The Candidates Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate: Ongoing

Gulag Note: More coming here, but it may not be today (Nov. 2).

These are the candidates listed by Progressive PST, the social media ops company behind the “Twittergate” scandal associated with Neal Rauhauser.  They are shown in the order listed by P-PST.

If you have not read our initial expose’, you may find it here:

The Strategy Behind Neal Rauhauser’s Twittergate:
Social Media Marxofascism by Progressives, Part 1

Now, to describe what these neo-Marxist candidates have in common and what we ascertain of how it all fits together — with both the larger progressive operations and with the thug tactics of Twittergate.

What they have in common, besides the thuggish Progressive PST network: 1. they are obviously self described Progressives, which means neo-Marxists.  2. they focus a great deal of their efforts upon government control through environmentalism, especially with Cap and Trade, a.k.a. “Crime, Inc.”

    Candidate State Office Sought Website

    Rodney Glassman Arizona State Senate
    David Cozad Texas US Rep. TX-6
    Billy Kennedy North Carolina US Rep NC-5
    Lois Herr Pennsylvania US Rep PA-16
    Hank Gilbert Texas Agriculture Commisssioner
    Brett Carter Tennessee US Rep TN-6
    Lance Enderle Michigan US Rep MI-6
    Scott McAdams Alaska US Senate
    Manan Trivedi Pennsylvania US Rep PA-6
    John Bottoroff* Indiana US Rep IN-9
    Ryan Bucchianeri* Pennsylvania US Rep. PA-12
    Joe Hoeffel* Pennsylvania Governor
    Connie Saltonstall* Michigan US Rep. MI-1
    * out of the race

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