Media Coverage of China is Overlooking Significant Stories

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media China has been increasing its influence and presence in recent months, though it’s not getting a lot of attention in our media. One topic that was covered extensively was the issue of Congress attempting to pass a law to combat China’s currency regulation. It has passed in the Senate, and is being held up in the House. There is concern that the bill could start a trade war, … [Read more...]

China Makes ‘Demands’ on US Over Taiwan

New Zeal Senior  officials from the US Democratic and Republican parties have just been in Beijing, seemingly to take their instructions from the Chinese Communist Party.   From the Communist Party of China International Department website: Senior officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Democratic and Republican parties of the United States held the third high-level dialogue on … [Read more...]

Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett: Government is there to Provide a Livelihood

NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze... ------------- Gulag Note - "The least of these...?" Really? What human beings most fit that description? -- at what stage in their lives?       … [Read more...]

Communists Enthused About Elizabeth Warren Candicacy

New Zeal The Communist Party USA is enthused about Elizabeth Warren's candidacy to replace Scott Brown as US Senator for Massachusetts. Dan Margolis writes in today's People's World: Progressive Democrat vies to take back Kennedy seat WORCESTER, Mass. - Many here and around the commonwealth were unhappy to see Republican Scott Brown win the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in 2010. Now they are throwing … [Read more...]

Slow Suicide? US Army to Cut 50,000 Soldiers

New Zeal This is an almost 10% cut. From News: The U.S. Army plans to reduce its number of Soldiers by nearly 50,000 during a five-year span, a general said. The Army Times reported Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, service personnel chief, said the reductions would being in March. The Army will cut forces in various ways, including buyouts, voluntary and involuntary separations and … [Read more...]

Obama’s Charade Exposed

Accuracy in Media There was a very revealing segment on The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday. The discussion was about President Obama’s recent focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. Obama gave his much ballyhooed speech in Congress, right after everyone returned from their August recess. You will recall that Obama first tried to schedule it up against a long-planned Republican presidential debate, the first day Congress was … [Read more...]

No Joke: Obama/Soros Promote “Open Government”

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The Obama State Department and a George Soros-funded organization calling itself Global Integrity have launched an “Open Government” international initiative that should be a subject of late-night jokes. “Here in the United States, we’ve worked to make government more open and responsive than ever before,” Obama said, as his administration fights congressional requests … [Read more...]

Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty – Wake Up Governors!!

NoisyRoom By: AJ for NoisyRoom Contributor: Toddy Littman Section 376 of Obama’s tax and spend “jobs” bill ends state sovereignty, turns our Republic into a dictatorship and destroys the foundation upon which our country was built. The fundamental transformation of America is almost complete. Read the bill. (Emphasis added) “SEC. 376. FEDERAL AND STATE IMMUNITY. (a) Abrogation of State Immunity- A State … [Read more...]

Pelosi: The Rich Won’t Pay Taxes Because They Want to be Immortal

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews Nancy's Crazy Class War Conspiracies: The Rich Wont Pay Taxes Because They Want To Be Immortal, GOP Hates Kids & Keeps Wages Low to Force People To Pay Bank Fees … [Read more...]

Bankster/Soros Ginned ‘Day of Rage’ & ‘Occupy’ Planners’ Promotional Videos

How serious is the left about disrupting America? NoisyRoom       Read more at Talk South Radio... Don't be fooled. These are not your friends or fellow patriots. They will try to lure you in as comrades. These are the Unions, Progressives, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists - they bring the rage. They will organize and use the youth to rally. You are fodder to them and … [Read more...]

Federal Spending In Simple Terms

NoisyRoom By: AJ of Hat Tip: Sophia P. It can be difficult to put the federal debt and deficit into perspective because it is so large, but Dominic “Nick” Ovella of the law firm ‘Hailey, McNamar, Hall, Larmann & Papale, L.L.P.’ (in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas) has simplified it in a way that many can relate to. First let us look at the yearly budget for 2011 along with our total … [Read more...]

