AG Holder Asks Court to Seal Goldman Sachs Tech Secrets From Public Scrutiny

Earlier, on the eve of the Midterms, I mentioned that given a GOP win, I hoped we’d finally investigate the truth behind the Wall Street collapse of September ’08, which threw America into an economic nosedive. The failure triggered a desire by Americans to reject all things GOP and to flee to the embracing arms of Obama’s “hope and change.”

It’s probably an accident that we even know what began the spiral…but through a C-SPAN program, featuring Rep. Paul Kanjorski, the video went viral. Kanjorski (Chair of the Capital Markets House Subcommittee) described a shocking, rapid-fire, $550 billion stock sell-off that threatened “…the end of our economic and political system as we know it.” Kanjorski went on to say, “Somebody threw us into the Atlantic without a life raft.” Somebody. Who?

January 28, 2009 video,
CSPAN Rep Paul Kanjorski Reviews the Bailout Situation

Two years later, Americans are still in the dark about that day—and instead of providing answers, this administration does nothing but heap even more bone-crushing debt on our backs. Why don’t we know who put in the call to sell? Why has the only answer been a move to indenture Americans into even more servitude with pals like China coercing our future and threatening America’s economic self-interest?

Tonight, Daily KOS blogger Badabing published commentary about Attorney General Eric Holder, who has asked the court protect Goldman Sachs’ secrets in a trial involving alleged computer code theft. This has the potential to be even more explosive than the recent UPS toner cartridges flown in from Yemen.

Our political views are obviously different, but I find myself agreeing with Badabing’s comments:

This is Déjà vu, and immediately reminded me of how Timothy Geithner made the Christmas Eve announcement that he was essentially giving Freddie and Fannie Mac a blank check, directly into the veins of the American taxpayers…anyone remember that?  I sure as hell do.

Strange how these major announcements come at such opportune time, in hopes that no one notices, isn’t it?

And more…

Why does this remind me of how for the first time in our nation’s history the records pertaining to AIG, what really occurred and who the hell got paid off and why, were sealed by the SEC?

Why does this remind me of how for the first time in our nation’s history the Federal Reserve is using the FOIA, in the case that Bloomberg has brought against them, which is on its way to the Supreme Court?

Transparency, my ass.

The House of Cards, is crumbling before our eyes, and the FRAUD TO COVER UP FRAUD, is unraveling, despite, this latest move by Attorney General Eric Holder (aka Wall St/Banking Lapdog) to keep the public out of a public courtroom, to protect Goldman Sachs, aka, the great Vampire Squid from revealing what most Americans already know, that they have been illegally front running (as sanctioned by the SEC, NYSE and our own complicit government in both parties.)

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America! Tomorrow’s election is a clarion call. Will you meekly submit yourself and your children to more economic and political servitude? Or will you demand the truth behind corporations and individuals who caused the national chaos? And why should any corporation be shielded from the scrutiny of ordinary Americans, open courts and its “free press?” Why is AG Holder continuing to show us how arrogantly distant he has placed the barriers between justice and We The People?

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