Dr. Laurie Roth for President?

Outsider, fringe and impossible,  or real ideas,  real guts completely possible

by Laurie Roth, Ph.D.

The national crisis and American challenge we face

We have a worldview clash with Barack Hussein Obama.  He has come against the very history,  core and backbone of our country,  surrounded by his progressives and  leftists.  The far left manages to destroy all the good words that used to have meaning.   Have you noticed?  Gay is now homosexual and Progressivism sounds so enlightened.  It makes you think  that  you are simply moving forward.  In truth, it is the new, face lifted name for socialist/Marxist communism.

Obama  has fought against capitalism,  American independence and achievement by taking over huge chunks of the auto industry,  forcing unconstitutional health care on the American people with threat of fines or worse,  shutting down many coal plants,  and imposing ridiculous regulations on power plants.  He is thrilled our utility rates and cost of energy is sky rocketing.

He has sided with despots, such as Zelaya of Honduras,  Chavez,  Hamas,  Muslim Brotherhood, Islam in general as he has insulted and maligned Christians, Israel and Tea Party conservatives.  He started viciously attacking Americans from the first ‘accidental’ release of the Miac report from Homeland security back in Spring 2008 identifying pro second amendment,  pro life,  pro state and federal sovereignty, returning vets and other conservatives as potential domestic terrorists.  The insults and slander has only sky rocketed from there.

Obama is wrong for America, Judeo Christian values and our constitution.  He has apologized numerous times for our country,  while telling Turkish parliament and others we aren’t even a Christian nation.  In fact,  in between bowing low to Saudi Kings he has said we were one of the largest Muslim nations on earth.

The real Obama and his motives are revealed in his own books,  background and who he continues to surround himself with.  From his ‘mysterious not to be known’ college days on we see him surrounding himself with Communists, on boards and making friends with William Ayers, former member of the Weather Underground terrorist group, intent on attacking, killing, controlling and transforming America into a Communist regime.

We have seen Obama surround himself with a multitude of czars who are radical leftists,  some believing and writing about the wonders of abortion even after birth for toddlers,  animals being able to sue people and writing of putting forced birth control in Americas water system so women can’t become pregnant.

We also have a President who has many members of the Islamic terrorist group,  Muslim brotherhood working in high level positions under him and with Hillary Clinton.  He has  backed and supported Muslim Brotherhood instead of our long term Alley Hosni Mubarak of Egypt during the Arab Spring uprising.  Mubarak was certainly not perfect but  a faithful alley, friend and moderate Muslim with a long standing treaty with Israel.  Now he is on trial,  Muslim Brotherhood is winning the first round of elections,  Coptic Christians are being murdered and Cathedrals are burning to the ground.  Oh yeah….and Israel is being threatened,  treaties and years of peace are in the process of being crushed.

There has been nothing ‘Arab Spring’  about the uprising throughout the Middle East.  Instead it would be more accurate to call what is going on there  ‘radical regime change.’  Libya,  Tunisia,  Egypt, Syria,  are all leaning more radical,  more Sharia,  more dangerous to Israel and America.  Obama  must be thrilled.  The Islamic Caliphate moves forward.

Obama has managed to extend with his czars his dictatorial reach and completely bypass congress.  With  czars now managing, manipulating and ruining vast amounts of America,  Obama bypasses congress.  With his illegal war in Libya he completely bypassed congress and got his direction from the UN.  With his forced Health care bill he has created with the progressive left an entirely unconstitutional health care plan with threat of fines if we don’t obey.  26 states and 2 Federal judges have already ruled against this and now we wait upon the Supreme Court.  Will they judge rightly and for the people or not?  We shall see.

We are a nation under an aggressive attack from within.  Our Senate recently voted to allow our military the right to pick up US citizens without charges on vague terrorist suspicions.  They can detain us without trial indefinitely.  At least 72 FEMA camps are being activated all across the country.  Why?  Obama is positioning for total control.

Other attacks against America

Obama is not the only danger fighting against America. Global elitism, environmentalism our moral collapse and distance from the Holy Bible is delivering all the other crushing blows that threaten to destroy us.

Sustainability,  Agenda 21,   Greens, obsessions with ‘carbon emissions’  and warming,  are all fronts for Marxism and Communistic take overs.  At their core,  these groups don’t believe in land ownership,  growing what we want and achieving.  They want to reign us in,  allow us only so much food, water and freedom.  Some only want us to drive so far in our cars then find a way to make the car stop.  ‘Smart Grid’  now is digitally tracking our use of power in our house.  The Feds could turn off your power if you went over an amount they saw as ‘too much.’  Do you like the idea of the Feds telling you in the privacy of your own home,  what your rate will be,  how much heat,  air conditioning and electricity you can use before you are turned off?

Who am I and what will I do if elected President

Undo and correct the damage of Obama

I will work within my power as president to undo the following:

  • I will stand against and work to destroy the unconstitutional Health care bill.
  • I will come against any federal support and push of environmentalism,  sustainability,  Agenda 21,  cap and trade,  land and environmental controls that threatens our freedom and business.
  • I will stop all federal funding anywhere that supports and/or funds abortion and Planned Parenthood.
  • I will work within my power to undo the STARTt treaty that Obama signed with Russia, threatening the lead of our nuclear program and ability to respond in kind if attacked.
  • I will restore and repair our relationship with Israel and stand against Hamas,  Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic sects with a history of attacks,  threats and murder.
  • I will fire all czars that Obama has appointed.
  • I will audit every department in the federal government and demand fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  • I will push for an outside audit of the Federal Reserve.
  • I will fight to reverse the Senate ruling that gave our Military the right to arrest and apprehend US citizens on vague terrorist charges, then hold them without charges and indefinitely.  I will stop the activation of all FEMA camps.
  • I will stop the shutting down of coal plants and overbearing regulations on power plants.

What will I do while cleaning up the above nightmare and mess Obama has left us.

  • I will immediately craft a bill and get supporters to pass a 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all federal tax including income tax.
  • I will draw all leaders in all kinds of energy and develop bold plans to build infrastructure in all 50 states for oil,  nuclear, natural gas,  solar and alternative fuels.  Once the 2% consumption tax is voted into law I will talk to the American people about our national wallet available to pay our bills.  I will offer grants for energy infrastructure projects that will make us energy independent within 4 years and create millions of jobs.
  • I will put 20-50,000 National Guard troops on our borders to help secure them.  I will also use satellite technology,  fly overs,  virtual and real fences to stop the illegal alien flow and drug trade.
  • I will bring our troops home from Libya which in my view is an illegal war and violation of the 1973 War powers act.
  • I will review critically Iraq and Afghanistan and work with our generals and leaders to incrementally bring our troops home in a safe and systematic manner.  We cannot turn victories into defeats.
  • I will get our country completely out of debt within 4 years.

There is much to fix and undo and much to do to make America a light on a hill again.  We can do this together.  With God all things are possible.

Join me and help me make this dream and miracle happen.  Sign up as a volunteer.  Offer a donation and spread the word.





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