Muslims in Europe Take Root in Switzerland in a ‘Parallel Parliament’

Switzerland and all of Europe needs to awaken from their laissez-faire apathy and realize that Islam is incompatible with Western culture and liberty - that it is a political system which masquerades behind a false narrative of "peace." This kind of Trojan Horse, by now, has windows for us to see inside. At Muslims Plan "Parallel Parliament" In Switzerland by Soeren Kern February … [Read more...]

How Energy is Being Used to Enslave Us: Technocracy

Witholding energy is a tool set for coersion and control. Perhaps this is why the Technocrats are so intent on preventing cheap, abundant, national energy flowing via pipelines and American drilling. Video, "Technocracy - Patrick Wood "    And is this not why Barack Obama promised us that under his policy energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket?" Technocracy has never died; it has always been taught … [Read more...]

‘Occupy’ Protester Want Ad: Earn $350-$650 per Week

From   “Make $350-650 a week “protesting” on Wall Street" Craig's List ^ | 10/7/2011 | Craigs List  Posted on Sun Oct 09 2011 19:11:52 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time) by PMAS The Working Families Party (WFP) ( is New York's most energetic, independent and progressive political party. Formed in … [Read more...]

‘How Ya Like Me Now?’ by Barry O. & the Thug-elites

Video, "The Obama Legacy" Wow. Hope & Change   Gulag Note: Share & email links are provided h/t: BreitbartTV … [Read more...]

‘Barack Obama 2012: The Hot Air Alternative Energy Solution’ Exposed!

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) delivers a big ol' plate of Alinsky #5 to the President and the DCCC with this brilliant one-minute zinger, posted yesterday on YouTube: "Barack Obama 2012. The Hot Air Alternative Energy Plan. It's revolutionary. The culmination of trillions of dollars and a half decade of government research… Introducing HOT AIR. By combining hydrochloro-bullhockey with … [Read more...]

Journalist and Grieving Father Calls for Mass Mexican Protests; Anonymous says ‘Wait for Us’

From a mid-February article posted on Breitbart: "We are sick and tired of you politicians... because in your struggle for power you have torn asunder the fabric of the nation."— Javier Sicilia, Mexican Journalist Javier Sicilia, poet and columnist for two of Mexico's leading publications, has declared his outrage, following the murder of his son, Francisco, 24, and four close friends. Mr. Sicilia is calling … [Read more...]

Mr. President, I Paid My Dues, Where’s Our Change?

When San Franciscans turn against you, you're in deep trouble. Thursday morning, the president was serenaded by attendees at his San Francisco fundraiser. Singing songs and holding signs demanding "Free Bradley Manning," the group will not be refunded for their $5,000 breakfast tickets. The event was reportedly part of a campaign from the Fresh Juice Party, which is offering cash to those willing to play a part in … [Read more...]

A Liberal Regrets Voting For Obama and Flies the Coop to Common Sense

A video for those who still think President Barack Obama and Mr. Tingle Pants, Chris Matthews, are honest & well-meaning. Listen to the words of a former acolyte, who identifies herself as an American, a mom, a nurse, former moderate liberal… and a regretful Obama voter: Video, "Regretful Obama Voter" by tripletmomRN She says, "I believed that liberalism embodied the real meaning of freedom. I used to argue … [Read more...]

Munitions Explosion in Caracas Chavez ‘Disrupted’ Live Blog 1-30: Venezuelans Ready to Confront Military to Defend Homes is live blogging beginning this Sunday morning, as events of critical importance are planned in the Sur del Lago region of Venezuela (translated "South Lake" with its key city, Santa Barbara). Just last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans gathered in Caracas and in cities around the world, to peacefully protest against the Marxist dictatorship of Hugo Chavez and to demand their land and … [Read more...]

Bloggers Forced Out of Van Jones Event by St. Louis Campus Police; Accused of Working for FoxNews

As reported in today's Gateway Pundit, citizen journalist Adam Sharp visited a Washington University (St. Louis, MO) event to question former Obama Green Czar and self-professed communist, Van Jones. Fortunately, Sharp was accompanied by fellow blogger, Patch W. Adams of, as each share a different perspective of the same event. Wrote Sharp, "With Jones visiting Washington University in St. Louis it … [Read more...]

