Romney’s Illinois Campaign, a Progressive Blitzkrieg of Psyops

This GOP presidential campaign is going down in history as the most negative ever and this is due essentially to the campaign for Mitt Romney (followed in a distant second perhaps by that for Ron Paul, choosing largely to attack the same candidates as Romney). It is effecting many votes for Romney, but what does it say about him, in an America where the people have been up in arms against manipulative politicos?

He is becoming infamous for “negative advertising.” In Illinois as during the campaigns for the Iowa Caucuses and the Florida Primary, Mitt Romney and the super-PAC that works for him are dumping vast amounts of money into it. It is so much that instead of actually campaigning in Illinois, this last week, he spent two fundraising days in New York, from which much of his financial complex money comes.

This time, the target is Rick Santorum. Previously it was Newt Gingrich and was supported by media figures of the right including Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge, and Ann Coulter, running their own personal if not uncoordinated campaigns. Santorum’s record in Congress, in Washington is not presented as much as it is stamped with epithets pinned of context half-truth, by which to tell the perceptive and subconscious mind he is not trustworthy, or not conservative.

And ironically, this comes in support of a man whose own record as governor of Massachusetts was clearly more liberal in character than any other of the three candidates (link) and whose record of dealing with the facts since then has shown himself to be an habitual, tactical deceiver (link-1, link-2, link-3).

But, what is this “negative advertising?” If one examines his advertisements, Romney’s ads do not supply facts that provide the voter with an honest picture of his opponent, from which to make a rational decision. Instead, they are highly sophisticated doses of propaganda meant to slip through the rational mind and into one’s conscious and unconscious impressions. The are the work for which progressives have recently become infamous, using the techniques of Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann, the techniques used by NAZI, Joseph Goebbels, as well as in the USSR’s Moscow and Red China’s Beijing.

And if the opponents also use negative advertising against Romney, it counters much greater throw-weight in ad expenditures by Romney and his PAC.

Two of these ads are presented here, so one may see for himself. Do these ads inform the viewer’s intellect with information that puts Rick Santorum in good context? Or, do they sell the epithet to the baser reactions and passions of the human soul?

Pro-Romney super-PAC Restore our Future’s ad, ‘Right Experience’

The above ad was featured in a article which broke it down; article entitled, “Pro-Romney super PAC hits Santorum with misleading claims.”

Romney ad, “Wrong Choice

Former Romney Super-PAC employee turned whistle-blower, Kelvin Nadden issued a brief expose at BuzzFeed’, “Why I am Leaving Restore our Future.” This is how he describes their work.

Over the course of my career I have had the privilege of tearing down some of America’s leading Republican political figures: A former Speaker of the House, a morally upstanding former Pennsylvania senator, the longest-serving Republican governor in the nation. I have always taken a lot of pride in providing a sinister backdrop to television advertisements aimed solely and purely at ending a man’s political career, even if it means a Democrat will win the White House. This view is becoming increasingly unpopular at Restore Our Future.

How many more whistle-blowers might there be in a Romney administration, beginning next year?

For further reading, see “Cultural Marxism: The Doom of Language.”


  1. Nice column Arlen,

    Romney is slick but certainly cannot be mistaken for being genteel. His campaign is so dishonorable that I couldn’t vote for him in a general election, even if I was open to him from the beginning.

    He’s fortunate this isn’t the late 18th century because if it was he would be forced to meet Newt on the “field of honor”.

  2. The exposure & defection of Romney’s campaign practices has begun. It’s about time! These techniques are well known & understood amongst professionals, but unknown in the general public. Your advancing this story out will spread the truth what Romney is trying to pull over on the American electorate.

    Romney is a Progressive, and as such, will not call out Obama in the General election should he be the nominee. He will not fight against Obama Care, nor will he acknowledged the poor state of the US economy. Both things are on the Progressive agenda.

    Keep these stories coming in the finest tradition of Andrew Breitbart!

  3. Thank you both. We don’t intend to lose our focus on this candidacy.

  4. If you are a Santorum supporter in a district where his campaign was not able to slate delegates … please vote for Newt’s delegates to STOP ROMNEY … thank you!

  5. Big Govt. Tells Birthers Sorry You’re Own Your Own.

    Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: Guilty Of Contempt Prior To Investigation And Afraid He Will Be “Marginalized” For Reporting On The Forged Documents.

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