‘People’s War’: Pro-China Communists Claim Credit for ‘Sparking’ US Riots

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times A protester fires fireworks at the police by the steps the State House to protest the death of George Floyd and call for and end to Police Racism in Boston, Massachusetts on June 2, 2020. - Anti-racism protests have put several US cities under curfew to suppress rioting, following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by … [Read more...]

2020 as Late 1960’s Redux, And Does China Now Fuel America’s Young Marxist Thugs?

When I was a seven year-old boy, my family had just moved into the Baptist parsonage in downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a little resort town seventy-some miles from Chicago and forty-some from Milwaukee. Early, that Summer of 1966, as I recall I caught the measles, was carried on a fold-up bed into the next door church basement for a tornado warning, received Jesus Christ as my savior during Vacation Bible School, … [Read more...]

Maoist Communists and Socialists Increase their Influence on Philadelphia City Council

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times The City Hall building with the statue of William Penn on top is seen in the city center of Philadelphia on December 3, 2017. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in metropolitan area, as of 2016. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Marxist, Texas – Gene Lantz

KeyWiki.org Gene Lantz has been a union man for most of his working career. He retired from Vought Corp. in 2002 after working there for 27 years. He is the chairman of the United Auto Workers Union Local 848 that represents the plant. In the 1970s, Gene Lantz was a member of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, but eventually led his faction out of the party over doctrinal differences. He went on to … [Read more...]

Teaser: Barbara Lee and the Communists

New Zeal Most conservatives understand that California Congresswoman Barbara Lee is a far leftist, but I think few realize just how deep her commitment to the Communist cause is. Or that she is - to put it mildly, a security risk, In my new book: "The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress," I devote 10 of its 700 pages to Lee. Detailing her involvement with three Marxist … [Read more...]

Gulag Night: Trevor Loudon on Leon Panetta’s Communist Collaboration, Streaming

Gulag Night - Monday, June 27, 10pm ET stream online or call 310-807-5060 to listen (questions are invited).  Edit: you may listen through this player: Trevor Loudon on Leon Panetta Trevor Loudon, world-leading researcher, revealer, and expositor of Marxist subterfuge, spells out the evidence that Leon Panetta, former CIA Director and our new Secretary of Defense is a Communist collaborator. Hosts: Arlen … [Read more...]

Kincaid and Loudon Discuss Panetta’s Communist Ties

New Zeal Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon lay out some of their case against Obama Secretary of Defense nominee Leon Panetta. Please view this video. If you agree with it, please send it to every contact you can. Panetta’s nomination must be stopped. … [Read more...]

Russia Today Exposed!

New Zeal Virulently anti-Western Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gets a well deserved lampooning. No patriotic American should lend their time or credibility to this blatant agency of a hostile foreign power. … [Read more...]

Why Panetta? Is Slashing Defense the Real End Game Here?

New Zeal Why does President Barack Obama want Leon Panetta to be Secretary of Defense? Anyone familiar with Panetta’s record as a Congressman in the 1980s, knows that Panetta is both a leftist and markedly hostile towards the US military establishment. Panetta has no military backgound. he has a Budget background. He was once head of the Office of Budget Management. What does this suggest to you? Was … [Read more...]

Will the Senate Pick Anti-Defense CIA Chief with Red Ties as SecDef? More Damaging Disclosures about Leon Panetta

New Zeal Researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid are warning the Senate to examine CIA Director Leon Panetta’s anti-defense record, associations with identified communists and support for the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies before voting on his nomination as Secretary of Defense. A vote could come as early as Tuesday in the Senate Armed Services Committee. Leon Panetta “Panetta opposed President … [Read more...]

2012: Last Chance to Save Western Civilization?

New Zeal At last! Someone who gets what this game is all about. That is, the looming military destruction of mankind’s last, best hope – the United States of America and the subsequent end of Western civilization. From the American Spectator, Peter Ferrara’s The Coming Crash of 2013: Because of the willfully mindless irresponsibility and ideological self-indulgence of Obamanomics, America is mortally … [Read more...]

