Poll: Obama, Holder & Co. Succeeding in Interracial Sabotage

Over and over again, it has been our message to America and the world that Barack Obama is of his sentiments and intentions a Marxist and pro-Islamist, and that functionally, at this stage of soft warfare upon America, he is also a neo-fascist (essentially the same as a structural neo-Marxist by increment). We use the word, Marxofascist. We try and try to spread the alert that he is the figurehead of a titanic … [Read more...]

MSNBC Fears Romney has White Appeal

Accuracy in Media Fear has set in at MSNBC. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are in a state of panic over the idea that Mitt Romney may appeal to white voters and that Obama may not. That Obama is running a campaign based on black racism and exploitation of ethnic divisions in society is of no concern to them. Citing polling data that blacks and Hispanics are going for Obama, Maddow said on her August 24 … [Read more...]

New Poll: End of Gender Gap or Proof of Credibility Gap?

Accuracy in Media The Obama campaign is complaining about the latest New York Times/CBS poll, because of its “methodology.” Their real complaint, however, is with the results. Whereas in April, the poll showed that in a general election match-up between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Obama was ahead among women voters by 49% – 43%, now, in the latest poll, Romney is ahead among women by 46% – 44%, which is … [Read more...]

The Media Obsession with and Abuse of Polls

Accuracy in Media Before a single vote has been cast for the Republican presidential nomination, “the lead” has changed hands five or six times. At one point or another, Rick Perry led, Herman Cain led, Michele Bachmann led, Mitt Romney led, and the current leader is Newt Gingrich. But the obsession with all of these polls serves to take the place of real journalism and analysis, and turns this very serious … [Read more...]