In-depth Analysis of Obama’s Economic ‘Debt-End Tour’ 2011

NoisyRoom By: Syver Alton Larsen, MJ and AJ Our “Comrade Commander in Chief” Obama, on his Economic Rural Tour, consistently calls for the American people to contact their government representatives “because the government has not broken down, but our political system has.” He believes that our political system is the responsible culprit for all our economic problems. Could it be that Big Government is what is … [Read more...]

Sen. Bob Smith: The Debt Ceiling Compromise – a Closer Look

By: “Senator Bob” Smith Accuracy In Media The battles were epic in nature. It seemed at times as if the Capitol building itself rocked on its very foundation. It was President Ronald Reagan vs. Speaker Tip O’Neill. It was tax and spending cuts versus the big spenders. I was proud in the mid-1980s to be “in the trenches” with Reagan in those fights to control taxes and spending. I joined Congressman Bob Walker … [Read more...]

The Conservative Stand

NoisyRoom Watching the debt ceiling battle is like watching a horrific train crash in slow motion and knowing you can't do anything to stop it. I'll repeat myself, you are being lied to... For those of you who may have forgotten and for those of you who possibly never knew, regardless of what you are hearing in the news, there are NO spending cuts. There are only "budget" cuts. The "natural" progression of … [Read more...]

Smart Meters Outsmarting America; Agenda 21 in Your Home

NoisyRoom Hat Tips: Brian B./Nancy Jacques/Janet Meyerhoff Blaze Above: Public protest. Middle: Katharina Sandizell-Smith. Bottom: Fairfax council meeting. PHOTOS BY TIM PORTER – Marin Magazine Coming soon to your home unless you stop them – and you may never even get a choice – the insidious Smart Meter and the end of privacy as we know it. People don’t want these Big Brother devices installed and … [Read more...]

Agenda 21 – Ending Liberty in America

NoisyRoom By: AJ   Long Island City Housing Projects The picture above represents the kind of structure we’ll soon be herded into – you, me, our families – everyone in America. Well… everyone except the powerful politicians and elites who are working to corral us into these government housing tenements. The streets will be replaced with trains and the cars will be gone. Unbelievable you say? You … [Read more...]

Did China Win the War on Terror?

New Zeal John Feffer John Feffer of the far left Institute for Policy Studies, believes that China is the main winner in the “War on Terror”: But perhaps the only country in the world that has benefited from the last decade of war against al-Qaeda is China, and it has benefitted big time. Beijing has watched the United States spend more than $3 trillion on the war on terrorism, devote its military … [Read more...]

Fascist ‘Mark to Market’ Valuation is Real Culprit in Financial Market Crash

In one of my communications, I mentioned that free market capitalism was dead. What I meant was that it is in suspension, having been replaced by crony capitalism (also called corporatism or fascism), which is generally an unsavory public private partnership with government which can as such be manipulate at will by politicians. We can revive the free market if we have the will and understanding, but … [Read more...]

Media Embrace Economic Hypocrisy During Lame Duck Congress

As the debate over taxes has heated up during the lame duck session of Congress, the media invariably have failed to ask the tough questions of the Democrats, and are regularly mischaracterizing the positions of the Republicans and trying to keep them on the defensive. The debate goes something like this: How can the Republicans demand that extending unemployment benefits be paid for, while they don’t demand that … [Read more...]

Economic Suicide the Keynesian Way

“By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens…and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….  The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.” —John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946)    From … [Read more...]

Interview with Garland Tucker on ‘The High Tide of American Conservatism’

Accuracy in Media recently interviewed Garland S. Tucker III, who has written a fascinating new history book that has great relevancy today. The book, entitled The High Tide of American Conservatism: Davis, Coolidge and the 1924 Election, looks at the people and the times of the 1920s, and finds that they were debating conservatism versus progressivism, and cutting or raising tax rates and government spending. Radio … [Read more...]