Why did Glenn Beck Debauch Himself for Romney on the O’Reilly Factor?

Certain of us at Gulag Bound were expecting Glenn Beck to do something to sink Rick Santorum, whom he had recently endorsed. This Friday night, it happened. He was brought into the O’Reilly Factor for only a brief time via remote transmission, specifically to say, “I’m a supporter of Rick Santorum but…” …it is time to end the race and after all, Mitt Romney is a good man of business and surely must be a better solution than Barack Obama…. Beck took on the well timed mantra of the GOP insider punditry.

That was the only significant matter discussed. This was a special announcement by Beck, aimed at his old audience on Fox News’ highest rated program, and made just before caucuses and especially the close Alabama and Mississippi Primaries, this coming Tuesday.

Why? For that, we can look to 2008 and his similar work, skewering Mike Huckabee for Mitt Romney.

We can also look to his  flips and flops during this campaign season, for and against Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry. Also, his near hysterical attacks of Newt Gingrich, which happened to coincide with Romney’s attacks of him before the Iowa Caucus and Florida Primary, when Gingrich had become the frontrunner challenger to the big money machine candidate of the GOP.

Clearly, this is the time for an actual supporter of either Santorum or Gingrich to pull hard for that candidate, especially in states where he is strongest, in hopes of a plural ballot victory at the Republican National Convention. And clearly, this is a time when deserters are not appreciated by the faithful.

Moreover, if Romney’s nomination is as inevitable as Beck, O’Reilly, and some others have asserted, why bother to press the point, to convince those supporting other candidates, to stop and back him, instead? Does that not run counter to the impression of inevitability as well as the postulate, itself? Why make a special announcement of it?

The Bound will soon report information which may connect the dots between Glenn Beck and fellow Mormon, Mitt Romney.

It is not enough that Beck has presented a show of criticism of Romney. We need to “watch the other hand,” and the timing of its moves, as he has worked to beat down or pull the rug out from under Romney’s opponents.

We must keep in mind that Romney is an anti- sovereignty Quisling for U.N. Agenda 21, funded by the the same green and globalist mega-bankster complex that has supported Barack Obama. Also, that he is understood as an habitual and tactical deceiver, by those seeing past the mass media’s presentations of him.

This move by Beck is hardly one intended to, or likely to to boost his own credibility. In fact, it is antithetical to his widely and repetitively stated purposes, of promoting authentic and free America.

Romney has been described by a politically active Massachusetts resident and close observer as not heartily wanting to become president, but acting as if he merely “will become” president. What is Romney’s postured air of inevitability all about? How might Beck be involved in the planning and presentation?

This is not a time for either vindictiveness nor a lust for intrigue. It is time for somber scrutiny.

What we will explore includes but is not limited to:

  • a more thorough analysis of Beck’s campaign time behavior, 2008 and 2012, perhaps earlier
  • Latter Day Saints’ global dominionist eschatology
  • Joseph Smith’s presidential “White Horse Prophecy”
  • Beck’s recent trip to Europe, to:
    • …start a global “tea party’
    • …meet with the Vatican
  • what is up with the ominous symbols?
  • high level connections between Mormons and the Masonic Lodge
  • Beck’s apparent level of personal stability or instability
  • a question: is this an insight into quiet alliances beyond that of Beck and Romney?


Masonic patch blow up from prisonplanet.com

Disclaimer: Gulag Bound does not wish to besmirch honorable people in the ranks of Mormon fellowships, nor Masonic Lodges, as we look into the allegedly surreptitious doings of some, especially in their high ranks.


  1. COME ON!!!! Glenn is just going thru the twist and turns of this primary season!!! I have gone back and forth too just as millions have done. Glenn has been one of the most important figures in our day and has made a huge difference in millions of people taking notice of all things going on in our scary world. He said last night exactly what I’ve been thinking too. He was asked a question and he answered it with who he hopes gets the nomination……….BUT LET’S FACE IT….HE IS RIGHT AND I AM RIGHT, IT IS ANYONE BUT OBAMA AT THIS POINT!!!! We have no freaking chance of saving our country or our freedoms if he gets re-elected!!! I wish all the so called Patriots who say they love their country would guit whining about “their guy”. GET OVER IT!!!! Glenn is doing just that…he has his preferences but he knows what we all have to lose if we don’t all stick together on all fronts. QUIT WHINING!!!!! vote for your guy and then let the chips fall where they may and PRAY TO GOD IT IS HIS WILL THAT WE TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. Glenn has a right to his opinions…quit railing on him and attend to your own vote. I don’t even get to vote until May 22nd so I could lament all I want and it won’t change a dam thing. I WILL SUPPORT ANY OF THEM IF IT MEANS WE HAVE A CHANCE TO SAVE MY COUNTRY, CUZ IT AIN’T GONNA LAST IF O. STAYS IN. HE WILL HAVE NO INHABITIONS AT DOING ANYTHING KNOWING HE DOESN’T HAVE TO GET ELECTED AGAIN…………..IF THERE EVER IS ANOTHER ELECTION!! HE IS ON THE VERGE OF A DICTATORSHIP, THE MACHINE IS IN PLACE! Wise up and quit doing the “Beat Down” on others. Unbelievable that a conservative is bitching about another conservative having his own opinion!

