Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty – Wake Up Governors!!

NoisyRoom By: AJ for NoisyRoom Contributor: Toddy Littman Section 376 of Obama’s tax and spend “jobs” bill ends state sovereignty, turns our Republic into a dictatorship and destroys the foundation upon which our country was built. The fundamental transformation of America is almost complete. Read the bill. (Emphasis added) “SEC. 376. FEDERAL AND STATE IMMUNITY. (a) Abrogation of State Immunity- A State … [Read more...]

How the American Jobs Bill Destroys State Sovereignty & Licenses Illegal Immigrants

or, A Trojan Horse in the Animal Farm   This alert was posted by conservative legal analyst, "Toddy Littman" in his blog ChangingWind.org and suggested by Gulag Bound intel agent Heather. I suggest perusing it and sharing it with your representatives, if you have such things, in Congress. (Who of them, do you suppose, are reading the bill?) Pay to play, where states pay by giving up their sovereignty … [Read more...]