agenda 21 and plans in process:

Video, “Newt on Agenda 21,” uploaded July 26, 2011

Video, “Newt on,” uploaded September 16, 2011


Update, 3/19/2012: counter-counterpoint:

Gingrich puts himself on the line for very anti-Agenda-21 policy, revealing the findings of research indicating huge oil fields beneath American soil, while advancing a policy of American private enterprise utilizing it:

Jon Huntsman, a proponent of sustainable development, uses the peer pressure ploy of a propagandist, pardon the alliteration, against those seeking valid science about the climate, instead of the party line of the globalist powers that be:

Video, “Huntsman Spars with Fox & Friends Hosts over Global Warming,”
August 29, 2011

An article from the ecofascist left, supporting Jon Huntsman over other Republican candidates:

Ron Paul, his opposition to Agenda 21, within the limits of a libertarian’s revised interpretation of federalism (also declares his opposition the United Nations as a whole, plus the IMF and the Federal Reserve):

Video, “Ron Paul Answers Agenda 21 Question,” uploaded August 10, 2011

Rick Perry, his cooperation with Agenda 21 related transnationalist/globalist moves and liaisons:

Perry’s comments in opposition to drastic policy based upon man-made global warming theory, in this propagandized Associated Press (AP) video:

Video Essay: Perry vs. Global Warming in NH,” August 18, 2011

Mitt Romney [edit] his favoring of and participation in Agenda 21, creating a Massachusetts testbed for its “sustainable development,” just as it was for the nucleus of Obamacare (the lesser of these two evils, the national lobbying of which he very apparently lied to cover up) and putting him at enmity with the sovereign United States of America:

…and one may page search “Romney” in this expansive collection of evidence:

Romney, during the 2008 campaign, stating that government should take the lead in reducing “green house gas emissions”:

Video, “Romney answers question about renewables and green jobs,”
uploaded December 27, 2007
Update, 3/19, 2012: Romney during the present campaign speaking up for man-made global warming and for national green policy (of which Agenda 21 is overarching):

Video, “Romney: Global Warming Is Real, Humans Have Impact

Update, 3/19/2012: see in Gulag Bound:

Rick Santorum, answers generally, when asked specifically about Agenda 21:

Bill McNally: [A question about Agenda 21]  Question to describe Agenda 21, what it means for America’s sovereignty, and how Santorum, as President, would enforce it.

Santorum: There are a lot of things that the U.N. promulgates through its various committees and agencies.  The United Nations should serve some (emphasis his) on security issues, but a lot of the policies from the United Nations would be problematic for America.  “We will not give legitimacy to UN organisations that promulgate a laundry list of ideas…. [including abortion] I’m not going to, as President, have our country participate in things that are antithetical to our values.”  They are trying to impose international law on the sovereignty of the United States.  Cited the Rights of the Child as a means of undermining parental authority.  [This blogger will note that the Rights of the Child inexplicably does not include the right to be born without someone stabbing you in the head with a fork.]

From blog, Haemet,Live-Blogging Rick Santorum’s Town Hall in Windham, NH,”
January 5, 2012

Update, 2/9/2012:  posted in Rick Santorum’s name, in Facebook, November 16, 2011

Rick Santorum
Conservatives and Tea Party folks that warn about Agenda 21 are correct in their concerns. The United Nations should not have control over the United States, we are a sovereign nation.

Update, 3/19/2012: posted at Santorum’s campaign site in, “Obama Regs versus Freedom,” January 16, 2012, the following does not address national sovereignty, nor the threat of Agenda 21 and globalist Marxism/fascism, but it does show a commitment to reversing environmental regulations:

What’s especially disconcerting is that some people who purport to stand against Obama’s failed economic and regulatory policies have shown a serious inability to combat regulatory overreach in the past.  As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney supported major expansions of the role of government in regulating the environment and healthcare much in the same vein as the Obama Administration’s current regulatory trainwreck.  With so much on the line for South Carolina’s families, we can’t risk more of the same.

As President, I would immediately rescind all major Obama regulations and work with Congress to reduce taxes for American families by tripling the personal deduction for each child.   Not only am I committed to cutting at least $5 trillion within 5 years of federal spending, I will reduce the size and scope of government and encourage entrepreneurs to innovate new projects for American families. Enterprise isn’t free when it’s tangled in 82,000 pages of red tape every year.   Getting rid of irrational and burdensome regulations is change that we can believe in together as we restore America’s greatness and freedom.