  2. because he is a fellow Mormon.. the Mormons believe pretty much the same as the Talmudic jews who run the world,, that they too can become gods themselves.. they worship Lucifer the same as the Talmudic jews. In fact.. Mormons believe they are the lost jewish tribe.

  3. Arlen,

    I love you man. But being a freemason (freemasonry as it was defined in the days of Washington) – you’re totally off the mark. I remember a time when people were ringing the bell about Agenda 21, Codex Alementarious, New World Order and Illuminati were all called ‘kooks’. Imagine if everyone would have taken it seriously then as they do now, would we still be in this mess?

    I judge a man by the content of his character and Beck has exhibited more character than anyone I have seen or met in my 49 years of life. My grandfather wasn’t educated but he was very wise, he always said never trust a millionaire/billionaire who is willing to take a job that pays supposedly $250,000 a year. Pretty much speaks for all the candidates running for President when you look at it that way…they damn sure aren’t going to serving the “People”.

  4. I saw the picture of Glenn and his wife previously, like when it was first taken. There was NO skull and cross bones on his cumberbund. This is photoshopped or whatever. A bunch of baloney.

  5. LOL so then WHYS Glenn Beck a friend of your pal Trevor Loudon HUH?? Why does he promote Trevors ideas, HUH?!

  6. What the Republican establishment doesn’t seem to understand is that people of conviction, of true principle will not, as Karl Rove says, “Come around and support Romney once he is the candidate.” I have prayed this through, thought of every angle and I will never vote for Romney. Romney will never vote to repeal Obamacare and Obamacare will, in itself, destroy our nation based on the costs and the abridgement of freedom, not to mention the moral costs of abortion and euthanasia (eldercide) and the utilitarian view of people through cost-based medical treatment.
    Mr Romney is a deceiver by nature. He will become whatever someone wants him to be. This is through long training and dedication. You see Mr Romney is not just a life-long Mormon, he is a generational Mormon and a Bishop, a clergyman, in a religion which believes in it’s ultimate domination of “Earth” with all “Earth’s” inhabitants faithful to it’s tenets. For a Mormon missionary the method of gradual inculcation of Mormon theology is a necessity because any unentangled person who heard the whole cloth of it in one sitting would first laugh incredulously and second run for the nearest exit. A convert must be lured in using bits and pieces of Mormon doctrine; strong families, community, clean living but they aren’t told about the “deeper secrets” of the faith until they are bound by family, community and even employment. Once one has been in Mormonism for a few years leaving the “church” would entail losing your entire lifestyle including friends and family.
    Christianity on the other hand and make no doubt about ti Mormonism is NOT Christianity, is a simple faith that can be told end to end in an hour and can be understood by a four year old. One does learn deeper truths through a life of commitment and surrender, study and coming to know God in a deeper way, but all of the truths, all of the requirements of faith all of the knowledge is told up front, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it… that was the true light which gives light to every man coming into the world. He was in the world and the world was made through Him and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe His name: who were born, not of the blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God… and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth…” John 1:1 -14
    Mr Romney will subtly deceive, he will work out the false Mormon beliefs of salvation by works, of the higher knowledge of the enlightened ones, of the curse of Cain and the man becomes god and ruler of his own planet if… These are not merely myths to Mr Romney they are his heritage, his life’s blood, his future reward, they permeate his personality and form his character.
    Understand that a man who builds his house on falsehood and dreams of future self exaltation will in all his ways be false and seeking that glory for his future in the afterlife. If what I say sounds extreme or implausible then study Mormon doctrine and their beliefs for yourself. See what Mr Romney and his family for generations have dedicated their lives to and ask yourself if you want your “leader” to be leading America down that primrose path? http://www.equip.org/categories
    And yes, Mr Beck has sold his soul to the hope of future glory as a Mormon male too. They are brothers in their devotion to their man-made religion. Delusion and dedication to it can make a man do crazy things.

    • Romney won’t be the nominee none of the current people running will have enough delegates. We will have a brokered convention and Jeb Bush will be pushed on us. Daddy Bush and Jeb visited King O recently so daddy could check on the Monarchy. Jeb is the key to the New World Order. While King O has other plans, he wants to run the United Nations. The United States of Moronia – a nation of morons is what we have become.