DHS & TSA to You: Shut Up & Submit to our Abuse, or You’ll Be Investigated & Listed

Domestic Extremists In Tuesday's CanadaFreePress, Doug Hagmann wrote that following his article on the recent backlash against TSA, he was contacted by a DHS insider describing a troubling department policy memo. The document was reportedly the result of recent high-level meetings between DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, TSA head John Pistole, and one or more of President Obama's national security advisors. DHS … [Read more...]

AG Holder Asks Court to Seal Goldman Sachs Tech Secrets From Public Scrutiny

Earlier, on the eve of the Midterms, I mentioned that given a GOP win, I hoped we'd finally investigate the truth behind the Wall Street collapse of September '08, which threw America into an economic nosedive. The failure triggered a desire by Americans to reject all things GOP and to flee to the embracing arms of Obama's "hope and change." It's probably an accident that we even know what began the spiral…but … [Read more...]

Fan The Fire! WAM’s Jacquerie + JB Williams & Sgt. of Marines Tim Harrington Update Us on LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick

10/30/10 Show Times: 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET and 11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 or join us online JACQUERIE & WAM Tonight, CJ and Tallulah WELCOME WAM's strategist, Jacquerie, for last-minute analysis on the eve of the Mid-term Elections. Wake Up America Movement, a spear-head organization in the citizens movement for reform, takes a … [Read more...]

Carmen Reynolds and James Simpson Return to Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallu

Saturday 10/09/10 Show Times 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET 11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 Carmen Reynolds, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force Retired (1998), has co-authored a very in-depth article revealing the recently passed CLEAR Act (US House) makes Executive Orders and Administrative reports which precede it (Section 106) effective, thus … [Read more...]

Senate Blocks Recess Appointments With Deal Between Dems & The GOP

The diminished power of the president appeared obvious tonight, as the Senate Democrats struck a deal with the GOP to block presidential appointments during the upcoming midterm recess. President Obama had 115 executive- and judicial-branch nominees prepared for appointment while Congress was out of town campaigning for their own local election. Sen. McConnell (R-KY) led the charge, threatening to send  the most … [Read more...]

Gov. Christie Announces Sweeping N.J. Education Reform

After going up against New Jersey's Teachers Union all summer, Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.-D) is proposing a complete overhaul of how N.J. students learn and teachers teach. It's all open for reform, including tenure, seniority, and union rules which may be hindering the success of the students. The full article is at CBSNewYork. Tonight Gov. Christie unveiled his plans at the Old Bridge Town Hall and was … [Read more...]

4 Arab Fest Street Preachers Acquitted of Dearborn “Peace Disturbing” Charges

Dearborn,  located just a few miles west of Detroit, is one of the most densely populated Arab Muslim communities in the United States with nearly one-third of the residents believed to be Muslims. Four evangelists, including one convert to Christianity from Islam, were arrested in June of this year. All four were charged with "breaching the peace" in the midst of the 15th Annual Dearborn Arab International Day … [Read more...]

Elections: Chavez Government Mirrors U.S. Democrats

Conservative Examiner's Jim Kouri has predicted President Hugo Chavez's political agenda would be in jeopardy in its congressional elections and says his diminished power is mirroring the dissolution of confidence experienced by the controlling U.S. Democratic Congress. According to Jim's article in The Conservative Examiner: The opposition party members, who had refused to participate in the 2005 elections, believe … [Read more...]

Citing National Security Concerns, The Pentagon Buys & Destroys 9,500 Books

Concerned that information published in a book by Lt. Colonel Anthony Schaffer contained classified information deemed a threat to national security, the Pentagon purchased the 9,500 books — only to destroy them. Titled "Operation Dark Heart," the book recounts Lt. Col. Schaffer's life in Afghanistan while working for the Defense Intelligence Agency. The publisher was contacted by the Pentagon in August when they … [Read more...]

Senator: Obama, Congress ‘Trying to Run Government Into the Ditch’

Jeff Poor reported in yesterday's Business & Media Institute about an interview between CNBC's Larry Kudlow and Senator Judd Gregg, R-NH. The topic was the massive debt being generated by the Obama administration and a complicit Congress. Calling the tactics of fiscal irresponsibility a "massive tax trap, that will doom us to subpar, stagnant, slow economic growth and high unemployment," Kudlow asked Gregg to … [Read more...]

