Are Obama’s Perversions Becoming Even More Pronounced?

We already know that Obama’s mentor and facilitator George Soros considers the manipulative destruction of countries and their peoples an enjoyable game. Soros looks at said countries and humans as mere puppets in his playpen, useful only to satisfy his wicked desires to control them--totally. On 3 June 1993, Soros is quoted--one of his more benign ones--by the Independent as commenting: “It is sort of a disease … [Read more...]

Platform for the 21st Century

Editor's note: Listen to this column online. Pundits, politicians, and even ordinary people are mystified by the rise of the tea parties' protest of the Democrats' agenda. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the spontaneous uprising from the grass roots "Astroturf" – just before she lost her gavel to the Republicans. King George imposed his agenda over the objections of subjects – just before he lost both his … [Read more...]

Update: Obama Tweets DREAM. Reid Promises to Bring DREAM Act to a Vote as Stand Alone Bill

A tweet from the man Nancy Pelosi certified to be president, Barack Obama: Send a message that you support giving students and service men and women a path to citizenship through the DREAM Act: http://OFA.BO/kAu5MU. about 8 hours ago via HootSuite Retweeted by 100+ people BarackObama . Barack Obama . . (Original post, 11/17)  Tweets from the left directing readers to this at … [Read more...]

George Soros Tells Us (especially Obama) How to Govern the Marxist Way Even Better than the Soviets

Gulag Note: Trevor Loudon, researcher and outer of global Marxists joins us on Gulag Night, tonight, Thursday 11/18, at 10pm-Midnight, ET.   Topic: putting George Soros into communist context.  Hear how Marxism is seen from the top of the tower.  Also, Doreen Hannes, on the national food takeover in the "Food Safety Modernization Act," up before the U.S. Senate. (Have you callled your U.S. senators?) Visit the Gulag … [Read more...]

Communist Party USA Boasts Working Relationship with AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka in their Elections Analysis

CPUSA Labor Commission Chairman, Scott Marshall emphasized their working relationship with the AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, in what he calls their continuing efforts of "independent" union organizations operating in, or for political campaigns.  This occurs beginning at the 12:05 mark of the 11/8/2010 video, “CPUSA analysis of the  Mid Term Elections," presented below. Marshall's words: "Not only did the … [Read more...]

Soros Group Wants Obama to Rule by Executive Order

Reported in World Net Daily: By Aaron Klein NEW YORK – It was progressives who won the mid-term elections, particularly incumbents in a socialist-founded congressional caucus that emerged from last week's ballots virtually unscathed, boasted an article published by the George Soros-funded Institute for Policy Studies, a Marxist-oriented think-tank in Washington, D.C. The article recommends that … [Read more...]

Marxist Leftwing Icon Calls for Violent Revolution

As the Tea Party patriots assess their efforts, accede their loses, plan their legislative strategy... all within the lawful procedures of our Constitution... from the Left we hear this: Thank you Gateway Pundit, for this: It Begins… Leftist Icon Calls For Violent Socialist War Against Tea Partiers by Jim Hoft Leftist hero, Kennedy Award Winner and Pulitzer finalist Ted Rall is calling for a violent … [Read more...]

‘NewsFlash’ Progressives WON! – Hard Left Agenda on the Way

The far left Washington DC based Institute for Policy Studies is the "ideas factory" behind the communist/socialist aligned Congressional Progressive Caucus and the wider Obama Administration. If you want to know what the Democrats will do tomorrow, read what I.P.S. is advocating today. For example I.P.S. staffer Chuck Collins recommended that Obama appoint communist Van Jones as a "Green Jobs Czar", even … [Read more...]

Why Did Bureaucrat Mike Castle Lose?

Reported in the Weekly Standard: Mike Castle might have been a wonderful general election candidate in the Delaware Senate race.  But he ran a terrible campaign in the Republican primary, which is why he lost to Christine O’Donnell, a Tea Party favorite. Castle, Delaware’s lone congressman, came up short in four separate ways.   He acted like a candidate who hasn’t paid an iota of attention to what’s … [Read more...]