Directly related, here is an assessment of each candidate’s’ stance on the question…

  • Will you abolish the Environmental Protection Agencey (EPA)?
  1. Gingrich Yes. SOURCE
  2. Huntsman Rein it in, not abolish it. SOURCE
  3. Paul Yes. SOURCE
  4. Perry Yes, and rebuild a new environmental agency. SOURCE
  5. Romney Supports much of the agency’s mission but would reform some things. SOURCE
  6. Santorum Modify it, not abolish it. SOURCE

in, republished from Tea Party Voter Guide, New Hampshire Edition

For further information on the candidates regarding the American Sovereignties and threats to them, including Agenda 21, see…

And for more on Agenda 21, click that tag link, paging/scrolling down to the earliest, first.

Caveat: all analysis of the behavior of human beings must be dynamic, not static. Let us keep asking questions. Here is one suggestion for ongoing activism:

We look forward to providing further information demonstrating key candidates’ stances on America’s most essential Sovereignty issues, in future articles and blog entries.


Permission granted to republish this article, in part, or in whole with credit to and backlink.

hat tip:
The many awake, aware, and alert United States Citizens,
who are pressing our candidates regarding our Sovereignty,
including that done through the Tea Party movement,
though others tragically focus only upon money.


  1. I am a Christian, but I am fearing my own people. I am observing the fact that evangelical Christians, and Catholics are both deceived. I am concerned that the progressives, the socialist’s, the communist’s succeded in their infiltration first, long before they conquered our school system. I am afraid that the truth seeker is going to come from the left, right, & center people, but most of the so-called Christians will be left behind, if you know what I mean.


      • Gingrich is a globalist. Please see David Icke’s video entitled The One Party State and he will explain the theater that is used time and again to fool the public and accept yet another globalist into the office of the presidency.

  2. Great work Arlen ~ It’s wonderful to see these videos. Amazing the only one that would straight out answer with a simple, elegant and knowledgeable response, once again, Newt Gingrich.

  3. I am very disappointed in the Republican candidates positions on energy.

    Huntsman defers to the “98% garbage” with out any reflection on the East Anglican University/Professor Mann deceit. He believes in global warming for the same reason most uninformed liberals believe-ignorance and laziness to use common sense/critical thinking and spend the time to look into the issue.

    Gingrich-he is still on the bench with Nancy Pelosi. The other night on FOX he said we have to decide how much CO2 we will put into the atmosphere. HE BELIEVES IN GLOBAL WARMING! He never explained what scientific beliefs caused him to get on the bench and then off the bench. He just says it was the dumbest thing he ever did. I worry about an epiphany on global warming if he becomes POTUS.

    Romney actually believes that our progress with renewable and nuclear energy-all low to noCO2, will make us energy independent. I guess that the current 1% of our energy use being from renewable sources and promised to be 2% by Obama by 2020 impressed him and the extreme danger that the shutting down of Yucca Mountain for nuclear waste has put 130 million people living within 120 temporary/PERMANENT nuclear waste sites flew by him. ( these nuclear waste sites store waste in open air concrete containers which are very vulnerable to the terrorists favorite attack method-explosive laden small aircraft.

    Point is that CO2 is a TRACE GAS amounting to 0.0387% of the atmosphere. That is much less than 1/10 th of one % of all the gas in the atmosphere. All the controls proposed for CO2 with liquifying coal, liquifying and sequestering CO2 and Cap and Trade will not lower the CO2 in the atmosphere measurably. Even if the US goes all out and cut the world man contributed CO2 output by 30% it would only lower the CO2 output by about 3 parts per million (ppm) of the 387 ppm CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Energy will cost us much more and the US will become less competitive since China, India and Brazil, etc. will not clean up their CO2 even if it mattered.

