Syria Explained – From a Marxist Viewpoint

New Zeal An interesting dialog on the Syrian situation from Moscow funded propaganda channel Russia Today. One of the main protagonists here is Brian Becker, a leader of the hard core Marxist-Leninist Party for Socialism and Liberation. Informative, if one can read between the propaganda lines. … [Read more...]

Riots in Spain

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today covers riots in Spain. At least 76 people have been injured in Madrid as clashes flared up between protesters and police, the latter using rubber bullets. Thousands of Spanish anarchists, communists and labor unionists turned out against new austerity measures introduced by the Socialist government. … [Read more...]

Russia Today Seizes on Opportunities to Undermine US Effort in Afghanistan

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today, seizes on more gift opportunities to undermine the US war effort in Afghanistan. … [Read more...]

Russian Dupes Behind Bilderberger Protests

By: Cliff Kincaid   The major news organizations have been driven by the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily to cover protests against a meeting of the “Bilderbergers” at a Marriott hotel outside Washington, D.C. The stories usually feature Alex Jones, a Texas-based radio host who regularly appears on Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) television, or Daniel Estulin, a Russian-born writer whose book on the … [Read more...]

Club of Rome Still Pushing “Global Warning” Scam

New Zeal While the world seems to be cooling, the appallingly dishonest Club of Rome is still shamelessly pushing "Global Warming" lies. From Moscow propaganda channel Russia Today: Rising carbon dioxide levels will most likely cause the global average temperature to rise two degrees by 2052, the Club of Rome think tank has said in a report. Failure to come up with a coordinated solution to address … [Read more...]

Russia Today Interviews US Communist Leader – Working in “Occupy” Movement, Supporting Obama

New Zeal A revealing interview by Moscow funded propaganda station Russia Today, with Communist Party USA Chair Sam Webb (sporting some cool new facial hair). Webb candidly admits that his troops are working in the Occupy Wall Street movement and are actively supporting long time party "friend" President Barack Obama. This video supports my theory that Russia is effectively still controlled by Marxists, who … [Read more...]

Russia Today Covers Montreal Riots

New Zeal Russian government propaganda channel Russia Today covers recent marxist/student rioting in Montreal, Canada, during which 85 people were arrested. … [Read more...]

Holder Refuses to Enforce the Law Against WikiLeaks and Russia Today

Accuracy in Media Luke Harding of the London Guardian says Julian Assange is a “useful idiot,” based on the premier episode of his Russian Today (RT) program “The World Tomorrow.” The show featured a mostly softball interview with Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah, who not surprisingly adopted the Russian position of support for the Assad regime in Syria. In fact, the useful idiots are those who … [Read more...]

Assange Joins Russian Anti-NATO Campaign Against Sweden

Accuracy in Media In another indication of his service to the Russians, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has told The New Internationalist magazine that the Swedish security services intercept 80 percent of Russian Internet traffic and share the information with the United States. The claim is making big news in Russia, where Assange is regarded as a hero for his charges and disclosures damaging to America and its … [Read more...]

The Russians and American Progressives: Together Again

Accuracy in Media The Russia Today (RT) Moscow-funded propaganda channel, which is backing the murderous regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, aired a special program on Tuesday night on how progressives in the U.S. can “Take Back the American Dream” by defeating Republicans. The propaganda effort was broadcast throughout the United States and produced in collaboration with major liberal groups such as … [Read more...]

Russia Today Hires WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange – Will the Kremlin Be Pleased?

New Zeal Is WikiLeaks biased against the West and the US in particular? This news item would tend to indicate so. According to Christian Science monitor Moscow correspondent Fred Weir, Kremlin funded media outlet Russia Today, is to hire WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This despite the fact that Assange remains under house arrest in Britain, awaiting a Supreme Court decision on his extradition to Sweden … [Read more...]

Russia Today Says O.W.S. Here to Stay

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda station Russia Today, confirms what we already suspect - the Occupy Wall Street movement is not going away and plans to play a big role in 2012. And won't the Russian government just love that? … [Read more...]

Russia Today Interviews Richard Perle

New Zeal Very interesting interview with Richard Perle on Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Moscow propaganda outlet Russia Today meets its match. … [Read more...]

30,000 Radicals and Dupes March in Manchester – Russia Today, There As Usual

By: Trevor Loudon New Zeal In several Western countries, radicals are rising up, as cash strapped governments are forced to take long overdue austerity measures. And dollars to do-nuts, you can bet the Kremlin financed propagandists from Russia Today will be there egging them on. … [Read more...]

Russian Propaganda Show Promotes Democratic Socialists of America Marxists

New Zeal Thom Hartman presents a show on rabidly anti-American Moscow funded propaganda channel Russia Today. Hartman is also a bona fide 9/11 Truther and a one time board member of Progressive Democrats of America - a creation of the US' largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America and the far left and highly influential Institute for Policy Studies. Here Hartmann allows full rein to Maria … [Read more...]

