Whittle & Klavan Video: Showing-up Neo-Marxist Race-baiting Well

  "Critical Theory" -- excellent! someone said it -- at 6:42, to be exact. Well done, Mr. Whittle and Mr. Klavan too.    Two more observations: There really is still an unsettling residue of racism in America, among numerous whites and numerous blacks, and many of whatever shade one decides to notice -- also among many "progressive" collectivists, in the Planned Plantation Parenthood (and … [Read more...]

What’s an ‘Overton Window,’ again?

2nd in a series: Overton Window, Dialectic Revolution & Obama; Does Mitt Fit the Plan?   Attention, class. I said, attention! If you are awake and aware, and working for the survival of an America sovereign and free, you need to know this. That's right, you. "Need to know." Okay now. Before we get to the roll one may observe Barack Obama to be playing on the use and abuse of the Overton Window … [Read more...]

Somewhere, Overton Window, Romney Lies

1st in the series: Overton Window, Dialectic Revolution & Obama; Does Mitt Fit the Plan?         It’s not the horse, but the plow. Not the hog, but the sow, Nor the bull, but the cow that carries.   Can you reflect? You know how. Look! See through it! Start now. We winnow, it's your eye that tarries.   But how does that all transmit? By each view and each … [Read more...]

Revolution Moves Into The Overton Window

NoisyRoom The Overton Window: The Overton Window, in political theory, describes a "window" in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue. It is named after its originator, Joseph P. Overton, former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. At any given moment, the “window” includes a range of policies considered … [Read more...]

Know Hegelian NeoMarxism & the Overton Window, a Simple 2.5 Minute Intro

This video is homespun -- and excellent in cutting right to the quick, of the mass psyops of  neo-Marxism.  It is also the kernel for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy's analysis of the "Overton Window," duly made (in)famous by Glenn Beck about a year ago. Video: "Illuminati Media Mind Control - Hegelian Dialectic Explained"   To the mind of the 21st Century revolutionary, as Obama workmate Bill … [Read more...]