See a Cheney, Romney, etc. Globalist Sheepherding Fundraiser? Give Elsewhere!

UPDATE Saturday, June 21: Just got I believe my eighth email from this bastardized, Cheney-tainted operation thus so very beaconing, "False Flag CFR-style neo-con Globalist... False Flag CFR-style neo-con Globalist...." What was it he told his counterpart, Patrick Leahy, of the left side of the complex, to go do to himself? Mr. Cheney, examine your own priorities. -------GB------- (June 19, 2014, 1:38pm) Have you … [Read more...]

GOP Gone Marxofascist – ‘Top-Down, Bottom-Up’ Despotism at RNC

On August 28 entitled, "Final Critical Evidence to Vote Down a Romney Nomination" See also "Virginia Delegation & Morton Blackwell Taken for a Ride; Prevented from GOP Rules Participation." MUST SEE TRAVESTY Video, "Dirty Tricks, Boehner And RNC Rule Additions « Republican CONvention 2012" thank you, @OhSuzyQz  Video, "Chaos On The GOP Convention Floor" just before rules were to be reported … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney & Crimes; Attorney for Ron Paul Delegates Pleads You Listen

Okay all you pre-convention Romney backers, don't hurl projectile vomit at your screens. I'm familiar with some of the allegations made by Richard Gilbert, but not all of them. From what I've seen the problems for instance during the Maine Caucuses were very real problems. Gilbert is pursuing the Romney campaign and the Republican Party and/or Republican National Committee on numerous fronts. This can be studied … [Read more...]

See the Rules, Open the RNC, Free the Delegates! America’s Only GOP Hope

I will not spend time on much prose. These two articles convey what needs to be done and yet one more reason why. First, that further confirmation about the man who could be, if elected, free America's final president. In Beltway Confidential, at the Washington Examiner: Mitt transition pick a red flag for conservatives by Philip Klein, Senior Editorial Writer Over the weekend, Politico broke the news that … [Read more...]

INVESTIGATION CONTINUES 5/2: Romney Accused of Felony, Election SUBterfuge in Wisconsin Primary

Nothing much, or a highly significant. "leading indicator?" Updates Down the Article Bulletin - Active and Ongoing See update on 5/2, below After all Republicans have joined with Democrats in doing, to protect Barack Obama from investigation, would it not be made to order for Mitt Romney to be disqualified from the presidency for this? - for what seemingly credible testimony indicates he said and did at … [Read more...]

Believe Media & GOP Controllers or See the Facts on Mitt Romney

Don't be intimidated. Don't be fooled. Be Americans. No matter who is telling you to cave for him, here are the facts... Cataloging Mitt Romney's habit pattern of lying: Mitt Romney's leftist, globalist adviser team: Mitt Romney is an implementer of Agenda … [Read more...]

Somewhere, Overton Window, Romney Lies

1st in the series: Overton Window, Dialectic Revolution & Obama; Does Mitt Fit the Plan?         It’s not the horse, but the plow. Not the hog, but the sow, Nor the bull, but the cow that carries.   Can you reflect? You know how. Look! See through it! Start now. We winnow, it's your eye that tarries.   But how does that all transmit? By each view and each … [Read more...]

Cataloging Mitt Romney’s Lies, Does it Matter to You?

UPDATE, August 10: I see this article is being promoted by supporters of Barack Obama. That is fair and to supplement this list of alleged-to-demonstrated Romney lies, for their education we will link to the following, too, from The Blaze: Have You Seen The List Of 75 Documented Lies That Obama Has Told? Have you found any mistruths among these reported lies? Wednesday, April 18, 2012; 10:10pm … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney’s Leftist, Globalist Advisor Team

We refer to the fine article in New American, by Bob Adelman, "Romney’s Advisors Are Leftist Elites," 10/10/2011, for contextual information. Below  is the list he provided of Romney's team, with comments. Gulag Bound has provided fact after fact, after analysis, after warning, after plea. This list alone, should cause the reader to take to the streets, to oppose Mitt Romney. Let us oppose him, not just … [Read more...]

