Update: Obama Tweets DREAM. Reid Promises to Bring DREAM Act to a Vote as Stand Alone Bill

A tweet from the man Nancy Pelosi certified to be president, Barack Obama:

Send a message that you support giving students and service men and women a path to citizenship through the DREAM Act: http://OFA.BO/kAu5MU.
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(Original post, 11/17)  Tweets from the left directing readers to this at America’s Voice On-line:

BREAKING: Sen. Reid Will Bring DREAM Act to a Vote As a Stand-Alone Bill 

According to the Majority Leader’s office, Senator Harry Reid now plans to bring the Dream Act up for a vote as a stand-alone measure after Thanksgiving recess.

Stay tuned for more details on timing as they develop.

Last week, thousands of you sent letters thanking Sen. Reid for not backing down from his promise to move forward on the popular, bipartisan measure. Thank you. Your voices are making a difference. We look forward to working with the Senator to make the DREAM Act a reality in the coming weeks.

For more background, visit our DREAM Central, the Immigration Policy Center’s DREAM resource page, and LetUsServe2010.com.

UPDATE [8:30 PM EST]: The New York Times’ Caucus blog notes:

During his re-election campaign in Nevada, Mr. Reid said he would try again to pass the legislation, known as the Dream Act. And in a Twitter message on Wednesday evening, his office said he would try to do so in the current session as a stand-alone bill.

Read the complete article here.

Michele Malkin provides names and numbers if you would like to make your feelings known.

The American Dream, so precious to her citizens, is being cheapened, given out like so much surplus cheese by a government willing to steal the rights and privileges from it’s rightful owners to bequeath them to alien strangers who think a five finger discount is the legitimate way to procure property.  Handing out dreams like dimestore  popcorn can only end in nightmares.


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