Soros’ Learning Curve

by Typing Tabby

Does anyone remember (whether from living through it, or from the pages of a history book) those old World War II posters admonishing quiet? You know the theme: the walls have ears, Nazi spies are everywhere, and you never know what one piece of YOUR gossip is the missing puzzle piece which was needed to discover all of our secret plans and defeat us.

The artwork was very intense.  A couple of classics are below:*

Now, it seems all too easy to dust off these aging warning posters, give them a polish, and apply them to the War on Terror (New York Times, anyone? Wikileaks?)

But that isn’t why I brought them up. I’m using them to segue to a different kind of warning, in a different kind of war.

This war is no less a war for our freedom than was the fight against the Axis; no less a struggle for liberty and safety than the blunting of the jihad; but the enemy, as Pogo says, is us.

I am talking here of the political war (for, as von Clausewitz said, “War is the continuation of politics by other means;” and as Chairman Mao said, “Political Power grows out of the barrel of a gun”) between those who love freedom, and the statists, socialists, and worse who seek to usurp it, and ultimately to snuff it out, in the United States, the last bastion of hope for mankind.

No, not to get too melodramatic — but think about it, without the United States as a Free Country, how many other Parliamentary, Representative countries would long survive?

And so the stakes are high.

Our enemies know this too. As they did in World War Two.

And that is why I chose these posters. One of the enemies of Freedom and of these United States is none other than George Soros, currency manipulator extraordinaire and former Nazi collaborator.

No, I’m not talking tin-foil hat. I’m performing what used to be called (in the 1970s, and by our enemies) “consciousness raising.”

During the last election cycle, there was a great deal of fuss about how the Democrats magically gained several close races for their candidates in the US Senate. You know, the stories of counts and re-counts; of felons voting; of bundles of ballots found in the trunk of a car.

Think all these were a coincidence?

I don’t.

There was a little-talked about push by the liberals called the “Secretary of State” project. This work, whether funded by, or the brainchild of, George Soros and cronies, had as a goal the election and/or appointment of people to the office of Secretary of State in certain swing states, with the idea that they could engage in strategic — well, for those fearing lawsuits, incompetence — or, for those liking tinfoil hats, collusion, with the aim of allowing key races to swing to the Donkeys when need be. (Hey, what’s a few thousand absentee ballots among friends?)

Looking at the sudden late power outage in Nevada’s Senatorial race, or the sudden downward adjustment in vote totals (by 69,000) in Minnesota, might bring this to mind.

All well and good, for those wanting fresh red meat for the internet-based nutroots. What does this have to do with the posters at the beginning of the article?

Well, consider. Where did George Soros or the Donks get the idea that the Secretary of State for a state could be so important during an election?

Why, from our good friend Dubya, during the 2000 election debacle, where Al Gore tried to sue his way into the White House after conceding, changing his mind at 2:00 AM, and where the phrases “intent of the voter” and “hanging chad” became as much a part of the political vocabulary as “stained blue dress” and “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” had become under Bill Clinton.

Do you remember what happened? That’s right. Catherine Harris, the Republican Secretary of State, refused to allow an infinite amount of time for manufacturing discerning counting of ballots by the Dems. So they attempted to force the issue through the rubber stamp Floriduh Supreme Court, only to be slapped down by the US Supreme Court.

From this — it is but a step to see how nefarious schemers and other low-lifes, the kind who want “never to let a crisis go to waste,” could come to appreciate the latent power in this hitherto overlooked office.

And so (I guess) the Secretary of State project was born.

In other words, Freedom’s enemies learn from our successes, as well as from theirs.

We need to do two things in reponse:

1. When we do fend them off, we need to double back and see how the technique could be reversed, or exaggerated, and used against us for unjust gain.

2. We need (like they do) to analyze their successes to see what tecniques will defend against them or what new attacks may be forthcoming against us.

Since the GOP has never been primarily the party of cheating, we should not use any underhanded techniques to win: we should only use pedantry as an active defence against specific skulduggery.

Oh, and one other thing we could learn from the Donks.

How to reward those on our side who play ball and advance our beliefs.

What happened to Katherine Harris? She did get elected to Congress, but some how never got advanced to the Senate.

Whereas we all know what happened to Al Gore.

(Or, for that matter, to people even as obscure as Anita Hill’s lawyer during the smear campaign against Clarence Thomas. Her name is Janet Napolitano, and she became governor of Arizona, where her summit with the President of Mexico was once pushed off the news by stories of running gun battles by Mexican smugglers on Interstate 10 by Phoenix, the day of his visit; she’s now the head of Homeland Security.)


(*) Is it just me, or does the shadowy face of the speaker in the background of the first poster look like Barack Hussein Obama?

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