Calling Out Twitter for Protecting (Some) Trolls – StampOutTrolls’ Video

Spending lots of time in various forums and social media over the last twenty years, one becomes familiar with the tactics and mentalities of... trolls.  They lure, they bait; sometimes they they pose as what they are not; sometimes they stalk and keep on stalking; they harass and bully, and bully and harass; they insult and goad and bait some more. It is pathological. It can become alarming, disturbing, even … [Read more...]

The Candidates Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Ongoing

Gulag Note: More coming here, but it may not be today (Nov. 2). These are the candidates listed by Progressive PST, the social media ops company behind the "Twittergate" scandal associated with Neal Rauhauser.  They are shown in the order listed by P-PST. If you have not read our initial expose', you may find it here: The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Social Media Marxofascism by Progressives, … [Read more...]

Massive Voter Fraud Alledged in Arizona by ‘Mi Familia Vota’ ACORN-Like Group

Thanks to the Gateway Pundit for this report: On Friday it was reported that the Yuma Recorder’s office was checking the 3,000 last minute voter registration forms turned in by the far left Mi Familia Vota organization. The recorder’s office found that already more than 65% of the registrations were invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc. Mi Familia … [Read more...]

The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Social Media Marxofascism by Progressives, Part 1

"I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.... "I mean we really have to think about these things as a society; I'm not even talking about the really terrible stuff, terrorism and access to evil things…" "…we know roughly who you are, roughly what you care about, roughly who your friends are." Google also knows, to within a foot, … [Read more...]

UPDATE ~ Video: ‘Twittergate – Democrats Hire Twitter-Thug’

The video without music is now shown below, with the same warning: certain portions of its content are evil and vile. The progressives performed their usual trick of yanking on the collar of the copyright holder of the previous video's background music (Sony Entertainment, in this case) which in turn, yanked on the collar of YouTube/Google, which in turn pulled the entire video, instead of disabling its audio … [Read more...]