Obama – More Debt in First 19 Mos. than Washington to Reagan – Combined

Wow, Barack! You sure can spend, spend, spend (other people's money), while at the same time, calling for fiscal responsibility. Reported yesterday in CNSNews, the federal debt under the Obama Administration, increased by a whopping $2.5260 trillion. That's more than the cumulative debt amassed between presidents George Washington and Ronald Reagan—combined. “CBO currently estimates that the deficit for 2010 will be … [Read more...]

‘Don’t be Evil?’ Don’t be Google Bound

Candy from strangers, Kool-Aid from Jim Jones... …ice cream from Google. has launched a viral video against Internet tracking, by lampooning Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt stars as the creepy ice cream salesman offering free "ice cream" (and full body scans) to unsuspecting children. "They should know there's no such thing as free ice cream!" snickers Schmidt. Ironically, the video is … [Read more...]

Living In Oceania: Forget About Privacy In Your Own Driveway

Once again, we're told, intrusive government ends justify the means. Adam Cohen, Time, reported today on a ruling by the (infamous) 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, San Francisco, that there is no right to the expectation of privacy in your own driveway. That is, unless you're rich enough to have a private gate, wall or other barrier to entry. The 2007 case began in Oregon, when Drug Enforcement (DEA) agents decided to … [Read more...]

Pentagon Spy Agency Awards No Bid Contract To Google

James Rosen, FoxNews, announced that the NGA/The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, has awarded a no bid contract to Google. Using a beefed-up version of Google Earth, it will be supplying 16 spy agencies which serve the Pentagon. U.S. Military officers will then be able to use Google Earth, on a classified server, to mine specific addresses for information—including wi-fi, phones or other connections, … [Read more...]

Follow The Sharia With Christine Brim – Tonight On Fan The Fire With CJ & Tallu!

Tonight we are honored to be speaking with Christine Brim, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Security Policy. Christine has written several revealing articles on the nomination and appointment of Helena Kagan to the Supreme Court and the Ground Zero Mosque at We are most intrigued by her most recent post from this week's Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah. Ms. Brim … [Read more...]

Ground Zero Mosque Shock: Emerson Tapes Reveal Imam’s True Agenda

Breaking on the Twittersphere today: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has been exposed by author and Islamic Terror expert, Steve Emerson, through the acquisition and a month-long examination of 13 hours of audio tapes. A short list of discoveries, excerpted from Pamela Geller's blog, Atlas Shrugs, reveal Rauf as a "radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep's clothing." The tapes reportedly reveal the Imam … [Read more...]

Matthews on Issa: Subpoena Power Led to the McCarthy Era

Earlier today, Gulag Bound reported on a article, written by Jerome Corsi, about CA Rep. Darrell Issa's pointed attack on the Obama administration and its unprecedented propaganda effort to sell the president's unpopular policies and initiatives. As the ranking GOP on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Issa promises to initiate investigations, using his subpoena power, following a GOP win … [Read more...]

Jacque Martin of the US Patriot’s Union: Tonight on Fan The Fire with CJ & Tallulah

Click here to listen to Fan the Fire, with CJ & Tallulah, Saturday, 8/7, 9-11pm ET & archived. Tonight, CJ and Tallulah are welcoming Jacque Martin, described by author and Patriot, JB Williams, as "…one of the most successful leaders on the ground, anywhere in the country." The United States Patriots Union has as its motto: "Accomplished, Focused, United as One, Faithful to the End." The United States … [Read more...]

Tender Moments with Rep. Stark (CA-D) Continued…

Like a shark, if Pete Stark is not moving aggressively and irrationally, he suffocates. Welcome to part deux of "As The Tyranny Turns," starring Democrat Rep. Pete Stark and a room full of his disgusted Constituents: Thanks to Steve Kemp,,,  and SF Bay Area 912 Group, for posting the video on … [Read more...]

Anthony G. Martin: Perhaps It Is Time To Resurrect Joe McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy may have been the wrong man, but he was in the right place at the right time and at least he stepped up. We need to step up now, with no delay. Listen to Anthony's warning in this YouTube video: Anthony's articles can be read on The Conservative Examiner. … [Read more...]