Pelosi and Her Marxist Dems to Continue Fight Against American People

Proving once again that you can’t keep a dedicated Communist down--even after the historic loss of seats given by We-the-People to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives--soon to be former Speaker of the House and [former] Democrat Socialist member Nancy Pelosi (who only resigned from the organization after becoming House minority leader) has announced she isn’t leaving. Pelosi announced Friday 5 November … [Read more...]

Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallulah ~ Citizenship ~ Lameduck ~ Elections ~ Sharon Rondeau w/update on LCDR Fitzpatrick

Saturday 11/06/10 Show Times 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET 11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 We will speak with our good friends Clark Hamblin (also known to you as Comanche Shaman of Hamblin vs. Obama at al fame) and Alice of Arizona. Alice ran for the office of The Justice of the Peace in her county and lost to someone she believes … [Read more...]

Soros’ Learning Curve

by Typing Tabby Does anyone remember (whether from living through it, or from the pages of a history book) those old World War II posters admonishing quiet? You know the theme: the walls have ears, Nazi spies are everywhere, and you never know what one piece of YOUR gossip is the missing puzzle piece which was needed to discover all of our secret plans and defeat us. The artwork was very intense.  A couple of … [Read more...]

Who Really Won and What Happens Now? – Sen. Bob Smith

The campaign ads are silent, most votes are counted and, but for a few election cliffhangers, the results are in. The Republican Party has taken control of the House of Representatives with a pick up of over 60 seats, at least 10 governorships have switched from Democrat to Republican and at this writing a minimum of six U.S. Senate seats are in the  Republican column. But wait a minute, leave the champagne … [Read more...]

Archived Radio: Gulag Authors Post Election Special

You can still "tune in" to our Gulag Media special: The Election for Tea Partiers & Constitutionalists: What Happened & What Happens Now? You may use the widget below or the Gulag Media page: Date / Time: 11/4/2010 10pm-Midnight Eastern Time Call-in Number: (310) 807-5060 The election itself: Voter fraud?  … [Read more...]

A Quick Glance at November 2 and a Look Forward to 2012

Well, I can't say that I was shocked by the amount of idiocy shown in California -- it's to be expected really, but Nevada's re-embracing Harry Reid came as something of a surprise.  Apparently they like foreclosures, double digit unemployment, and ObamaCare -- can't get enough of it; want more of it.  Who knew?  (Link) But enough sour grapes, conservatives won a resounding victory on November 2, in anybody's … [Read more...]

Progressives Increase their Power Over Obama by 2010 Elections

While the Democratic Party suffered a bloodbath on November 2, the progressives who basically run the party and control President Obama came out of the elections stronger than ever. They will keep the political pressure on Obama to pursue a far-left agenda, with the implied threat that if he doesn’t comply, he will have a 2012 presidential primary election challenger. The progressives know Obama’s secrets, having … [Read more...]

Thanks for the Memories, Neo-Marxist Nancy (Not!)

Found at Right Change. … [Read more...]

Situational Awareness or the 2010 Elections

Recently, I read of a certain police officer who found himself in the midst of a gun fight, on a city street.  His reaction was to stand in the middle of the avenue and direct imaginary traffic, as the gunfire raged.  He was not used to, nor did he anticipate the disturbing crisis that suddenly engulfed him.  The flow of events was abnormal to him.  His solution was to find what was normal, resort to what he was … [Read more...]

VOTE!! ~ EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! ~ Email & Call Your Reluctant or Sluggish Friend

. h/t for flag: Eye of Unk … [Read more...]

The Most Powerful Video Ad of the 2010 Election Season

This is the high-impact political ad, of 2010. Video, October 20, 2010, "Chinese Professor," by Citizens Against Government Waste Political pollster, Frank Luntz showed this to his focus group and it drew the highest marks of all, the highest this observer has ever seen.  Republicans in his audience took the famous Luntz dial pads and scored it 95 percent favorable -- and Democrats reached the 70's -- … [Read more...]

