Somewhere, Overton Window, Romney Lies

1st in the series: Overton Window, Dialectic Revolution & Obama; Does Mitt Fit the Plan?





It’s not the horse, but the plow.

Not the hog, but the sow,

Nor the bull, but the cow that carries.


Can you reflect? You know how.

Look! See through it! Start now.

We winnow, it’s your eye that tarries.


But how does that all transmit?

By each view and each bit,

And into each frame each pain will fit.




But, Overton Window Mitt?

Just keep looking through it.

You’ll see how.



  1. This just in:
    On this day in 1775, the shot heard round the world was fired.

  2. If rebels could take on all the kings men on the battlegrounds of Lexington and Concord, surely we can handle an RNC that is out of control. Out of the first 10M votes cast, 4M went to Romney. This is, by no means, an indicator that we have a “presumptive” nominee.

    If the MSM doesn’t keep spinning off these names there’s a T-shirt guy who’s going to make millions on a quixotic slogan idea.

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