    How do so few CO2 molecules in the GIGANTIC atmosphere actually cause all the radiated energy reflection back to earth? How do these CO2 molecules bond together to form this reflector? Is it like a cellophane wrap? How do these molecules stay in reflective formation in the face of the Jet Stream.
    If you want to argue the CO2 molecular re radiation at a different frequency I would ask that you prove it and note that NASA recently reported that current studies show that much of the energy originally said to be reflected back to earth actually escapes into space.
    Why not make a commitment to reduce the biggest global warming green house gas that is responsible for about 85% of the green house effect-WATER VAPOR! GOOD LUCK!

    Truth is that none of these candidates know anything about what they speak.

  4. Thanks Arlen, nice piece. It should be remembered that all lawmaker policy is drafted by outside lobby groups with a generous check paper-clipped to the package. Legislators keep the drafts of the bills until the timing is right, change a little language, invite their across the aisle buddies to lunch and work the system. There was a time that Agenda 21 was an in vogue debate and anyone considered a non-subscriber was wearing tar and feathers. K-Street has a deep reach across our country and our world, follow the money and Maurice Strongs are found on every street corner globally. Hat tip to you sir.

  5. The sceme to drastically change America started with President Wilson. He was the one that brought in The Federal Reserve system. A violation of ” The Constitution”.
    When Pres. Teddy Roosevelt came into office many bankers,ets endedup going to prison for their illegal actions.
    Prior to going to war and at war with Nazi Germany the following committed TREASON !They were never prosecuted asTRAITORS.. They were the following ;Prescott Bush and John. D. Rockeffer. Prescott Bush ( Father of Pres. George Bush) Rockellers banker who helped finance Hitlers country and war machine for Rockefeller prior to the U.S. going to war.
    Rockefellers Standard Oil Co. supplied oil to Nazi Germany before and during the early stages of WW2 while our American Soldiers were fighting Germany .
    President Roosevelt intervened and made them stop. They should have been tried as TRAITORS for aiding and abetting our enemy. They were not and this was all kept from The American People.
    Ford Motor Company built over a third of Hitlers military trucks. Henry Ford was a supporter of Hitler and Germany prior to our entering the war.
    After the war America brought to The United States their rocket scientists. What Pres. Truman did’nt have knowledge of is the following. Around 3,000 former Nazis’ that had expertise in many areas were smuggled into our country. They were scientists involved in mind contol,human experiments,chemical warfare ,bioligical warfare, and many other areas.
    They also came here for another purpose. To infiltrate every aspect of our society.Business,military,universities, and other areas to slowly ruin us and create a new America.
    A country where we Americans become serbs to them; The Big Government.
    1963. “Operation Northwoods” planned by our military leaders to invade Cuba. Presented to our late great President John F. Kennedy. Turned down by Kennedy. One of the reasons he was assassinated by our C.I. A. and The Mob.
    This very plan is identical to 9/11. For many years I also accepted our governments reasons to go to war against Iraq ans Afghanistan. After waking up and studying everything I could find I now realize how much “We The People” have been manipulated and used by those in power that we put our trust in to do right.
    America is now headed down a road that many of us don’t want to travel on. It may come to another Civil War among us. Those on the side of our Constitution and Bill of Rights against those that want us as servants to their ideology.
    To those that read my message feel free to do your own research on what I’ve written here.
    I served my country in Vietnam. I don’t want your kids to end up fighting the next war without good reason. Our leaders are now working on a war with Iran. I don’t want your children to go and die there for these worthless non’caring leaders of ours.
    If Iran oversteps her bounds with the nuclear thing Israel will simply wipe their nuclear facilities off the face of the earth. They have already done it to the Syrians.
    A Patriot who knows what has gone on.

  6. Turn the pyramid upsidedown, you are the foundation, make it so.

  7. Brian Flickinger says

    This is just another false flag Geo-political move to get the people to vote for politicians that oppose this plan but are still in bed with the concept of NWO and elitist .

  8. I just sent this email to the Secretary of State’s Office here in Washington State because I think the 2012 Election has been rigged. Please send the same query to your Secretary of State:

    To: Patty Murphy
    Secretary of State’s Office
    State of Washington


    I am deeply concerned about massive apparent election fraud that is about to be perpetrated in the upcoming 2012 supposed “Election”.

    On the SOE Software website, I see that the State of Washington is one of 19 States contracting with this company to have their votes counted by them.
    (The States contracting with SOE are (AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA)

    SOE has just acquired by SCYTL, a Spanish company based in Barcelona, Spain.