AG Holder Asks Court to Seal Goldman Sachs Tech Secrets From Public Scrutiny

Earlier, on the eve of the Midterms, I mentioned that given a GOP win, I hoped we'd finally investigate the truth behind the Wall Street collapse of September '08, which threw America into an economic nosedive. The failure triggered a desire by Americans to reject all things GOP and to flee to the embracing arms of Obama's "hope and change." It's probably an accident that we even know what began the spiral…but … [Read more...]

Election Day 2010: We Take Back Our Power or Cede it to the Slave Masters

Since the beginnings of our country, the 2 November 2010 election cycle is the most important in our nation’s history. To be sure, there have been other times in said history that were perilous; most notably under the progressive (a.k.a. leftist, Marxist, fascist) reins and reigns of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and even Teddy Roosevelt. During their respective presidencies (especially … [Read more...]

Marxist Teachers Sue Arizona to Restore Racist (La Raza) Curriculum

As reported in By Jim Kouri "As an educator, I refused to be complicit in a curriculum that engendered racial hostility, irresponsibly demeaned America's civil institutions, undermined our public servants, discounted any virtues in Western civilization and taught disdain for American sovereignty." - John Ward, former teacher at Tucson High Magnet School. Eliminating a radical La Raza ("The … [Read more...]

Vote for Freedom or Government Control

To listen to this essay click here Regardless of the outcome of the mid-term elections, the nation will suffer — not from the election results — but from the lame-duck session of Congress that follows. The greater the Republican victory in the elections, the greater the damage the Democrats will do during the lame-duck session. And there is much damage to be done. Obama and the Democrats have already begun to lay … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo for Colorado Governor

From Tom Tancredo for Governor 11/01/2010 - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo for Governor Palin: “Tom is the right man for the job” GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Former Alaska Mayor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin today released a message endorsing Tom Tancredo for Governor of Colorado. In the message, which will be dialed to Colorado voters, Palin urged Coloradans to vote Tom … [Read more...]

The Candidates Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Ongoing

Gulag Note: More coming here, but it may not be today (Nov. 2). These are the candidates listed by Progressive PST, the social media ops company behind the "Twittergate" scandal associated with Neal Rauhauser.  They are shown in the order listed by P-PST. If you have not read our initial expose', you may find it here: The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Social Media Marxofascism by Progressives, … [Read more...]

Obama to Send Voter Observers to AZ to Crack Down on Poll Monitors

Posted at the Gateway Pundit by Jim Hoft: The Arizona GOP has uncovered hundreds, if not thousands, of bogus voter registrations by the far left SEIU group Mi Familia Vota. In reviewing all early voting requests in Arizona at least 8,000 permanent early voter requests appear to be forged. This has local voters concerned. In response to this, the Obama Justice Department is sending voter observers to crack … [Read more...]

Channel 28 in Delaware Twice “Forgets” to Air 30-Minute Christine O’Donnell Infomercial

From Kristinn Taylor at Posted on Monday, November 01, 2010 9:40:03 AM by kristinn The Christine O'Donnell campaign bought three thirty minute blocks of time on Delaware TV channel 28 to broadcast an infomercial on her candidacy the last two days before Tuesday's election. Last night's scheduled 11:30 broadcast failed to happen. This morning, the scheduled 10:00 broadcast also failed to … [Read more...]

Solving America’s Problems (in addition to driving sensible neighbors to the polls)

Jim O'Neill must indeed have had the time to ponder, while walking door-to-door, for a very important local candidate.  We are certain it was only tea in the bottle he took with him, in keeping with the sobriety of our present crisis in self-governance. ~~~ I recently spent some time pondering how to solve some of the problems besetting America, and I thought that perhaps others might be interested in the … [Read more...]

Names of a Thousand Neo-Marxist State Legislators

Bumped up this October 31st, for voters October 22, 2010 ~ Spread the news now, while there is time: A thousand more authoritarians who should not be making law for America. One thousand to vote out, now through November 2nd. This list was compiled by Progressive States Network last year, during the campaign for Obamacare. Their slogan is "National Change, State by State." Let them introduce … [Read more...]