Mitt Romney & Crimes; Attorney for Ron Paul Delegates Pleads You Listen

Okay all you pre-convention Romney backers, don’t hurl projectile vomit at your screens.

I’m familiar with some of the allegations made by Richard Gilbert, but not all of them. From what I’ve seen the problems for instance during the Maine Caucuses were very real problems. Gilbert is pursuing the Romney campaign and the Republican Party and/or Republican National Committee on numerous fronts. This can be studied further at

And the FEMA concentration camps mentioned by Gilbert are very real internment camps, or else the razor wire at the top of the chain link fences wouldn’t be leaning toward the inside. We have written numerous items mentioning them (see the appropriate tag below).

And should Mitt Romney not further address the apparent “8.5 Billion Dollar Ponzi scheme” with which his son and at least technically, he is connected?

But as for Gilbert’s allegation that Romney is not disclosing his income tax returns from years prior to the latest two, that it shows tax evasion — can anyone help us with that?

Video uploaded August 4

Now, Gilbert shoots from the hip at times in these videos; he overstates the case, at times, but just what do these cases constitute? Should we not find out – immediately?

And what about bothy Mitt Romney and Barack Obama raising money for their campaigns oversees? Is that not still a federal felony? What is the problem, “no controlling legal authority,” as Al Gore said? So do we have two presidential candidates essentially committing felony fund raising simply due to a loop-hole? Someone fill me in about this, please.

As in many times past, I warn anyone paying heed, to talk up the problems with Mitt Romney and get them deal with before he is officially nominated.

Video, uploaded August 14

Please pardon my writing that again.

As in many times past, I warn anyone paying heed, to talk up the problems with Mitt Romney and get them dealt with before he is officially nominated.

Note: at 9:25 in this second video, Gilbert addresses the Romney/Ryan Wisconsin submarine sandwich subterfuge tracked in It is an apparent felony the minute scale of which appears ridiculous on its face, but which by video evidence, clearly seems to have occurred.  I suggest you listen to how Gilbert alleges the investigation into that Cousins Subs scandal was handled. Is that what really happened? If so, what does it tell us?

Apparently, I should make that follow-up phone call to Brad Schimmel, District Attorney of Waukesha County. It seems like such an odd thing to do, considering the fascist police state being built before our eyes, apparently by Obama Democrats and Romney Republicans, alike.

This is August 19. The Republican National Convention is scheduled for August 27-30.


  1. I found this website that links to forms filed by Bain that indicate that Romney was associated with Bain at least until 2002. The article also indicates that Bain was hauling in huge profits from a company that it owned called Stericycle that disposed of aborted fetuses. Bain continued to profit from disposing of aborted fetuses until 2004; two years after Romney became governor of Massachusettes. Romney eventually mandated state funded abortions in Romneycare. Did Bain-owned Stericyle profit from any kind of abortion legislation that Romney enacted between 2002-2004? Click on the underlined links within the article for forms completed by Romney and Bain:

  2. also, Paul Ryan is supposedly guilty of insider trading involving Goldman Sachs:
    Goldman Sachs also just so happens to be both Obama and Romney’s biggest donor.

  3. I do NOT believe any of this crap!! So there are consentration camps, so what?? Have we not been at war on two fronts for 10 years or more??? If this man wants to talk about Election Fraud he needs to look at barry hussein ovomit who is a mega fraud and a muslim to boot. I do trust Mitt Romney. Richard Gilbert is wanting to get Ron Paul ‘elected. Does this attorney really believe that the majority of Americans would vote for Ron Paul? Everyone who votes for Ron Paul is voting for barry hussein ovomit. I am offended that this man goes on and on about the “crimes” of Mitt Romney!! Wise up Mitt Romney is my choice for the next president. Calling him a criminal is exceedingly offensive to me!!

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