Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallulah ~ Citizenship ~ Lameduck ~ Elections ~ Sharon Rondeau w/update on LCDR Fitzpatrick

Saturday 11/06/10

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9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET
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We will speak with our good friends Clark Hamblin (also known to you as Comanche Shaman of Hamblin vs. Obama at al fame) and Alice of Arizona.

Alice ran for the office of The Justice of the Peace in her county and lost to someone she believes is not eligible to hold this office due to the convoluted and corrupt way in which she obtained her citizenship. They believe she has given false testimony, under oath, in order to receive and benefit under the immigration laws.

Clark has been helping Alice research and file her contest to this election. He has a very powerful testimony of what he has been through with his case and what he is doing now.

With shade of corruption reminiscent of Monroe County, and with relevance to the lame-duck session about to begin, Prince Harry Reid vowed on Spanish-language television to bring the DREAM Act back for a vote in the lame-duck session.

We will revisit what happen with the naturalization of millions of immigrants in 1996, how that is relevant to Alice’s case, and how that impacts us today.


Sharon Rondeau of the Post & Email will also be calling in with updates on what is going on in Monroe County and LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, III. From my brief conversation with her, I gathered that there is much news !!!

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