  7. Wake up little sheep to the game being played on your mind. Romney – Mormon, Beck – Mormon, Bain Capital owns Clear Channel which owns Becks radio show as well as Rush and many other conservative shows. They are doing what they are told to do and say. Laughing all the way to the bank in their long black limo’s. Beck has the trust of many people from the beginning he has been getting his information from people like us who did the research. Do you think he gets his information himself or does his own work. LOL they have infiltrated every area of our lives. Nothing is a secret.

    • Again, you can say what you want about Mr. Beck, you can live in the illusion that our country will be won again based on the 2012 election, no matter the winner. But I chose to stand by those who are willing to put their lives on the line in order to tell the truth. I care not if they are mormon, atheist, Christian or whatever. If they put their life on the line in order to tell the truth, I’m with you as I am proudly with Mr, Beck and his stance against this SOB, Farrakhan who should already be at Gitmo or deported out of these United States, instead he is friends with our own Commander and Chief. Do us all a favor, focus on things that REALLY, REALLY matter http://www.theblaze.com/stories/nation-of-islam-newspaper-attacks-minion-of-the-synagogue-of-satan-glenn-beck-for-farrakhan-comments-we-will-not-allow-such-vicious-assaults/ this election is simply ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ for a country who has already lost itself. As for me, I stand until the end. Their is no option to tyranny. My blood will be equal to the blood of my brothers and sisters who have fought and died to keep this country and the world free. Focus on these 3 pukes as candidates, they all should be putting their millions to close this ‘Black Hole’ called the US deficit which all helped to create. You can put all your money in the stock market, buy a new home, a new car if you think Nov. is going to keep the economy from tanking. But unless you are willing to put it out there, even at risk to yourself and your family in order that we all might be free, then ‘shut the hell up’.

  8. This has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a while. Not just because it provides no video clip, so we are to take the conspiracy theorist’s word for it, but also because it completely mischaracterizes Glenn’s support for Santorum and his opposition to Romney as evidenced from months of radio broadcast. And the idiot who wrote this blew up a patch on Glenn’s shirt to make it seem all Masonic/NWO when in fact, if they knew anything about which they were talking, they’d know that is a reference to Washington’s compass he used as a surveyor.

    • Adam, what is that thing that looks like a decapitated head or skull in the middle of the patch? How is that used in surveying? Does this patch reference George Washington? How? (And for that matter, was George Washington a Mason? I’ve seen that it is documented that he was, 33rd Degree, if I’m not mistaken.)

      Also, what theory did I espouse?

      Lastly, between us there is one who heard the broadcast. Why are you speaking to what you haven’t observed?

  9. I stand with Patty King. This is shooting in the tent, Arlen. Every Conservative, Catholic, Jew, and Christian even the “super-fun rock band” ones are DEAD if Obama is re-elected. There are no more chances. Romney may be a “Harry Reid” Mormon but at this point he is our only hope of any future. And yes, I have read the Agenda 21 “handbook”. I have read about the Muslim influence in Hitler’s final solution. I understand how the communists are all in on this too. I believe their Agenda is part of the Congressional Record from 1963? I remember Bill Ayers et. al. I remember Chicago in 1968, when Ayers and the Weather Underground dropped bags of their feces on the Police below. Please, Glenn Beck will be one of the first to be killed if Obama has another term. After, Breitbart, can one put anything past these people?

    I wish Allen West had run but the man worked with that horrid John Mcain on the NDODAA? And is PROUD of trashing of the Constitution. There has to be something in the water in DC that makes people lose their minds when they take a drink. Romney might just buy us some time and undo SOME of what all of these creeps in Washington and NYC have done.

    • Annieoakley,

      I suggest you do two things, next time you visit the Gulag:

      1.Search the following, in our search field: Romney failed state strategy
      2. Click on our tag, Agenda 21

      We can write for you, but we cannot read for you.

      • Guess I will repeat myself to…Wow. I just found this site last night. Read a handful of articles and can’t believe the comment AnnieO made. AnnieO, I have to agree with Arlen. You have fallen victim to Hegel syndrome as well.

  10. Arlene, you are the first person who has written concerning the two faces of Glenn on this matter; he wears these faces well so keep up the good work. Do not permit these people to demoralize you or thwart your quest to unravel and expose the truth on Beck. He isnt as shallow as he presents himself. He has always been a Romney supporter. Allow some people the freedom to buy into Beck’s snow job. Two thumbs up to you on your article, Arlene! I had already connected some of the dots, but you brought up a couple I had not thought about. Example… I wondered what Glenn’s goal was by heading to Europe when he has solved very little here in the USA. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  11. Standing ovation. Beck helped Obama get elected with his, ‘Theirs not a dime’s worth of difference between them’ campaign. Since beck couldn’t get Mitt the nomination last time he pulled the rug from under McCain. This time Beck is going for broke. People either can’t see or are scared to take him and his pack of followers on. I’ll be waiting on the time line piece.

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