Leftists Hitting Romney for Nasty Campaign, Since Nice GOPers Afraid to

Donna Brazile can tell the truth - about a lying Republican. In CNN Romney bought the nomination with flood of nasty ads By Donna Brazile, CNN Contributor updated 10:24 AM EDT, Thu April 12, 201 Editor's note: Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor and a Democratic strategist, is vice chairwoman for voter registration and participation at the Democratic National Committee. She is a nationally syndicated … [Read more...]

Wisconsin GOP Primary Exit Poll, Alarming for Tea Party & Conservatives

The following excerpt from CNN's exit poll results for yesterday's Wisconsin GOP Presidential Primary shows big trouble in a bellwether state. No need to repeat the numbers, just click the image if you need it enlarged. By and large, self-identified Republicans, the Tea Party, and conservatives in America's more government-tolerant north and mid-west are being led by the Romney campaign into believing he will … [Read more...]

How Mitt Romney Assaults Republican Voters & US Elections

The infamous barrage of Republican-trashing Romney campaign and Romney SuperPAC TV ads constitutes a heavy dosage of tragically effective psyops, but something else is going on, even more devious. Call it an assault and battery of robocalls. I've gotten about nine of these calls over the last week and a half. Virtually, these robocalls, cynically posed as calls from mere neighbors, present no coherent rationale … [Read more...]

The Romney Rig: Remember the Maine Caucuses

We have dealt with the overwhelming money thrown into TV (and radio) psyops advertising for Mitt Romney, enough to give him the Republican superficial bloc vote and then some. We have shown where the money comes from, for this apparent Quisling for Agenda 21 tyranny and the "global governance" into which central banksters and their neo-Marxist minions invest, for their gain. We have even repeatedly shown George … [Read more...]

Romney’s Illinois Campaign, a Progressive Blitzkrieg of Psyops

This GOP presidential campaign is going down in history as the most negative ever and this is due essentially to the campaign for Mitt Romney (followed in a distant second perhaps by that for Ron Paul, choosing largely to attack the same candidates as Romney). It is effecting many votes for Romney, but what does it say about him, in an America where the people have been up in arms against manipulative … [Read more...]

Why did Glenn Beck Debauch Himself for Romney on the O’Reilly Factor?

Certain of us at Gulag Bound were expecting Glenn Beck to do something to sink Rick Santorum, whom he had recently endorsed. This Friday night, it happened. He was brought into the O'Reilly Factor for only a brief time via remote transmission, specifically to say, "I'm a supporter of Rick Santorum but..." is time to end the race and after all, Mitt Romney is a good man of business and surely must be a better … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Caught Lying on Individual Mandate: Video Disaster

Aside from the overall, Cloward-Piven-style run-up of the national debt, this has only been the biggest, most inflammatory issue of the Obama regime, to date. So, why should it be important now, in choosing a Republican challenger, silly? Why not nominate a GOP candidate who not only instituted the essence of Obamacare in his own state, but then pushed for Obama to do the same fool thing nationally - and then … [Read more...]

Romney Evidence: Globalism, Population Control, Abortion, Tsongas Vote, Lies

Romney Faked Pro-Abortion Position? Maybe Not: Romney Voted for Tsongas Global Population Control Maggie's Notebook February 14, 2012 Mike Murphy was Mitt Romney’s top strategist during his period as Massachusetts Governor. Murphy is quoted saying in 2005, as Romney began eyeing a presidential run, that Romney “faked” being pro-choice to win the Massachusetts governor’s mansion. In other words, what so many … [Read more...]

Arise South & Midwest! Defeat Romney’s Sleaze Machine or GOP Ends

Video, "Do You Hear The People Sing - with lyrics" Last night I came upon the video shown below and suggest it may be appreciated like starting a favorite musical recording and then sitting or laying back and letting it flow, therapeutic and rejuvenating. Then,  reading the article that accompanies it, one hears the clear call of the horn, to battle. Meet Scott Ryan, a veteran Republican organizer and a man of … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich Now! I Won’t Vote for Romney in November – Updated

There is much more information to gather and more articles to write. But is it doing any good, really - I mean in the here and now - for this 2012 election cycle? I am sitting back watching duped Republican voters continue to answer telephone polls saying they support an enemy of America, Mitt Romney, for whom I would not vote were he nominated. I will not side with a Quisling to globally collectivist governance … [Read more...]