Situational Awareness or the 2010 Elections

Recently, I read of a certain police officer who found himself in the midst of a gun fight, on a city street.  His reaction was to stand in the middle of the avenue and direct imaginary traffic, as the gunfire raged.  He was not used to, nor did he anticipate the disturbing crisis that suddenly engulfed him.  The flow of events was abnormal to him.  His solution was to find what was normal, resort to what he was prepared, even conditioned to do, and spring to public service.

Yesterday’s elections show America’s voters and our candidates springing to public service.  The results were beneficial.  So is efficient traffic management.

We need to level with each other about the Soft War on America.  We need those who are chosen to serve the public trust to seek out and tell our Citizenry the whole truth, and act upon it, or the weapons aimed at us will kill us.


  1. Time for the investigations to start, so many illegal actions have been committed by the last corrupt congress and this president that they can’t possibly bury and hide it all.

    What should the number one investigation be?

    How did obama get on the ballot when he defined the term “natural born citizen” as being a child born to TWO American citizens at the time of birth.

    Sen Res S511 2008 declares obama is a FRAUD because at his “birth” one of his parents was a Kenyan citizen! Obama is an illegal “president” and obama himself has admitted this fact in the S 511 resolution he cosponsored!

    The US Constitution declares a president must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Obama is not.

    Obama is an IMPOSTER! Obama is an ILLEGAL “president”! Obama is a FRAUD!

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