Leon Panetta Obama’s CIA Director Linked to Communist Spies

New Zeal Appointment hearing scheduled for Thursday New research from writers and researchers Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid shows that Leon Panetta, the CIA director being considered on Thursday for the position of Secretary of Defense, had a previously undisclosed personal and friendly relationship with Hugh DeLacy, a prominent member of the Communist Party USA. DeLacy visited such countries as China and … [Read more...]

Rapping for the Rev’lution: ‘Pac Was a Teenaged Communist

New Zeal Rap icon Tupac Shakur was a communist. Tupac Shakur Raised by Black Panther parents, Tupac joined the Young Communist League as a teen and never lost his revolutionary outlook. According to Baltimore YCL leader Jordan Farrar, a self-styled “red’ skinhead, Tupac, joined the League in Baltimore as a teen in the late ’80s. Apparently he was dating the daughter of the chairman of the Communist … [Read more...]

Underdogma – A Book Review

NoisyRoom Click here to purchase... Rarely do I come across an author that I feel thinks along the same lines as I do. Michael Prell is one of those rare individuals. A kindred conservative pundit and a very wise author. This is a man that I could call friend. A man who would be welcome in my home and at our dinner table. It's as if he knew what I had written and thought about. As if he knew my research and … [Read more...]

Peru About to Fall to Socialism? Brazil Pushes Hard

New Zeal Because Brazil isn’t as openly hostile to US interests as Cuba and Venezuela, many US policy makers see the country as a neutral or even a positive influence in Latin America. President Barack Obama in particular has been very friendly towards the Brazilians. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff Meet President Barack Obama, September 2009 Unfortunately, this approach is completely … [Read more...]

Noam Chomsky Not So Happy About bin Laden’s Death

New Zeal While most Westerners were happy to hear of the long overdue death of Osama bin Laden, Noam Chomsky was not. But then, the well known linguist, humorist, writer and activist, is a member of two organizations long opposed to Western liberty, and known for their sympathy for any force opposed to the West in general and America in particular. Chomsky, the hero of addle headed, acne ravaged, … [Read more...]

Red Reps 10 – Doyle Niemann: Maryland’s Marxist State Delegate

New Zeal Red Reps 9 here. Doyle Neimann Doyle L. Niemann is a Democratic Party member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing District 47. Delegate Niemann has represented the 47th Legislative District in the Maryland House of Delegates since 2002, when the 47th District was created. After serving his first four years on the Appropriations Committee, where he was a member of the Health and … [Read more...]

China/Arab League Build Ties: Encirclement of the West Advances

New Zeal The US’ great friends, China and the Arab League, are getting further into bed together. Why? From the Communist Party of China website, May 03, 2011: Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Monday to discuss cooperation between China and the Arab … [Read more...]

Leftist Los Angeles School Teachers Lead Students at May March – 5/1/2011

NoisyRoom By: ringospictures Leftist L.A. school teachers from United Teachers of Los Angeles lead students in a chant at the May Day Demonstration on 1/5/2011 - Downtown L.A. Read more at The United States Patriot Union... … [Read more...]

Mexican-American Studies Problem in the Tucson Unified School District

NoisyRoom By: ShortForOrdinary It used to be known as La Raza Studies. Mexican-American Studies as it is taught in the Tucson Unified School District is not your average "Ethnics Study." That's what former Community Organizer Loretta Hunnicutt discovered. She started TU4SD.com to bring awareness to issues ta the district and recruit good School Board Candidates. Little did she know that as a Democrat who … [Read more...]

SEIU’s Full Frontal Communism

NoisyRoom I believe about a year ago, NoisyRoom and numerous other blogs, researchers and pundits began to warn Americans that there would come a day in the near future that Marxists and Communists would take off their masks and proudly proclaim their ideals. That they would no longer fear the American public as they would feel that they were unstoppable - far too powerful to be stopped in their quest for … [Read more...]