Russian Propagandists Exploit Wall Street Protests

Accuracy in Media The FBI has released photos, videos, and documents in the case of 10 Russian secret agents arrested—and quickly deported—in 2010. The documents are mostly heavily redacted and of no practical value to those interested in the details about on-going Russian operations against the U.S. What is perhaps more interesting and significant is what the Russians are doing in plain sight by using … [Read more...]

Anti-US “Russia Today” Continues to Support and Encourage “Occupy” Movement

New Zeal Moscow funded, anti-US propaganda station Russia Today continues to support and encourage the communist/anarchist led 'Occcupy" movement. Imagine the Kremlin's reaction if a US station did this in Russia. … [Read more...]

Russians and George Soros Support Wall Street Protesters

New Zeal Moscow funded propaganda channel Russia Today continues to back US revolutionaries. Socialist supporting financier George Soros expresses sympathy for their cause. Surprise, surprise! Gulag Note ~ And their top dawg in the White House too. We wouldn't want to leave out Barry. For Soros, though, feel free to search Gulag Bound with "Soros" plus "Occupy" plus "Rothschild." … [Read more...]

Russians Cheer on the American Revolution

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gleefully reports "Occupation"  protests in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. Why is the agent of a hostile foreign power allowed to encourage revolutionary activity in America? … [Read more...]

Russian Propaganda Station Supports US Protestors

New Zeal Kremlin propaganda station Russia Today is openly supporting the tiny, but growing wave of anarchist/socialist/communist led protests currently building across America. In true Soviet style, the Russians are trying to spin the actions of a few leftist malcontents as the beginnings of a mass movement against the existing American social order. From the Russia Today website: Cops might be cracking … [Read more...]

Who Was Behind 9-11?

Dear Friend of America's Survival:As we commemorate the deaths of the 9/11 victims, let us also expose those who want to whitewash the role of radical Islam in this tragedy. The so-called 9/11 Truth Movement wants to blame Bush, Cheney and the CIA and others for the deaths of almost 3000 Americans.  I suggest you read: The Big Con and 9/11 Truth: How Political Extremists, Left-wing Scam Artists and United Nations … [Read more...]

Rep. Dennis Kucinich – Russian Sympathizer

New Zeal Ohio Congressman Kucinich is a far left winger - nothing new there. However most of his constituents would be surprised at the extent of Rep. Kucinich's long time links to the Communist Party USA. They might also be a little shocked to learn that their Congressman is a regular guest on the virulently anti-American, Kremlin financed propaganda station Russia Today. Anyone who consistently … [Read more...]

France Next?

New Zeal Moscow funded propaganda station Russia Today predicts that French austerity measures may lead to British style street rioting. As Moscow's communist allies in France are busily agitating among the very communities where violence will spring from, this is a very safe bet. … [Read more...]

Paid Russian Agent Adam Kokesh Off Air – Does “America’s Survival” Deserve Credit?

New Zeal Cliff Kincaid, President of America's Survival reports: Supporters of paid Russian agent Adam Kokesh are blaming America’s Survival, Inc. for the termination of his show on Russian TV. His last program was on Tuesday night. I have no way of knowing why he went off the air. But I do know that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) received my complaint over Kokesh apparently violating U.S. law … [Read more...]

Why is Russian TV Backing Ron Paul?

During a time when Ron Paul supporters are complaining, with some justification, about the major media not giving their candidate’s success in Iowa enough attention, the Texas congressman is getting enormously favorable coverage from a foreign propaganda outlet—Russia Today television. One of Paul’s leading supporters in the media, if the term “media” is broadly defined, is Adam Kokesh, host of a show, “Adam Vs. … [Read more...]

Russia Today on the British Riots

New Zeal Cute little Russia Today propaganda video on the British riots. Socialist governments create huge social problems with open immigration and massive welfare spending. Communist agitators then come in to stir up the disaffected victims of socialist policies, resulting in violence and chaos. Then communist propagandists like Russia Today come in to pour further fuel on the fire and to agitate for … [Read more...]

Gore Calls for an American Spring

NoisyRoom Al Gore: "We Need To Have An American Spring" The calls for open revolution by the Progressive/Marxists are getting stronger and stronger. Mixed in it, Gore claims he wants non-violent revolution. He's lying. Listen to how Russia TV is wording this. They are fomenting outright revolution here in the US. RT is a subversive and Communist propaganda outlet for Russia. Russia would love to see us … [Read more...]

Russia Celebrates Obama’s Birth, Engages in Joint Military Exercises with U.S.A.

No time to write an article at this moment, called "Russia: The Obama Administration's Ally."  Maybe later.  For now, here is some linking and excerpting. Hey, look at this Google search.  Seems while American media is a bit sheepish on reporting the new joint military exercises between the U.S., Russia, and Canada (what was that about a "Satan sandwich?") they are shouting the news in the streets of … [Read more...]

Wayne Madsen: Leftist Spin Merchant and ‘Red Diaper Baby’

By: Trevor Loudon New Zeal Investigative "journalist" Wayne Madsen is one of the most prolific purveyors of anti-American "literature" currently operating in the US. Madsen is one of the main promoters of the "Barack Obama is a CIA asset" theme. Madsen has promoted this theory in a number of articles and media interviews, though he has presented only the flimsiest of evidence to back up his … [Read more...]