    From what I can see, votes from the State of Washington are to be transmitted to a Central Server in Spain where they will allegedly be, ummmh “counted”.

    It would appear from this that there is no way to back check votes at the Precinct level, as is customary to be able to verify accurate election results.

    This is deeply disturbing to me, and I would like your detailed comments.

    Please read the information at this site
    Please read this article “A Foreign Company Will Process Our Votes in November”

    It would seem from this that SCYTL , the Spanish company that will “count our votes” is owned by Balderton Capital, a venture capital company run by Tim Bunting and Mark Evans, both Goldman Sachs veterans. Goldman Sachs was Obama’s largest campaign supporter in the last election, and is Mitt Romney’s largest campaign contributor in this election.

    I find this deeply disturbing. It would seem from this that both horses in the alleged “race” are being controlled by the same people at the top, and that they’ve found a way to totally control the outcome of the supposed “election.” Is this why Obama made the statement to Medvedev of Russia that he made recently? It almost sounded like he has been assured a guaranteed outcome in what a large and growing number of people fear will be a fake election.

    Did the Federal Elections Commission approve of this ?

    Did the Congress of the United States approve of this ?

    Was this done by an Executive Order from the White House?

    Exactly how was this decision made to send our votes to Spain to be “counted”? WHO is responsible? Why is the media not reporting this???

    When I called SOE to demand answers to these questions, my call was never returned. Can I trust the State of Washington?

    I find it very disturbing that there are so many impending signs of martial law. Example: Gates are now in place that can be used to totally close off the border entering the country. Gates are in place at Peace Arch Border crossing and going into Point Roberts WA. Also, DHS/ICE now have a contract for 450 Million Rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. What the hell is going on??? What is the Fedstapo anticipating here?

    I demand to know how I can trust that my vote will be properly counted? I have a very large email distribution list of thousands of people and I am going to ask all of them to ask this same question to their State Attorney General’s offices, but first, I await your answer.

    cc Whatcom GOP, Whatcom Fair Voting, Citizens Election Advisory Committee

    John C. Hammell, President
    International Advocates for Health Freedom
    Sulfur for Health
    556 Boundary Bay Rd.
    Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
    1-800-333-2553 H&W
    Member- Hall of Honor- Freedom Force International

  9. I couldn’t hear the video of Ron Paul but i know his policies intimately and know he’s absolutely opposed to the UN in any shape or form including the IMF, World Bank, etc. and has been as long as I’ve known him since 1988.

    Perry of course is the opposite of all he said in that primary — he gave a speech on open borders with Mexico, trans-national health insurance, and Dream Act for kids of illegals… he also sold out to internationalists with the trans-Texas highway… (Then he tried to have tea party swagger by talking secession, guns, and sovereignty — ooops, sorry Rick we saw right through you here in NH)

    Forget Romney! He has too many Solyndra deals he made, promoted RGGI schemes in Mass.. and is generally on 3 sides of an issue, whatever suits him at the moment.

    Newt? Newt knows the drill, but if he thought there was money to be made or that it was popular to support Agenda 21 he’d do it, because he’s a selfish person not to be trusted.

    As for that reporter Steve Peoples, he is unscrupulous and took private emails from a private list and twisted the words and misquoted who said them and to whom.. He is very unethicall don’t talk to AP in general if you can help it.

  10. Sustainable development is a fancy way of saying that this world will not last and we know it. Agenda 21 may be non-binding, yet it is influencing American policy and thought within our leaders. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with this and though I think most of their remarks are dung, I am glad that even they have seen the possible atrocities that could be done with the implementation of this policy. If I can only heat with electricity and not a wood stove to burn wood in what do I do when a power line snaps from freezing? This is the lack of common sense that is apparent in the leadership on both sides of the aisle that are leading us into this mandated disaster. Save a dog, but kill a baby. Kill a baby, but don’t spank your kids. Correct your kids, but don’t say their wrong because healthy self-esteem is what breeds creative genius. I get the mindless psycho babble, but it doesn’t work in the real world and will not work. One thing sustainable development sees is a definite end to humanity. They are right Christ will come and destroy the rebels and free the faithful at last.

    Justin Lee Reagan
    Tolerating nothing but truth from here on out

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