Red Reps 9: California’s Socialist Assembly Member, Gil Cedillo

New Zeal Red Reps 8 here. Gilbert Cedillo Gil Cedillo is undoubtedly one of California’s most radical legislators, both in the State Senate and now as an Assembly member, representing the 45th District (Los Angeles). Cedillo has championed drivers licenses for illegal aliens and has twice (2006,2011) introduced a version of the DREAM Act into California State Assembly. The proposed law would grant … [Read more...]

Palestinians Sign Unity Pact – Preparation for Statehood

New Zeal Moves to establish a Palestinian state are fast gathering momentum.     From the Communist Party USA’s Peoples World: Leaders of 14 Palestinian political parties including Fatah and Hamas announced a unity agreement in Cairo on Wednesday. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who also heads the Fatah party, joined Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh for the … [Read more...]

John Lumpkin; Weekly Featured Profile – 05/04/11

KeyWiki John Lumpkin is an Illinois health sector administrator who also serves on Google's Health Advisory Council. In this capacity, Lumpkin helps Google "think about the ways we can contribute to the healthcare industry." Lumpkin has strong ties with the Communist Party USA that go way back to his childhood. The son of CPUSA leaders Frank and Bea Lumpkin, he was brought up in a leftist activist family. In … [Read more...]

Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across America – Left Exploits Immigrants

New Zeal John Wojcik Communist Party USA labor journalist John Wojcik is predicting huge labor union/immigrant rallies across America on May 1. The US left wants to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, because they know that the vast majority will vote Democrat. In these times of high unemployment, resentment among many unionized and unionized workers and the unemployed against illegal immigrants is … [Read more...]

The Communist Party Bounces Back

New Zeal As America polarizes between freedom and socialism, the Communist Party USA is growing fast. Bear in mind that the C.P.U.S.A. is only one of more than a dozen significant Marxist organizations now planning chaos on American streets. From Illinois Communist Party leader John Bachtell, writing in today’s Peoples World: John Bachtell The First Annual Communist Party USA National Conference, … [Read more...]

The Council Has Spoken!! 04/29/11

NoisyRoom From: The Watcher's Council The Council has spoken, the results are in and another Watcher’s Council contest is history, carved in stone and immutable. What happens when Leftist governments lean so heavily on business that they seriously retard economic activity and kill the Golden Goose? This week’s winning essay by Bookworm Room entitled What happens when government (state or federal) is … [Read more...]

Far Leftist Mark Leno Pushes for LGBT History in California Schools

New Zeal Far left California State Senator Mark Leno is promoting a bill to mandate the teaching of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered history and contributions to society in the state’s public schools. California State Senator, Mark Leno Leno, who in 2008 served on the advisory board of the Revolutionary Communist Party‘s World Can't Wait, anti-war front group with jailed attorney Lynne Stewart … [Read more...]

Red Reps 8 Hansen Clarke: Michigan Freshman Congressman’s Hard Core Communist Connections

New Zeal Red Reps 7 here. Hansen Clarke Freshman Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-MI) has a close working relationship with one of the U.S.’s most extreme Marxist-Leninist organizations – the pro-North Korean Workers World Party. A former chief of staff to Michigan’s pro-Marxist congressman John Conyers, Hansen Clarke seems to be following in his former mentor’s political footsteps. In 2008. Hansen … [Read more...]

Revolution Not Resurrection – A Communist Message for Easter

New Zeal Hank Millstein Hank Millstein is a practising Roman Catholic in San Francisco. He also serves on the National Committee and the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA. To Hank, Easter isn’t about the Resurrection, or even Easter Bunnies. Its about revolution, and “its already on its way.” From the latest Peoples World: Easter isn’t about Easter bunnies – or even about going to … [Read more...]