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Is the Constitution Partisan?

All public officials, elected or appointed, federal, state and local, take an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution. This is supposed to remind them and us that the Constitution stands above politics, and our primary loyalty is to the rule of law itself, not to any party, program or political agenda. But the dirty little secret of American politics is that the American left thinks this oath and this loyalty is … [Read more...]

DOJ Persecution of Diaz Family, Border Patrol Agents, Continues

We begin with a news release from the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council (LEOAC), then show more of the story, providing further context. DOJ Sticks It to Diaz Family Again   LEOAC was informed that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons personnel at the Federal Correctional Institution where Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. "Chito" Diaz, Jr. is serving his prison sentence (withheld for his safety) has informed … [Read more...]

Salute Her while She Sinks

"College professors have felt the heat of this repressive new order; researchers and scientists have encountered its ire; ministers have found themselves muzzled; teachers have been intimidated; employees have lost their jobs; even parents have been told that they cannot exercise their rights.  Queer has become something to fear, and gay is beginning to rule the day." - Dr. Michael L. Brown "A Queer Thing … [Read more...]

Reminders of the Horrors of Communism

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media This past weekend, two stark reminders of the nightmare that communism was, and continues to be, left the world stage. These two people couldn’t be more different in their outlook and actions. One was Václav Havel, the Czech playwright, poet and intellectual, who spent years in prison, but whose willingness to stand up and tell the truth about the lies and brutality that … [Read more...]

Obama, Administrator in the White House, Doing the Work of Edward M. House

This article was first published in the first week of November, 2011 Click to listen to this article Barack Hussein Obama is rapidly becoming the Administrator that Colonel Edward Mandell House fantasized about in his horrible novel, Philip Dru: Administrator. Philip Dru said: "Our Constitution and our laws served us well for the first hundred years of our existence, but under the conditions of today … [Read more...]

Dr. Laurie Roth for President?

Outsider, fringe and impossible,  or real ideas,  real guts completely possible by Laurie Roth, Ph.D. The national crisis and American challenge we face We have a worldview clash with Barack Hussein Obama.  He has come against the very history,  core and backbone of our country,  surrounded by his progressives and  leftists.  The far left manages to destroy all the good words that used to have meaning.   Have you … [Read more...]

O.W.S. Activist: ‘Police Rank and File are Professional Class Traitors, but We Should Attempt to Use them Against the 1%ers’

New Zeal From Big Government, by Trevor Loudon An Occupy Wall Street activist and veteran of the Trotskyist International Socialist Organization, Pham Binh, has written a widely circulated article, which explains how socialists should attempt  to manipulate rank and file police officers against society’s so called rulers – the “1%ers.” According to Pham Binh: Occupy is a once in a lifetime opportunity to … [Read more...]

The President Can Kill You or Jail You Indefinitely on His Own Discretion: Prof. Jonathan Turley

This video is from C-SPAN and a December 19th broadcast they have called "Surveillance and Privacy Issues." About the totalitarian powers of putative President Obama, now acceded by the United States Congress and it's new National Defense Authorization Act,  Jonathan Turley, Law Professor of George Washington University, answers a caller from South Carolina. That patriot, a self described Democrat, begins … [Read more...]

Patriots of the Year – 2011

NoisyRoom The Tea Party once again was shunned by major media in 2011. But they were there punching away and fighting for America under many names with millions of patriots striving to save our country and return to Constitutional principles. In virtually every city across the United States, Tea Party members got involved in local and national politics and raised their voices in unison to cry for smaller … [Read more...]

Stop NWO at County Level, Lawman Richard Mack to Sheriffs

in American Free Press / AFP Lawman Richard Mack Tells Sheriffs: You Can Fight NWO at County Level By Pat Shannan   Sheriffs from all over America are being invited to gather on Jan. 30, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, for what could be the most important meeting “since the Constitutional Convention of 1787,” according to Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) founder Richard … [Read more...]

EPA Expanding Control, Tightening Grip Ahead of Rio+20 and 2012 Elections

Freedom fighters, be sure to see this new report. For more on "sustainable development," a.k.a., "smart growth," a.k.a., "going green," a.k.a., "high-road capitlaism," a.k.a., many other euphemisms and all, U.N. Agenda 21, see the appropriate tags below the this entry. This is the "federal" push, to go along with the U.N. Marxist assault directly into the localities and "regions" of America and the world, … [Read more...]

Whoopie Goldberg Prefers Communism More Fully Enforced

Goldberg's communist comments are apparently left unchallenged by Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, on ABC's The View. This very brief post below from, with its MRC video, is posted in full due to its brevity. Readers are encouraged to study the generations of Marxist/globalist insurgency into America's media and educational institutions, often labeled "the Frankfurt School."   Whoopi … [Read more...]

Ron Paul Says Accused Traitor is a Patriot

Accuracy in Media As homosexual Army soldier Bradley Manning’s treason trial continues at Fort Meade, Maryland, the support he has received from Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been curiously ignored by the major media, now touting Paul as someone who could win the January 3 Iowa Republican Caucuses. Paul has called Manning, a crossdresser with acknowledged mental problems, a “hero” and … [Read more...]

