Just In Case We Forget Just How Much Radical Islam Loves the West

New Zeal

Egyptian Cleric Leads Pro-Al-Qaeda Demonstration in Tahrir Square, Threatens U.S. and Jews

We Will Destroy America… We Will Destroy Britain!


  1. Bring it on you pack of rabid dogs, and the west will send you to allah, may he rot in hell. Muhammed was a child molestor and the rest of his ilk are disguting degenerates who only know brutality, they are brutal to women, animals, people who don’t agree with them, basically the whole f%$@*ing world.
    Anyone in the west that thinks they can make peace with these animals had best wake up soon, they do not want peace, they want the world subjugated by them. Let’s not forget the #1 muslim a@#hole in the USA, barack HUSSEIN obama.
    Any Questions?

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