US Not Headed Towards Euro-Socialism; it’s Far Worse than that

Are you as tired as am I about the talking heads--leftists, RINO and faux conservatives--advising us on an almost daily basis that “If we don’t stop it (presumably the government, Obama and maybe even Obama’s sycophant Congress) we’re heading for ‘European-style Socialism’.”  Ahhh…as if that were the only thing about which we have to worry. Of course, the truth is that the [former] USA is not heading for … [Read more...]

Homosexuals Support Gay Soldier in Treason Trial

Accuracy in Media Homosexual Army soldier Bradley Manning’s bizarre behavior, which included calling himself “Breanna” and dressing in women’s clothes, might be expected to lead some in the media to question whether Congress should have repealed the policy banning open homosexuality in the military. Instead, however, many stories about Manning’s preliminary hearing are focusing on charges from his attorneys … [Read more...]

Just In Case We Forget Just How Much Radical Islam Loves the West

New Zeal Egyptian Cleric Leads Pro-Al-Qaeda Demonstration in Tahrir Square, Threatens U.S. and Jews We Will Destroy America… We Will Destroy Britain! … [Read more...]

Happy Holy Days: Christmas and Hanukkah

Isaiah 7:14  Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.(KJV)    Matthew 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. (KJV)     John 10:22 And it was at Jerusalem the feast of dedication and it was winter. (Hanukkah - … [Read more...]

Syria – The Tipping Point Into Hell

NoisyRoom Ask yourself, what happens if we intervene in Syria? Nothing good will come of it. As the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine raises its rough countenance and swivels its sights towards Syria, America should pause and consider where this road leads. Straight to a world war drawing in Iran, Russia and China, courtesy of the Obama administration and its thuggish goons. I have no love for the Ayatollahs … [Read more...]

To those Stressed but with Faith, Christmastime and 2012

Distress -- Strife and Victory -- 'Be Still and Know' Is this a stressful time  for you? This is the season for it, right? Shopping for gifts and preparing for gatherings keep us busy little elves, while tyrants in D.C. and those behind them are fast at work, turning us into slaves. And in our very communities, unelected local and regional "planning commissions" are snowing our neighbors, under guises such … [Read more...]

Were the Founders Pro-Immigration?

Lynn Holland, who apparently teaches something called "comparative politics" at the University of Denver, says, "Tancredo misunderstands the fundamental nature of American citizenship." My offense? I urge Americans "to be proud of our Western civilization." I say "Western civilization is our history." And I warn that "The countries of Western Europe are being invaded by 'Islamo-fascists,' while here in the … [Read more...]

The Obama Man’s Coming to Get You!

Reneging on one of his campaign promises (now there's a surprise -- not), Obama recently lifted a ban on the slaughtering of horses for use as food.  One imagines that kids getting "My Little Dog-food" toys under the Christmas tree will be less than thrilled, and Obama may well become the new "boogie man" of the 21st century.  Link  Link Parent:  "You had best be good, or the Obama Man will get you -- he'll come … [Read more...]

ASK Radio Treats Obama Ballot Challenges

Would you like to know the current state of affairs in the quest to hold Barack Obama (and the entire, relevant set of governments of the United States of America) accountable as to the question of his eligibility to be United States President -- in the next term? From the desk of Third Wave Dave... Friday, December 16, 2011 THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW: THE OBAMA ELIGIBILITY WITH GEORGE MILLER AND GARY … [Read more...]

Temporary Post: NDAA, SOPA, and… Rio 20

It's Christmastime again and once again The Powers That Be are working like little elves, to assure that: Hang in there; we're working on all of these subjects: NDAA with its final language sorely needs to be put in context. SOPA is a disaster-cludge in process and we'll show the response of the Internet's authors. Rio 20 years later... it's back. … [Read more...]

Regardless of What They Told You in School, FDR Stunk

NoisyRoom By: Best Selling Author and History Geek Larry Correia Monster Hunter Nation   Newt Gingrich once said that FDR was his favorite president of the twentieth century, and perhaps of all American history. Newt says he is conservative, so that would be like somebody saying they are Christian, but their favorite angel is Lucifer. Even if I didn’t know anything else about his history that alone … [Read more...]

Obama Officials Permit Trashing of Parks by Occupiers

Accuracy in Media It may not be the biggest scandal of the Obama Administration, but the collusion between the Department of the Interior and the Occupy Wall Street movement has caught the attention of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa. This, in turn, has led to some coverage by the media of the illegal takeover of public parks in Washington, D.C., and the damage that … [Read more...]

A Voters’ Guide To Republicans

NoisyRoom Hat Tip: Kim Priestap … [Read more...]

The Media Obsession with and Abuse of Polls

Accuracy in Media Before a single vote has been cast for the Republican presidential nomination, “the lead” has changed hands five or six times. At one point or another, Rick Perry led, Herman Cain led, Michele Bachmann led, Mitt Romney led, and the current leader is Newt Gingrich. But the obsession with all of these polls serves to take the place of real journalism and analysis, and turns this very serious … [Read more...]

Russia Today Interviews Richard Perle

New Zeal Very interesting interview with Richard Perle on Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Moscow propaganda outlet Russia Today meets its match. … [Read more...]